Stray 3rd Energy Drink Can Location & Usage

Our guide covers where you can find 3rd Energy Drink Can Stray and its Usage.

The game Stray caught many players’ attention because of the unique idea of players playing as a cat in the game. Moreover, the game has many quests and missions that require finding items. These quests became the main reason for the interest of players. There are various Stray Collectibles in the game, and these collectibles also include energy drink cans.

Key Takeaways
  • Energy drinks are collectibles in Stray that are found inside vending machines, scattered around the slums of the city.
  • There will be a total of 4 vending machines that are found in chapters four and six
  • The 3rd energy drink vending machine is found on the rooftop of a building in front of the Library by the sofa.
  • The main purpose of finding these energy drinks is so that you can give them to Azooz and get side quests for completion.
  • These cans are also sold to get some in-game currency.

Similarly, one side quest in Stray required players to find energy drink cans. We have already covered a guide on All Four Stray Energy Drink Locations. This guide will specifically discuss the 3rd Energy Drink Can’s Location and usage. 

Where To Find Energy Drink Can In Stray

One of Stray’s optional quests requires you to find these energy drink cans in the vending machines. The vending machines are located throughout the slums, and this area is so densely packed with buildings. It becomes so difficult to locate these vending machines in such crowded places. 

Finding energy drinks
When To Find The Energy Drink Cans

You will find the energy drinks while exploring the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk city of Stray. You will spend Chapters four and six in the slums if you want to locate the energy drink cans. However, you can collect these cans in either chapter before leaving for chapter seven. The location of the 3rd Energy Drink Can is discussed below. 

In Slums, there are four hidden vending machines containing these energy drinks. Although there are more Stray Vending Machines in this region, only four of them contain these energy drinks. The primary location of the 3rd Energy Drink Can is In front of the library by the Sofa. The 3rd Energy Drink Can is located on the roofs of the slums from Heptor in Stray.

3rd energy drink can stray
3rd Energy Drink Can Location

The starting point to find this energy drink is Momo’s Apartment, the place where guardians send you in chapter four of the main story. To reach the roof, you will head back to the starting point. You will see two outdoor units, one on top of the other.

After jumping on one unit, move the camera upwards, and you will see the second outdoor unit. You will climb from starting point onto the green container and then over the ventilation systems which are up the roof. 

After reaching the ventilation system, you will see a robot throwing paint buckets, and you will get past him carefully. Now, you will jump on the next highest roof lit in the color red. You will notice yellow lights hanging behind the Sofa and a TV. Both of these objects will be visible on a roof in front of you.

To reach this exact location, jump down one level and then stay in this position. Moving a little, you will notice a vending machine on the next wall located on the left. This vending machine in Stray will give you the 3rd Energy Drink Can. The Vending machine will be red in color and will be in a gap.

Usage Of Energy Drink Cans In Stray

usage of energy drink can
Usage Of Energy Drink Cans

Energy Drink cans have several uses in Stray; these uses are discussed below.

In-Game Currency

One of the main uses of Energy Drink Cans is that they act as an in-game currency to buy items. First, you need to buy both items that Azooz, the Vendor has to offer. You need to notice that one of these items that you need to buy is a Stray Memory of B-12 which will cost you three energy drinks. The second item is the Stray Music Sheet, which costs one energy drink.

Completion Of Side Quests

Both of the items that you will buy from Azooz the Vendor will be required to complete other side quests in slums. It is safe to say that Energy Drinks are required for the completion of side quests. 

You should avoid storing these energy drinks, as your cat is a feline and cannot consume them. Moreover, slums are the only area where these energy drinks have a usage, so make sure to use them before you leave the slums.


All collectibles are important in the Stray. Similarly, energy drink cans are optional but important collectible. You can collect these energy drink cans to complete the side quests later. We have specifically discussed the location and usage of the 3rd Energy Drink Can to make it easier for you to locate it, as its location is a bit tricky. If you carefully follow the steps in the guide above, you will be good to locate the energy drink can.

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