Blue Archive Tier List: DPS, Support & Tank [September 2023]

Make the best teams in Blue Archive utilizing the best DPS, Support, and Tank characters.

Blue Archive is a mobile role-playing game that offers various characters to players to tackle various enemies. Players can obtain these characters through Gacha. Since Gacha can be costly, it is important to know which characters are worth investing in. The characters ranked in the Blue Archive Tier List are unique in their use of various skills and abilities, determining their overall utilization.

Key Highlights
  • Blue Archive has a huge variety of characters to make teams.
  • You can make your teams with DPS, support, and tank characters.
  • DPS characters are amazing at damage dealing.
  • Support characters can bring out the potential of other characters.
  • Tanks can hold their ground in the field and are very formidable.
  • Blue Archive Tier List will rank these in each category.

Blue Archive DPS, Support, And Tank Tier Lists

The Tier List is divided into three categories, namely DPS, Support, and Tank. Characters from each category would play a unique role in your team. Characters’ abilities and utilization need to be taken into consideration while building your teams.

SIori, Haruna, Cherino, Hibiki, Mutsuki (New Year), Hina (Swimsuit), Azusa, Shun, Karin, Nonomi, Aru, Mutsuki, Serina, Ako, Fuuka (New Year), Himari, Hoshino (Swimsuit), Iroha, Koharu, Kotama, Hoshino, Neru (Bunny girl), Tsubaki
ANonomi (Swimsuit), Aru (New Year), Kazusa, Izuna (Swimsuit), Arisu, Iori (Swimsuit), Hina. Momoi, Midori, Mashiro (Swimsuit), Azusa, Azusa(Swimsuit), Shiroko, Sumire, Hasumi (Sportswear), Junko (New Year), Asuna (Bunny Girl), Kaede, Nodoka (Hotspring), Akane, Hanae, Atsuko, Yuuka
BHina (Swimsuit), Karin, Junko, Yuzu, Tsurugi (Swimsuit), Michiru, Tsurugi, Saki, Serika, Chise, Shiroko (Riding), Haruna (New Year), Moe, Saori, Hanae (Christmas), Hatsune Miku, Hifumi, Hiyori, Kokona, Mimori, Noa, Sena, Serina (Christmas), Serika (New Year), UI, Fuuka, Hare, Kirino, Ayane (Swimsuit), Chinatsu, Izumi (Swimsuit), Shizuko (Swimsuit), Tomoe, Marina, Wakamo, Natsu, Yuuka (Sportswear), Haruka
CMashiro, Pina, Maki, Utaha, Utaha(Cheerleader), Chihiro, Akari, Izumi, Yoshimi, Hinata, Neru, Asuna, Hasumi, Shun (Kid), Saya, Saya(Casual), Fubuki, Misaki, Cherino (Hot Spring), Chinatsu (Hot Spring), Chise (Swimsuit), Hifumi (Swimsuit), Mari (Sportswear), Miyu, Wakamo (Swimsuit), Airi, Ayane, Hanako, Kayoko, Mari, Shizuko, Juri, Kotori, Nodoka, Shimiko, Suzumi, Eimi, Miyako, Tsukuyo 

Blue Archive DPS Tier List

Here is a comparison table between all Blue Archive Characters:

