Stray Ending Explained: Did The Cat Survive Or Die?

Our Stray Ending Explained guide entails everything we can make of the cliffhanger ending players get to see while playing Stray.

Stray poses a number of questions as you progress through the game, but because you play as a cat and can only talk cat or meow, it’s difficult for any explanation to be provided, particularly as the game nears its conclusion. And when that end does arrive, it leaves a lot of questions unsolved. That is why we have tried our best to interpret the cliffhanger ending of Stray and explained things to the player base of the game.

Key Highlights
  • Stray only has one ending, and it cannot be changed in anyway. However, even with that, the conclusion seems unclear since our protagonist is a cat and can’t communicate with us. 
  • You are able to open the doors to the outer world after you have reached the control room and turned on the computers. This only happens after your friend B-12 has fallen while helping you escape. 
  • That means the only form of communication between the player and the game is gone. 
  • After you have exited the subway entrance. The game will lead to a cutscene with our cat in the open world as he looks back at the camera. This means he has made it out and hopefully will find his family again. 
  • The developers left the game on a cliffhanger to leave room for a possible sequel.

Disclaimer: The guide contains spoilers ahead. Read only if you have completed the game.

What Happens In Stray’s Ending

main story ending Stray
stray ending

Even if you are successful in obtaining all of the game’s items and accomplishing all of the game’s side missions, the story’s conclusion will always be the same and cannot be changed in any way. Stray only has one ending.

The majority of gamers who were successful in completing the game remain perplexed, despite the fact that there is only one possible conclusion or in-game ending. Since we are taking on the role of an actual cat in this game, it stands to reason that we will be unable to understand anything that our kitty character has to say. Despite this, there is still a chance for us to figure out what concludes the story.

Therefore, the following guide to the Stray ending explains everything that takes place, as well as anything else that can be deduced from the game’s concluding cinematic. If you haven’t completed the game yet, you should turn back now since there are huge plot spoilers ahead.

The Cliffhanger Ending

B-12 drone destroyed
Stray B-12 Ending

Did our cat, the main protagonist actually leave the city? Well, we believe the kitty made it out. What do you think happened to the kitty? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

You are able to ultimately open the doors to the outer world once more after you have reached the control room in Stray and turned on the computers; however, this occurs only after your drone friend B-12 has fallen while assisting you in opening the escape path. While you’re at it, why not read our Stray Memory Locations guide and look into 27 B-12 memories.

B-12 Stray drone friend
B-12 drone Stray

This means that the one and only item or piece of equipment that was able to communicate with us, the players directly has disappeared.

Because the drone has been the only object that could communicate with us and explain the rules of the game in a straightforward manner, it is now up to us to figure out what is going on by observing the unfolding of events one by one in order to get a clear picture of what is going on.

B-12 ending
B-12 getting destroyed Stray Ending

After we have exited the closed subway entrance, the game’s conclusion cinematic shows our stray cat character walking through another door into a brilliant light surrounded by dense flora. He then looks back at the camera.

If we interpret this correctly, it tells us that the stray cat we’ve been managing or taking the control of the entire time has made its way back outdoors, where it will hopefully run with some of the feline friends it lost touch with at the beginning of the game.

This is confirmed by the fact that you will find yourself on the trail of a group known as The Outsiders when you play Momo in the Slums. This gang is made up of three robots, all of which share a common goal: to escape the confines of the walled city and make their way back into the wider world.

Can The Cat Actually Die In Stray?

There is some good news and some terrible news for players of Stray who are concerned about the possibility that the cat would perish throughout the course of the game. There are antagonists in the game called Zurks, and they are able to assault the cat. If the cat is defeated, the screen will turn red, and the player will be taken back to the previous checkpoint. 

Therefore, it is 100% possible for the cat in Stray to die while players venture into the large cyberpunk metropolis; however, this death is just momentary and not very horrific. Some cat-loving players may find it upsetting to watch the cat sustain injuries throughout the course of the game; nevertheless, the player may rest assured that the cat will ultimately be restored to full health.

Therefore, despite the game having a cliffhanger conclusion that doesn’t provide the player with a variety of facts, we may conclude that the cat was successful in completing its tasks of fleeing outside and making it back to its companions in one piece.

As for the Stray’s ending and explanation is concerned, we are of the opinion that this is the most rational and reasonable explanation possible, but who can be sure? If a sequel is made or the developers decide to offer a short story as downloadable content (DLC), perhaps we will learn more about the situation. However, right now we can make this much of it from the narrative that players get to see at the end of Stray.

Our Theories On Stray’s Ending

Stray DLC or part 2
stray ending static buzz

Aside from what we have explained above, we get the impression that everything we’ve seen so far in the game is only part one of the Stray.

The game’s developers never showed the eyeballs being damaged by the sunlight; instead, they only showed the smaller creatures and drones being affected. In addition, the cat’s adventure is not finished because it is never brought back together with the other animals.

Furthermore, the fact that the screen displayed a static buzz at the very end gives the impression that the man operating the drone is still alive and has somehow integrated himself into the city’s network.

The developers of the Stray video game just needed to have the screen go black and play a series of sounds of cats meeting one other for the gamers to be able to sleep better knowing the cat survived for sure. The realization that we won’t get to watch our kitty cat get back together with the rest of his family hit us like a punch in the gut.


The cofounders of BlueTwelve, who had previously worked at Ubisoft, kicked the production of Stray in 2015. It wasn’t until 2020 that it was officially unveiled, and ever since then, fans and reviewers alike have been giving it overwhelmingly excellent feedback. 

Stray’s third-person perspective allows players to experience the game’s riddles and sneaky missions from the point of view of a cat, giving them a unique perspective from which to approach these challenges. Stray may be played on PlayStation as well as the PC, and if you have PS Plus Extra, it is completely free to use.

Stray, a highly anticipated adventure game, was finally made available for purchase on July 19, and while it has piqued the attention of a great number of players, there seems to be some apprehension around the possibility that the cat may be hurt or even killed while playing the game. 

The main character in Stray is a cute orange cat named Stray who is attempting to find its way back to its home while navigating a world populated by robots. In order for players to achieve their objectives, they will need to work through riddles and conquer challenges.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Stray’s ending explained guide. Let us know your thoughts or opinions regarding the game’s ending in the comments section below. 

Final Words: Regardless if you visit all badge locations and collect them all, obtain energy drinks, unlock a mysterious safe password or get all music sheets, there is just one in-game ending players can unlock. While you’re at it, consider reading our Stray Poncho guide. 

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