Stray All Plant Locations: How To Find & Collect Badge

In This Guide We Will Discuss Each Of The Plant's Locations Which Are Required For The Plant Badge.

Stray is a puzzle and adventure game that features collectibles like any other game. One such collectible in the game is the Stray Badges. There are a total of 6 Badges, and among these is a badge called the Plant Badge. Now, to earn the Plant Badge you will require to gather some plants for a side quest. In this guide, we will be discussing the Stray Plant Locations.

Key Highlights

In Stray, there are three colored plants which are Red, Purple, and Yellow. They are located in the Anti Village. You have to give these to a robot named Malo to get the Plant Badge. 

  • Yellow Plant:
    • Directions: Climb the tree in Anti Village, locate a pipe leading downwards from the balcony, and follow it.
  • Red Plant:
    • Directions: Use a bucket to descend below the Anti Village, follow the path to two digging robots on an island, find a sofa, and climb the adjacent tree.
  • Purple Plant:
    • Directions: Near the Mahjong-playing robots, find a tree branch protruding from the floor, explore the end of the platform until discovering the Purple Plant.

All 3 Plant Locations In Stray

Plant Badge
The Plant Badge Collectible In Stray

In Chapter 9 of Stray, within the Anti Village, you’ll encounter three distinctive colored flower plants: Red, Purple, and Yellow. While easily overlooked if not attentive, thorough exploration reveals their locations.

At the summit of the Anti Village, you’ll meet Malo, a robot gardener with a keen interest in local flora, inspired by an outsider named Clementine who once visited with Zbaltazar. Malo tasks you with a side quest to locate the three missing colored plants to complete his prized collection.

Our guide’s goal is to help you find the plants and flowers in the Anti Village’s vicinity for Malo’s side quest. And in the process receive the rare collectible, Plant Badge. 

Here’s a summary of all the plant locations: 

Music SheetLocation
Music Sheet 1Momo's Apartment's Bathroom
Music Sheet 2Left of Clementine’s Apartment
Music Sheet 3Elliot's Home
Music Sheet 4Given by Azooz in the Slums
Music Sheet 5Dufer’s Bar
Music Sheet 6Clementine’s Apartment
Music Sheet 7The Library
Music Sheet 8Near Morusque

Yellow Plant

Yellow Plant
The Yellow Plant Right Next To The Pipe

Now, for the first  Stray Plant’s Location, you will have to climb further up the Anti Village’s tree. First, start by climbing up the two sets of ladders that are located near the robots that are playing mahjong on a table. Furthermore, upon climbing the ladders you will find a Ramen Stand operated by yet another robot. 

Next, at the far end of the stand, you will find a pipe leading downwards from a balcony. Now all you have to do is follow the pipe down and you will find the Yellow Plants growing on a wall. 

Red Plant

Red Plant
The Red Plant On A Island

To locate the Red Plant for Malo’s side quest in Stray, head below the Anti Village using the bucket near the Mahjong playing robots. Upon arrival, navigate through the sewage water to reach an island accessible via a path made of objects.

Upon reaching the island, you’ll find two digging robots. Locate a sofa and use it to jump onto the adjacent tree. Explore the tree to discover the Red Plant, bringing you closer to completing the Plant Badge quest.

Purple Plant

Purple Plant
The Purple Plant At The End Of The Branch

To find the Purple Plant for Malo’s quest in Stray, head to the platform where the Mahjong playing robots are located. Explore the far end of the platform to locate a tree branch protruding from the floor. Simply walk across the branch to discover the Purple Plant resting there.

Once you’ve collected all three plants, return them to Malo to complete the quest and receive the Plant Badge as a reward. We hope this guide was helpful in locating the plants. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below.

Mahjong Playing Robots
The Mahjong Playing Robots – Our Point Of Reference For This Guide

Other Stray Tips

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