S (DPS)Iori2591.0391.020.01597.0
S (DPS)Haruna2450.0456.019.01689.0
S (DPS)Cherino2477.0210.019.01673.0
S (DPS)Hibiki2125.0659.075.01477.0
S (DPS)Mutsuki (New Year)2395.0454.076.01727.0
S (DPS)Hina (Swimsuit)2458.0366.078.01685.0
S (DPS)Azusa2496.0231.019.01661.0
S (DPS)Shun2514.0512.019.01649.0
S (DPS)Karin2523.0420.020.01643.0
S (DPS)Nonomi2378.0290.080.01495.0
S (DPS)Aru2492.0386.019.01662.0
S (DPS)Mutsuki2372.0209.080.01498.0
S (DPS)Serina2282.0254.018.01799.0
A(DPS)Nonomi (Swimsuit)2509.0334.079.01651.0
A(DPS)Aru (New Year)2492.0386.019.01662.0
A(DPS)Izuna (Swimsuit)2656.0237.021.01730.0
A(DPS)Iori (Swimsuit)2252.0429.017.01819.0
A(DPS)Mashiro (Swimsuit)2220.0388.017.02117.0
A(DPS)Azusa (Swimsuit)2204.0258.017.01851.0
A(DPS)Hasumi (Sportswear)2219.0305.019.01419.0
A(DPS)Junko (New Year)2204.0300.019.01428.0
B (DPS)Hina (Swimsuit)2458.0366.078.01685.0
B (DPS)Karin2523.0420.020.01643.0
B (DPS)Junko2378.0302.020.01496.0
B (DPS)Yuzu2461.0435.019.01683.0
B (DPS)Tsurugi (Swimsuit)2536.0345.0136.01379.0
B (DPS)Michiru2223.0276.0118.01416.0
B (DPS)Tsurugi2877.0471.0138.01600.0
B (DPS)Saki2482.0352.078.01919.0
B (DPS)Serika2301.0310.019.01542.0
B (DPS)Chise2490.0276.019.01664.0
B (DPS)Shiroko (Riding)2369.0352.018.01743.0
B (DPS)Haruna (New Year)2405.0407.019.01720.0
B (DPS)Moe2491.0243.019.01912.0
B (DPS)Saori2473.0264.019.01675.0
B (DPS)Wakamo2494.0426.019.01662.0
C (DPS)Hina (Swimsuit)2458.0366.078.01685.0
C (DPS)Karin2523.0420.020.01643.0
C (DPS)Junko2378.0302.020.01496.0
C (DPS)Yuzu2461.0435.019.01683.0
C (DPS)Tsurugi (Swimsuit)2536.0345.0136.01379.0
C (DPS)Michiru2223.0276.0118.01416.0
B (DPS)Tsurugi2877.0471.0138.01600.0
C (DPS)Saki2482.0352.078.01919.0
C (DPS)Serika2301.0310.019.01542.0
C (DPS)Chise2490.0276.019.01664.0
C (DPS)Shiroko (Riding)2369.0352.018.01743.0
C (DPS)Haruna (New Year)2405.0407.019.01720.0
C (DPS)Moe2491.0243.019.01912.0
C (DPS)Saori2473.0264.019.01675.0
C (DPS)Wakamo2494.0426.019.01662.0
C (DPS)Mashiro2520.0347.020.01892.0
C (DPS)Pina2305.0253.081.01365.0
C (DPS)Maki2563.0276.081.01616.0
C (DPS)Utaha2409.0256.020.01697.0
B (DPS)Utaha (Cheerleader)2768.0424.022.01663.0
C (DPS)Chihiro2488.0330.019.01916.0
C (DPS)Akari2365.0303.020.01502.0
C (DPS)Izumi3433.0137.0183.01608.0
C (DPS)Yoshimi2232.0268.019.01622.0
C (DPS)Hinata2489.0213.019.01664.0
C (DPS)Neru3040.0185.027.01802.0
C (DPS)Asuna2387.0248.018.01731.0
C (DPS)Hasumi2219.0305.019.01419.0
C (DPS)Shun (Kid)2534.0252.022.02702.0
C (DPS)Saya2392.0253.018.01987.0
C (DPS)Saya(Casual)2392.0253.018.01987.0
C (DPS)Fubuki2229.0247.019.01412.0
C (DPS)Misaki2499.0670.019.01658.0
C (DPS)Wakamo (Swimsuit)2480.0449.019.01670.0
S (Support)Ako2379.0180.018.01997.0
S (Support)Fuuka (New Year)2570.0304.076.02047.0
S (Support)Himari3664.0268.0109.01803.0
S (Support)Hoshino (Swimsuit)2554.0243.0123.01789.0
S (Support)Iroha2531.0336.020.01883.0
S (Support)Koharu2729.0254.024.02530.0
S (Support)Kotama2245.0140.019.01612.0
A (Support)Asuna (Bunny Girl)2387.0248.018.01731.0
A (Support)Kaede2389.0180.018.01990.0
A (Support)Nodoka (Hotspring)2564.0196.022.03075.0
A (Support)Akane2319.0108.019.01532.0
A (Support)Hanae2691.0179.025.02531.0
B Support)Asuna (Bunny Girl)2387.0248.018.01731.0
B Support)Kaede2389.0180.018.01990.0
B Support)Nodoka (Hotspring)2564.0196.022.03075.0
B Support)Akane2319.0108.019.01532.0
B Support)Hanae2691.0179.025.02531.0
C (Support)Cherino (Hot Spring)2494.0243.019.01911.0
C (Support)Chinatsu (Hot Spring)2296.0136.018.01791.0
C (Support)Chise (Swimsuit)2490.0276.019.01664.0
C (Support)Hifumi (Swimsuit)2424.0337.019.01964.0
C (Support)Mari (Sportswear)2537.0147.022.02698.0
C (Support)Miyu2383.0323.018.01734.0
C (Support)Ayane2369.0184.020.01726.0
C (Support)Hanako2658.0181.025.02563.0
C (Support)Kayoko5119.0317.018.01730.0
C (Support)Mari2537.0147.022.02698.0
C (Support)Shizuko2048.0182.0109.01753.0
C (Support)Juri2214.0170.0118.01634.0
C (Support)Kotori2262.0186.080.01392.0
C (Support)Nodoka2277.0165.020.01589.0
C (Support)Shimiko2211.0192.019.01637.0
C (Support)Suzumi2281.0192.020.01380.0
S (Tank)Hoshino (Swimsuit)2554.0243.0123.01789.0
S (Tank)Neru (Bunny girl)3040.0185.027.01802.0
S (Tank)Tsubaki3201.0189.030.01481.0
A (Tank)Atsuko3082.0166.027.01781.0
A (Tank)Yuuka3087.0174.027.01778.0
B (Tank)Marina3041.0177.027.01801.0
B (Tank)Natsu2531.0336.020.01883.0
B (Tank)Yuuka (Sportswear)3147.0119.029.01505.0
B (Tank)Haruka3033.0116.0182.01384.0
C (Tank)Marina3041.0177.027.01801.0
C (Tank)Natsu2531.0336.020.01883.0
C (Tank)Yuuka (Sportswear)3147.0119.029.01505.0
C (Tank)Haruka3033.0116.0182.01384.0
C (Tank)Eimi3433.0137.0183.01608.0
C (Tank)Miyako3061.0158.027.01791.0
C (Tank)Tsukuyo3049.0164.027.01797.0
Blue archive dps tier list
DPS Tier list

