God Of War Ragnarok: All Lost Treasure Locations

Finding all the locations of the lost treasure chest boxes and defeating bosses on the journey in God of War Ragnarok.

The Lost Treasure in God Of War Ragnarok is a favor, also known as a side mission. Players tend to complete the side missions for rewards and adventures. These side missions have a certain way to get started, so just follow the guidelines.

Key Takeaways
  • You must equip Draupnir Spear and blades of Chaos as they will be utilized many times during the quest.
  • There are a total of two treasure boxes that need to be found
  • The quest will only begin when you talk to the spirit, who will ask you to do a favor.
  • The first battle against any opponents will be at Alberich Hollow.
  • You must use bombs to clear out the golden rocks simply by pressing R1 on the controller.
  • You will fight small enemies like Bergsras and Grims and some bigger enemies like Ormstunga and Beigadr The Feared.
  • You can use the help of Frey at times which can be beneficial for the progress of the mission.
  • This quest will also boost the XP of both Kratos (500 XP) and Freya(400 Xp). 
  • Use the best strategies to defeat the boss, as there are some pivotal weaknesses that will aid the players in defeating the boss.
  • You will even be rewarded for defeating the bosses
  • The rewards for the first treasure box are Folkvangr Whetstone and Hacksilver
  • The rewards for the second box are Jewel of Yggdrasil, Whispering Slab, and Hacksilver.

How To Start The Lost Treasure

Like the previous God of War game, this one also requires you to just talk with spirits most of the time to start a certain quest. You must visit the Dragon Beach located within Svartalfheim to complete this quest. This area will require your presence for another quest, known as the Spirit of Rebellion.

God of War Ragnarok: Lost Treasure
Starting the quest by talking to the spirit

Before You Start: You need to have possession of Draupnir Spear

This spear is used to reach the upper ground by climbing the wooden area where you will meet a spirit named the ghost of Elder Wayfarer. When you talk to this spirit, it will tell you about a treasure hunt.

This hunt was begun by the spirit alongside his son. Due to the danger in pursuing the treasure, he sought half of the treasure alone and got killed while finding it. Now, he demands that you must find the second half so you can also find out about the whereabouts of his son. This will kickstart the Lost Treasure God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok: Lost Treasure
The lost treasure in God of War Ragnarok

Completing The Quest 

The lost treasure God of War Ragnarok is a bit time taking, so you must complete it by visiting various places and fighting off several enemies.

Visiting Alberich Hollow 

You need to continue moving forward and travel via the bridge. Traveling down the bridge, you will come across a run slate that needs to be destroyed. Before this, you might also find a chest near the bridge.

As you leave the bridge, you will come to a place known as Alberich Hollow. This place will consist of a dead body possessing hacksilver which you can collect.

God of War Ragnarok: Lost Treasure
Map showing the locations

 Fighting Enemies At Alberich Hollow 

As soon as you enter the Alberich Hollow, you will encounter some enemies. These enemies include some Bergsras and Grims, which can easily be defeated. After defeating them, move to your left where you will spot a container. Open these containers to get several bombs from them.

Using Bombs To Clear Rocks 

Use one of the bombs by throwing it at the golden rocks near a chest. Then utilize another bomb to open a hollow way which is blocked by some rocks. As soon as this path clears up, you will face some enemies again.

You can use the bomb by pressing L2 for aiming and R1 for throwing. This will cause the bomb to land at the desired place, clearing the place out so you can travel further.

God of War Ragnarok: Lost Treasure
Defeating Enemies

How To Defeat The Enemies 

Your first thought might be to just go after the enemies and kill them, but it isn’t as easy as you think. The enemies will be supported by a Nokken who will continuously buff them so they won’t get much damage. The difficult part is that this Nokken is hiding somewhere, and you need to locate it first, then move on to kill the enemies.

A simple way to expose his position is to use a bomb on him. His exact location is around the enormous pillars of rock located to the right side of a god cluster. Just aim the bomb at the cluster and throw it to reveal the position of the Nokken.

After doing so, move forward, where you will spot more rock clusters. Use the bomb to clear the way and move straight ahead. As you go forward, you will face a mini-boss at this point named Ormstunga.

Defeating Ormstunga 

This mini-boss in The lost treasure God of War Ragnarok may seem a bit small, but his quick movements might be a problem for you. The main attack of Ormstunga is to jump on you and swipe to cause you some damage. Some of the attacks carried out by this boss are:

  • The primary swipe attack is carried out quite rapidly due to the ability of quick movements of the boss
  • A somersault attack with heavy slashes that can be easily dodged just by moving out of the way
  • He can attack by throwing his poison or some kind of acid on the ground, so watch out for that area where he throws the poison.
  • Watch out for its tongue, as it may use it to block some of the attacks
  • His attacks also include some of the spinning attacks, which aren’t much dangerous, but they might give you sufficient damage.

Important: This boss is quite quick, so it is really hard to keep track of his movements. The best way is to attack him in stages rather than going at him all at once.

You must go near him, strike him a few times and then take a few strides back to keep your distance. If you attack him at once, he will simply just counterattack. You can also opt for bombs as your prime weapon. This might be tough as you need to be real quick with using the bomb at the right places, but this strategy is not much use, so it isn’t recommended.

Some of the useful weapons and strategies to defeat Ormstunga are:

  • The Draupnir spear: It is a great weapon, but caution is advised as you require good aim to use it at long range. You must throw it and then detonate it to cause the boss a little damage and get stunned. You could give him damage while he is stunned.
  • Blades of Chaos: This item is used to destroy the opponents in a broader sweeping attack. But this won’t be much effective without using arrows.

