Stray Ending Explained: Did The Cat Survive Or Die?

Our Stray Ending Explained guide entails everything we can make of the cliffhanger ending players get to see while playing Stray.

Stray poses a number of questions as you progress through the game, but because you play as a cat and can only talk cat or meow, it’s difficult for any explanation to be provided, particularly as the game nears its conclusion. And when that end does arrive, it leaves a lot of questions unsolved. That is why we have tried our best to interpret the cliffhanger ending of Stray and explained things to the player base of the game.

Key Highlights
  • Stray offers a single ending, unchangeable due to the protagonist being a cat without communication abilities.
  • Opening doors to the outside world is possible only after reaching the control room and activating computers, following the fall of the protagonist’s friend, B-12.
  • Communication between player and game ends with B-12’s demise.
  • Exiting the subway leads to a cutscene showing the cat in the open world, implying a successful escape and potential reunion with family.
  • The game concludes with a cliffhanger, hinting at a potential sequel.

Disclaimer: The guide contains spoilers ahead. Read only if you have completed the game.

main story ending Stray
stray ending

The Cliffhanger Ending

B-12 drone destroyed
Stray B-12 Ending

The cliffhanger ending of “Stray” leaves us pondering the fate of our cat protagonist. While it seems likely that the kitty escaped the city, the exact outcome is left open for interpretation. Share your thoughts on what happened to the cat in the comments.

Reaching the control room enables you to reopen the doors to the outside world, but at the cost of B-12, your drone companion. B-12’s sacrifice is necessary to assist you, leaving players to navigate the game’s challenges without direct guidance.

B-12 Stray drone friend
B-12 drone Stray

With B-12 gone, players must now piece together the unfolding events independently, observing each development to understand the situation without the drone’s direct explanations.

The game’s conclusion shows our stray cat walking into a bright, lush environment, implying a return to the outdoors and a potential reunion with lost feline friends.

Additionally, playing as Momo in the Slums reveals the existence of The Outsiders, a group of robots seeking to escape the city’s confines, echoing the cat’s journey to freedom.

B-12 ending
B-12 getting destroyed Stray Ending

Can The Cat Actually Die In Stray?

The cat can indeed perish if attacked by Zurks, resulting in a momentary setback as the player returns to the previous checkpoint. While some players may find this distressing, the cat will always recover to full health afterward.

Despite the cliffhanger ending leaving much to interpretation, it’s reasonable to assume the cat successfully completes its journey and reunites with companions.

While this conclusion seems plausible, only future sequels or DLCs may provide further clarity on the narrative. For now, players can only speculate based on the ending presented in “Stray.”

Our Theories On Stray’s Ending

Stray DLC or part 2
stray ending static buzz

Aside from what we have explained above, we get the impression that everything we’ve seen so far in the game is only part one of the Stray.

The game’s developers never showed the eyeballs being damaged by the sunlight; instead, they only showed the smaller creatures and drones being affected. In addition, the cat’s adventure is not finished because it is never brought back together with the other animals.

Furthermore, the fact that the screen displayed a static buzz at the very end gives the impression that the man operating the drone is still alive and has somehow integrated himself into the city’s network.

The developers of the Stray video game just needed to have the screen go black and play a series of sounds of cats meeting one other for the gamers to be able to sleep better knowing the cat survived for sure. The realization that we won’t get to watch our kitty cat get back together with the rest of his family hit us like a punch in the gut.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Stray’s ending explained guide. Let us know your thoughts or opinions regarding the game’s ending in the comments section below. 

Final Words: Regardless if you visit all badge locations and collect them all, obtain energy drinks, unlock a mysterious safe password or get all music sheets, there is just one in-game ending players can unlock. While you’re at it, consider reading our Stray Poncho guide. 

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In my opinion the cat didn’t really get out he / she just got in the walls where again his / hers family was but maybe a robot that worked there at the station thing could fix b-12 and then there is another adventure getting actually

I hate that stray leaves us on a cliff hanger but this kind of gives me more information.

it was super helpful and interesting

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