These DPS characters are hard-hitting, and it is important to utilize them to inflict great damage on opponents.


These are the strongest characters in the game; utilize them in your team, and you will not be disappointed. They are ranked higher in the Blue Archive tier list because of their immense potential.

CharacterAttack TypeCombat ClassDiscussion
IoriPenetrationStrikerIori can land serious damage on opponents easily with her EX skill with a lower cooldown time. Her normal skill, too, is lethal to enemies.
HarunaMysticStrikerOne of the strongest DPS using mystic attacks. Her EX skill can deal a serious amount of damage.
CherinoPenetrationStrikerCherino’s EX skill costs 7 but can inflict great damage on opponents around her. Her overall damage potential is great.
HibikiExplosiveSpecialHibiki’s burst damage potential is great. Furthermore, her skills allow her to deal with a great amount of damage in circular areas.
Mutsuki (New Year)MysticStrikerMutsuki has great low-cost and good-range damage skills. Furthermore, she has good self-buffing capabilities.
Hina (Swimsuit)ExplosiveStrikerHina is a great damage dealer with her EX skill. She can damage multiple enemies with a skill cost of 3.
AzusaExplosiveStrikerAzusa has a highly damaging EX skill that is worth the 5-skill cost.
ShunExplosiveStrikerShe starts off with a high skill cost during the start of the battle. Furthermore, her self-buffing skills make her a versatile character.
KarinPenetrationSpecialKarin is a dangerous damage dealer. Her low-cost EX skill is a force to be reckoned with
NonomiPenetrationStrikerNonomi has great self-buffing capabilities. She can deal high damage to multiple enemies with her EX skill.
AruExplosiveStrikerAru’ EX and normal skill can inflict a great amount of damage.
MutsukiExplosiveStrikerMutsuki is an excellent damage dealer with self-buff skills.
SerinaMysticSpecial.Serina is an excellent low-cost healer.