Rewards For Defeating Ormstunga 

After defeating the mini-boss in the lost treasure God of War Ragnarok, you will receive rewards in the shape of an enactment known as the Emblem of Elusion amulet and Svefnthorn as well. Along with this, you will get an increase of 500 XP for Kratos and an increase of 400 XP for Freya.

After defeating the mini-boss, you should climb a ledge that will be located on your left, just opposite Yggdrasil Rift. You can collect Lindwyrms on the ledge. If you continue to travel the path, you will see that some golden rocks have blocked the path.

Just throw another one of the bombs at it, and the rocks will break. Continue on the same path, and you will spot a legendary chest. Go near it and open it to obtain:

  • Hacksilver
  • Folkvangr Whetstone

This was the exact same chest that the ghost was searching for when he met his fate. Then, move on the cliff that is in front of you. Use the chain located at the edge to travel all the way down to the beach. There will be a boat ashore which you should hop into.

God of War Ragnarok: Lost Treasure
Using a chain to reach the higher ground

How To Defeat Beigadr The Feared 

Take the boat in the northern direction to reach Alberich Island. Once you dismount the boat, you must defeat some of the enemies, which is relatively easy. After moving forward, you will encounter Beigadr the Feared, which needs to be defeated to complete another favor named Fit for a King.

Important: Players can complete the favor, Fit for the King, while finding the Lost Treasure in God of War Ragnarok. 

This way, you can do both of them without coming to the same place again. You will also require a sword obtained from this which is essential for continuing your search for Lost Treasure.

Some of his attack patterns are quite deadly; therefore, you should know his attacks to get familiar with them. All of his attacks are as follows:

  • He will swipe up twice in a rapid manner with his fist. You must timely dodge the attack and counter with your own attacks
  • He will use the green smoke around him to teleport to various places, so always watch your back.
  • The enemy can send shockwaves through the ground or send electric orbs right at you which can be dodged by moving out of the way by rolling yourself.
  • If he launches himself in the air, then you must expect four orbs coming toward you.
  • He will move to the ground from time to time to send an attack, so be careful about that.

These attacks can be proved deadly, and you may stand no chance against him if you do not counter them. Some of your best moves can be:

  • You need to use every resource you have and try to move to various places after attacking Beigadr The Feared.
  • You should move beforehand when he flies in the air to send electric orbs
  • You must be fully dedicated to standing your ground, so use the R3 button while fighting him.

Rewards For Defeating Beigadr The Feared 

When you defeat them, you will obtain some enactments, such as 25x Bonded Leather, Asgard’s Might, 25x Shattered Runes, and 2x Tempered Remnants.

Meeting The Spirit’s Son 

When you defeat the Beigadr, The Feared, the lost treasure God of War Ragnarok, you must move forward where you will see a hole that is passing air. Hit the Draupnir Spear right at the spot and continue the path. You will meet the spirit’s son on your way. Talk to him by simply pressing the triangle button to get a know-how of the remaining treasure.

God of War Ragnarok: Lost Treasure
Talking to the son of the spirit, also known as the spirit of the Wayfarer

Finding The Lost Treasure 

There are a total of 2 chests in favor of lost treasure in God Of War Ragnarok. Obtaining both of them will end the quest; although the first one is easy to obtain for the second one, you will have to put in some input and resources. 

Treasure Chest Box 1 

You will find the first chest once you defeat Ormstunga and move on by clearing the gold rocks. You should open the chest to obtain the items inside it by pressing the ‘O’ button. The first chest box will contain:

  • Folkvangr Whetstone
  • 5000 times worth of Hacksilver
God of War Ragnarok: Lost Treasure
Looting the treasure from the chest box

Finding Chest Box 2 

After speaking with the Spirit’s son, you’ll be able to get the second chest box. You must head on the hills, where you will find the Soundstone on your left side. You should tell Atreus to fire a Sonic Arrow toward it. This will clear the way, and moving on, you will note that a certain rock will be blocking the geyser.

Adopt strategies like:

  • Use the spear to clear out the way by the same process of throwing
  • Then exploding the rocks. Use your blades to move onto the surface above you.
  • Move forward with the same tactics until you reach some chains.
  • Use these chains to open the door and place a purple sigil on the spinning wheel. Finally, throw your axe on it to freeze it.

Move on the above surface again and call your axe back. Use the same axe on the geyser so the lift will pop before you. Use it to travel to the other side of the island. As your axe is holding the platform, the lift will rise upwards when you call it back. Climb the island’s top after killing some wrenches to reach the second treasure box.

God of War Ragnarok: Lost Treasure
The Lost Treasure

In addition, you can collect Hacksilver, which is discovered on a corpse. When you reach the treasure box, just press the circle button to open it. You will obtain:

  • Jewel of Yggdrasil
  • 30 worth of Whispering Slab
  • 45000 worth of Hacksilver

Ending The Lost Treasure Quest 

You must return to Dragon Beach using your boat. Talk to the spirit who assigned you this favor. He will praise you, marking the completion of The Lost Treasure in God of War Ragnarok. The reward for finishing this quest is XP. The exact amount of XP you receive for both characters is:

  • Kratos +3000 XP
  • Freya +750 XP


The journey toward finding the God Of War Ragnarok’s lost treasure chest is quite long and may take time to complete. The player must be ready to participate in numerous fights, including those with Ormstunga and Beigadr The Feared. Though the process is long, the rewards are worth it.

You will require the use of the Draupnir Spear a lot of times. The hunt will end at the same place that it had started. Finding treasure box one is quite easy, but for the second one, you may struggle a bit, so follow all the instructions to reach the box without wasting your time.


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