The Finals: Arena Carriables & How To Use

Learn about all the arena carriables and how to properly use them!

In the high-octane world of The Finals, mastering the use of arena carriables is key to outsmarting and outrunning your opponents. These environment-altering canisters can create tactical advantages, deal damage, and even turn the tide of a battle. Furthermore, these colorful cylinders, scattered throughout the arenas, offer a range of offensive and defensive possibilities. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of five arena carriables.
  • Hold them as long as you like, but rapid throws will cause them to explode.
  • The Arena Carriables include Goo, Explosive, Poison, Flammable, and Powder cylinders.
    1. Goo: Create walls for cover, slow and disorient enemies.
    2. Explosive: Deal AoE damage, great for eliminating Light builds.
    3. Poison: Inflict DoT over time, ideal for area denial and forcing movement.
    4. Flammable: Create fire zones damaging enemies and the environment, offering destruction and tactical benefits.
    5. Powder: Creates a smoke screen, providing flanking opportunities.

What Are The Arena Carriables In The Finals?

Arena carriables in The Finals are the five different types of cylinders that you can pick during matches.

I have listed all the arena carriables below:

  • Goo cylinder
  • Explosive cylinder
  • Poison cylinder
  • Flammable cylinder
  • Powder cylinder

There’s no specific time limit for keeping these items before throwing them away, although if you rapidly grab and let go of them, the cylinders will explode.

1. Goo Cylinder

The Finals Goo Cylinder
Goo Cylinder The Finals [Image Credits: Me]
Effect: Players can break these pink cylinders to create a wall of goo and protect themselves from enemies. Moreover, it Slows and disorients enemies upon contact, leaving them vulnerable.

2. Explosive Cylinder

The Finals : Explosive Cylinder
Explosive Cylinder The Finals [Image By Me]
Effect: These red cylinders explode as soon as they touch anything after being thrown. Furthermore, they deal AoE damage and devastating area-of-effect explosion, capable of taking down Light builds with ease and precise throw.

3. Poison Cylinder

The Finals: Poison Cylinder
Poison Cylinder The Finals [Image Credits: Me]
Effect: Inflicts continuous damage over time within its cloud, ideal for area denial and forcing enemy movement. These green cylinders release a cloud of toxic gas (poison) that deals AOE damage over time. The gas can be countered by using fire gadgets.

4. Flammable Cylinder

The Finals Flammable cylinder
Flammable Cylinder The Finals [Image Credits: Me]
Effect: These yellow barrels contain a highly flammable gas. They do not explode upon impact, like Explosive Cylinders, but once they do, they leave a fiery residue behind, which deals AOE damage. 

5. Powder Cylinder

The Finals Powder Cylinder
Powder Cylinder The Finals [Image Credits: Me]
Effect: These canisters essentially act like smoke grenades. Once thrown, they release a cloud of smoke to impair enemies visually.

How To Use Arena Carriables

When using Arena Carriables in your games, there are several tactics you can employ to gain an advantage over your opponents. Some of the tactics that I have used personally are as follows:

Goo Cylinder Tactics:

  • Throw into choke points or escape routes to trap enemies.
  • Combine with teammates’ attacks for easy eliminations.
  • Use defensively to slow down pursuing opponents.

Poison Cylinder Tactics:

  • Block off valuable cover or capture points with the toxic cloud.
  • Flush enemies out of hiding spots with strategic placement.
  • Combine with goo for a potent immobilization and damage combo.

Explosive Cylinder Tactics:

  • Moving on to Explosive Cyliner, utilize them strategically during objective pushes or defending key areas
  • Bounce off walls to surprise enemies around corners.
  • Be mindful of teammates caught in the blast radius.

Flammable Cylinder Tactics:

  • Burn down cover used by enemies or block their pathways.
  • Damage enemy gadgets and equipment within the flames.
  • It can be risky for close-quarters combat; be mindful of friendly fire.

Powder Cylinder Tactics:

  • Use it for surprise attacks or strategic positioning.
  • Create shortcuts for fast rotations or escaping dangerous situations.
  • Utilize to maneuver and get the advantage in firefights.

My Thoughts

Lastly, mastering these arena carriables is crucial for making progress on the leaderboards. The five different cylinders offer a variety of offensive and defensive options, making each match a dynamic puzzle to solve. Each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses that must be used strategically to outmaneuver your enemies.

It seems like The Finals will require a deep understanding of the map and POIs, the different carriables, and their interactions to dominate the competition truly. While you are at it, consider giving a read on How to acquire mulitbucks in The Finals as well as acquiring some gift codes in The Finals. 

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