While these characters are not ranked in S-Tier, they are certainly not to be underestimated as they can be a great choice for your team.

CharacterAttack TypeCombat ClassDiscussion
Nonomi (Swimsuit)Explosive StrikerHer EX skill is highly damaging but has a high skill cost of 6.
Aru (New Year)PenetrationStrikerAru’s EX skill can inflict a good amount of damage but has a high skill cost.
KazusaPenetrationStrikerGreat damage dealer and can self-buff well.
Izuna (Swimsuit)MysticStrikerShe has a low-cost EX skill that can inflict good damage.
ArisuMysticStrikerArisu is a great damage dealer, but she needs time to self-buff to increase her potential.
Iori (Swimsuit)ExplosiveStrikerIori is a string damage dealer with her EX and other skills
HinaExplosiveStrikerHina’s EX skill costs 7 but can inflict good damage. She has good self-buffing skills.
MomoiPenetrationStrikerMomoi has great damaging and self-buffing skills, her damage can increase further if you have Midori on the team.
MidoriPenetrationStrikerMidori is a great damage dealer who can target multiple enemies. Furthermore, she can inflict poison damage if you have Momoi on the team.
Mashiro (Swimsuit)MysticSpecialShe can inflict amazing damage while also providing buffs and debuffs.
AzusaExplosiveStrikerGreat attacking potential and self-buffs.
Azusa(Swimsuit)MysticStrikerCan inflict continuous damage with her EX skill. Furthermore, her self-buff capabilities can increase her attack and crit rate.
ShirokoExplosiveStrikerGreat damage dealer and can increase her crit rate.
SumirePenetrationStrikerSumire can inflict good damage, and her self-buff capabilities are great.
Hasumi (Sportswear)MysticStrikerGreat damage dealer with good buffs
Junko (New Year)MysticStrikerLow-cost EX skill that can inflict good damage.


These characters can be a good choice for your team as they have decent utilization.

CharacterAttack TypeCombat ClassDiscussion
Hina (Swimsuit)ExplosiveStrikerHina can inflict a decent amount of damage; her passive and sub-skills can increase her damage.
KarinExplosiveStrikerKarin has a high-skill cost EX that inflicts decent damage to multiple enemies. Her self-buffing skills can make up for the high skill cost.
JunkoPenetrationStrikerJunko has to sacrifice a lot of her hp to inflict great damage.
YuzuPenetrationStrikerYuza has decent attacking and self-buffing skills.
Tsurugi (Swimsuit)MysticSpecialTsurugi has decent damage-dealing potential in addition to her tanking capabilities. 
MichiruMysticStrikerMichiru’ EX can inflict a lot of damage on a single enemy. Her passive can increase the crit rate.
TsurugiPenetrationStrikerTsurugi’s skills are not much impressive when it comes to damage dealing.
SakiPenetrationSpecialGreat damage dealing potential over a wide area and can increase the attack of all allies.
SerikaExplosiveStrikerShe is a great damage dealer with her self-buffs.
ChiseMysticStrikerCan inflict damage continuously and can increase her attack. 
Shiroko (Riding)MysticStrikerIt can inflict great damage on multiple enemies.
Haruna (New Year)ExplosiveStrikerA good damage dealer that can self-buff and take down multiple enemies.
MoePenetrationSpecialDecent damage dealer and provide attack buffs to the allies.
SaoriExplosiveStrikerGreat damage dealer who has amazing self-buffing capabilities.
WakamoMysticStrikerWakamo is a high damage-dealing DPS character capable of total assault. She is a character who is a Tsubaki killer in player vs player battles.


These characters should be picked on a low priority as they are lacking in their skills and abilities. As they lack potential, they are ranked lower than other characters in the Blue Archive tier list.

CharacterAttack TypeCombat ClassDiscussion
MashiroExplosiveSpecialA decent damage dealer that can also increase the accuracy of your allies.
PinaPenetrationStrikerDecent self-buff and healing capabilities.
MakiPenetrationStrikerMaki can inflict good damage but her EX skill costs a lot.
UtahaPenetrationSpecialOverall a weak damage dealer compared to other characters.
Utaha(Cheerleader)MysticStrikerA weak damage dealer with a high-cost EX skill.
ChihiroPenetrationSpecialDecent damage dealer that can increase the CC Strength of your allies.
AkariExplosiveStrikerShe is a decent damage dealer but her self-buffs depend on rng.
IzumiExplosiveStrikerA weak damage dealer compared to many others but can self-heal.
YoshimiPenetrationSpecialDecent damage dealer that can buff your allies.
HinataMysticStrikerOverall a weaker character with a high-cost EX skill.
NeruPenetrationStrikerMost of Neru’s attacks depend on her being angry.
AsunaMysticStrikerDecent damage dealing and self-buff capabilities.
HasumiPenetrationStrikerHigh-cost EX skill but she can increase her critical damage and crit rate.
Shun (Kid)ExplosiveStrikerHigh-cost EX skill that inflicts decent damage.
SayaExplosiveSpecialHigh-cost EX skill that deals poor damage.
Saya(Casual)PenetrationSpecialDecent damage dealer that can increase the critical damage of your allies.
FubukiPenetrationStrikerDecent damage dealer with mediocre buffs.
MisakiExplosiveStrikerHigh-cost EX skill that inflicts poor damage needs a lot of buffs to perform well.
Wakamo (Swimsuit)PenetrationStrikerShe can stun a single enemy and make herself squishier in exchange for a higher amount of damage.

Blue Archive Support Tier List

Blue archive best support characters
Support Tier list

You would definitely need a few support characters to bring out the maximum potential of various characters in your team.

SAko, Fuuka (New Year), Himari, Hoshino (Swimsuit), Iroha, Koharu, Kotama
AAsuna (Bunny Girl), Kaede, Nodoka (Hotspring), Akane, Hanae
BHanae (Christmas), Hatsune Miku, Hifumi, Hiyori, Kokona, Mimori, Noa, Sena, Serina (Christmas), Serika (New Year), UI, Fuuka, Hare, Kirino, Ayane (Swimsuit), Chinatsu, Izumi (Swimsuit), Shizuko (Swimsuit), Tomoe
CCherino (Hot Spring), Chinatsu (Hot Spring), Chise (Swimsuit), Hifumi (Swimsuit), Mari (Sportswear), Miyu, Airi, Ayane, Hanako, Kayoko, Mari, Shizuko, Juri, Kotori, Nodoka, Shimiko, Suzumi


These are the best support characters, their wide utilization and multiple buffing abilities would bring out the potential of characters effortlessly. These characters are ranked higher in the blue archive tier list due to their wide variety of buffs.

CharacterAttack TypeCombat ClassDiscussion
AkoMysticSpecialCan provide healing and increase critical damage and crit rate.
Fuuka (New Year)PenetrationSpecialFuuka can support your allies in various ways including decreasing their EX cost. Furthermore, she can increase critical damage, healing, and attack.
HimariPenetrationSpecialHimari can provide cost recovery and attack buffs useful in combat. Furthermore, she can also decrease the evasion of enemies.
Hoshino (Swimsuit)ExplosiveStrikerCan increase the allies’ attack and has a good cost recovery sub-skill.
IrohaMysticSpecialCan provide great attack buffs to your allies.
KoharuExplosiveStrikerShe is an excellent healer.
KotamaExplosiveSpecialShe can provide great attack buffs to the entire team.


These support characters are second to none and their abilities are unique enough to support a wide variety of characters in your team.

CharacterAttack TypeCombat ClassDiscussion
Asuna (Bunny Girl)MysticStrikerCan provide defense, hp, and attack buffs.
KaedeExplosiveSpecialCan provide good healing to your allies in addition to limited defense buffs.
Nodoka (Hotspring)ExplosiveSpecialNodoka can be a good healer and she can also increase the attack of all allies.
AkanePenetrationStikerShe can decrease the enemies’ defense and evasion leaving them vulnerable to your attacks.
HanaeExplosiveSpecialHanae is a great healer and she can boost the critical damage of all allies.


While not as great as the above tiers, these support characters can still play a vital role depending on your team.

CharacterAttack TypeCombat ClassDiscussion
Hanae (Christmas)MysticSpecialShe is a good healer and can also increase the critical damage to your allies.
Hatsune MikuExplosiveSpecialShe can provide good healing to the team. Furthermore, she can also increase the attack and crit rate of allies.
HifumiPenetrationStrikerHifumi can reduce the accuracy of your opponents and has the ability to taunt them. She can also attack to some extent.
HiyoriExplosiveSpecialCan increase the allies’ attack and reduces the damage done by enemies.
KokonaPenetrationStrikerKokona is a good healer, however, her potential is limited as players are required to inflict 100 critical hits and gather hanamaru stamps to use her at her full potential.
MimoriMysticStrikerIncreases defense and attack of allies. Furthermore, she can also provide decent healing.
NoaMysticStrikerNoa can debuff enemies and can increase the debuff duration leaving them vulnerable. Furthermore, she can also apply focused fire to one enemy.
SenaMysticSpecialSena can be a good support character as she can provide both healing and attack buffs to your allies.
Serina (Christmas)PenetrationStrikerSerina is a unique support character. She would provide a random gift that can increase critical damage to your allies after 21 normal attacks. She can also give allies a special penetration damage bonus against enemies that are vulnerable to it.
Serika (New Year)PenetrationSpecialSerika can increase the attack and critical damage resistance of your allies.
UIExplosiveStrikerShe can reduce the EX skill cost of one ally greatly. Furthermore, she can increase the critical rate of all allies.
FuukaExplosiveSpecialShe can position characters within her healing range to provide healing. Furthermore, she can also increase defense and critical resistance of allies.
HareExplosiveSpecialShe can provide evasion buffs to the allies and can decrease the enemy’s recovery rate. Furthermore, she can also stun opponents.
KirinoExplosiveStrikerShe can reduce the accuracy and recovery rate of the enemies.
Ayane (Swimsuit)PenetrationSpecialShe can damage decently ignoring enemies’ defenses. Furthermore, she can increase critical damage to all allies.
ChinatsuPenetration SpecialCan provide defense buffs and healing to allies. Furthermore, she can also provide limited evasion buffs.
Izumi (Swimsuit)ExplosiveStrikerDecent attack and is good at stunning.
Shizuko (Swimsuit)MysticSpecialShe can provide critical damage and attack buffs. Furthermore, she can pull allies in her range to give them a shield.
TomoePenetrationStrikerShe can provide critical damage, critical rate, and movement speed buffs.


These characters are limited in their support potential and buffing capabilities. As they are not recommended they are ranked lower than other characters in the Blue Archive tier list.

CharacterAttack TypeCombat ClassDiscussion
Cherino (Hot Spring)ExplosiveSpecialCan provide buffs with a little damage potential.
Chinatsu (Hot Spring)MysticStrikerShe isn’t too functional as she mostly provides attack speed buffs.
Chise (Swimsuit)MysticStrikerGood at stunning enemies.
Hifumi (Swimsuit)PenetrationSpecialShe can increase the attack speed of all allies and deals a low amount of damage.
Mari (Sportswear)MysticStrikerMari can be a decent healer, however, the allies need to be in her healing range.
MiyuPenetrationStrikerShe can inflict decent damage and can debuff the enemies exposing their weak points.
AiriExplosiveSpecialShe can decrease the attack speed of enemies and increase the attack speed of allies.
AyanePenetrationSpecialLimited healing potential in a specific range, Furthermore, she can increase critical hit resistance for allies.
HanakoPenetrationSpecialHealing is limited by area.
KayokoExplosiveStrikerHer support capabilities are limited but she can inflict fear on enemies.
MariMysticSpecialMari can increase the Hp of all allies, furthermore, she can also provide a shield for an ally and remove all debuffs.
ShizukoMysticLightShe can increase the accuracy and crit rate of allies.
JuriExplosiveSpecialShe can increase HP for all allies and has the ability to decrease the enemies’ attack speed.
KotoriPenetrationStrikerShe can provide a shield for your allies.
NodokaExplosiveSpecialShe can provide accuracy buffs to the allies.
ShimikoExplosiveSpecialProvides defense buffs and also has limited shielding potential.
SuzumiExplosiveStrikerShe can stun and inflict decent damage.

Blue Archive Tank Tier List

Blue archive tank tier list
Tank Tier list

The Tank characters can keep your other characters safe by taking in the opponent’s attacks. They are vital if you want to keep your DPS and Support characters on the field for long. These tanks in our Blue Archive tier list are worth it.

SHoshino, Neru (Bunny girl), Tsubaki
AAtsuko, Yuuka
BMarina, Natsu, Yuuka (Sportswear), Haruka
CEimi, Miyako, Tsukuyo


These are the best tank characters, their abilities would allow them to withstand for long on the battlefield.

CharacterAttack TypeCombat ClassDiscussion
HoshinoPenetrationStrikerShe can be an excellent tank with her defense buffs, healing, and shielding abilities. 
Neru (Bunny girl)ExplosiveStrikerNeru can taunt enemies directing attention to herself. Furthermore, she has evasiveness buffs and shielding EX skill.
TsubakiPenetrationStrikerGreat defense buff and self-healing capabilities. Furthermore, she can reduce the damage taken.


These tanks are not to be underestimated as they are still formidable in the field against enemies.

CharacterAttack TypeCombat ClassDiscussion
AtsukoExplosiveStrikerCan increase the evasion for herself and her allies. Furthermore, she can also heal allies.
YuukaExplosiveStrikerShe can self-heal. Moreover, she has defense buffs and shielding capabilities.


These tank characters have decent abilities and they can hold their ground against enemies decently.

CharacterAttack TypeCombat ClassDiscussion
MarinaPenetrationStrikerShe can gain immortal status for a few seconds when her health is low. Furthermore, she can increase her evasiveness.
NatsuMysticStrikerShe has good hp buffs and self-healing abilities.
Yuuka (Sportswear)MysticStrikerGreat self-healing and shielding capabilities.
HarukaExplosiveLightGood defense and Hp buffs.


These characters are limited in their tanking abilities and should be less prioritized. 

CharacterAttack TypeCombat ClassDiscussion
EimiExplosiveStrikerShe can be a decent tank as she can heal herself and increase the healing received to withstand attacks.
MiyakoPenetrationStrikerShe can reduce the enemies’ damage. Furthermore, she has a Hp buffing ability and can stun opponents.
TsukuyoMysticStrikerShe has a Hp buff ability and can recover healing. Furthermore, she can reduce enemies’ defenses.

All characters are ranked in the Blue Archive Tier List. They were ranked in various tiers according to their capabilities and strengths. The tier list was drafted after researching the abilities and utilization of characters so they can be ranked with as less bias as possible. Let us know your favorite characters in the comments below!


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