Outerplane Tier List: All Characters Ranked

Learn about the complete categorization of all the characters in the Outerplane into the best and worst tiers.

Welcome to eXputer’s Outerplane Tier List. If you want to understand the best characters in this mobile game, you have landed at the right place. The strategies depend on informed decision-making, and this tier list aims to highlight the high-priority characters while showing you the worst characters. 

I have ranked all the characters in 4 tiers. S Tier to the D Tier, providing you with valuable insights as I rank the characters. I have committed myself to keeping this tier list up to date, considering any updates or adjustments made by the developers to ensure you get the most up-to-date information.

Key Takeaways
  • The characters in the tier list are ranked considering how well they excel in all the modes of Outerplane.
  • The tier list has ranked these characters from the S Tier (Strongest Characters) to the D Tier (Weakest Characters).
  • Valentine and Noa are the best characters, have great damage output, and are the best options for PvE and PvP.
  • Dolly is the best defensive Fire Mage, while Eternal is the best offensive mage in Outerplane.
  • I have ranked Saeran as the best healer and the second-best healers, Leo and Tio.
  • This Tier List is subjective and relevant to the current meta of Outerplane.

All Outerplane Characters Ranked

Here is an overview of all the characters from Outerplane with character names and types.

ValentineDamage Dealer
NoaDamage Dealer
RinDamage Dealer
EternalDamage Dealer
Hanbyul LeeDamage Dealer
FrancescaDamage Dealer
BethDamage Dealer
MaxwellDamage Dealer
VeraDamage Dealer
KateDamage Dealer
LaplaceDamage Dealer
ElizaDamage Dealer
PeskethDamage Dealer
AlphaDamage Dealer
TanyaDamage Dealer
Naru KangDamage Dealer
YuriDamage Dealer
StellaDamage Dealer
SigmaDamage Dealer
IdithDamage Dealer
LaineDamage Dealer
ShuDamage Dealer
FlambergeDamage Dealer
OroxDamage Dealer
GuizamDamage Dealer
BleuDamage Dealer
White BeastUnknown

Outerplanes Tier List Breakdown

The overall tier list can be sorted in the following order:

Valentine, Noa, Rin, Dolly, Eternal, Saeran
ATio, Leo, cindy, Hanbyul Lee, Francesca, Beth
BMaxwell, Vera, Kate, Laplace, Eliza, Claire, Pesketh, Faenan, Adelie, Marian
CVeronica, Rhona, Philia, Alpha, Tanya, Naru Kang, Sofia, Iris, Alice, Yuri
DStella, Snow, Eva, Lily, Fenrir, Sigma, Idith, Laine, K, Parti, Shu, Flamberge, Orox, Guizam, Rico, Bleu

S Tier

Outerplane Tier List Best Characters
Best Characters

Certain characters are above the rest and are considered essential. They are placed in the S Tier of our tier list. These characters can help you climb the summit and reach new heights.

S-Tier Outerplane Characters Description
Valentine Versatile character with high damage output, boosts ally characters’ damage by 20%, key ability ‘My Bloody Valentine’ disrupts enemy turns and provides strategic advantage.
Noa Considered the best DPS character, excels in critical hits and vicious attacks, essential for success in both PvE and PvP, known for brute force playstyle.
Rin Best water DPS character, effective against enemies weak to water, strong independently without reliance on other characters.
Dolly Top defensive fire mage, excels in defensive teams compared to offensive alternatives like Eternal, offers survivability through tactics.
Eternal Premier offensive fire mage, valuable sub-DPS for offensive teams, highly effective in both PvE and PvP, known for fire debuff increasing speed and aiding defense.
Saeran Best healer in Outerplane, surpasses other healers Leo and Tio in terms of healing output, offers large healing ability despite high cooldown.

A Tier

A Tier Characters
Great Characters

The characters can also be considered essential, but they fall short somewhere compared to S Tier characters. However, the A Tier of the Outerplane Tier List characters don’t fall short by a lot.

A-Tier Outerplane Characters Description
Tio One of the top 3 healers with a short cooldown, falls slightly short compared to S-Tier healer Saeran due to needing another healer against tough bosses.
Leo Solid team tank, excels against healers and earth mages but struggles against Noa, works best when paired with a fire ranger.
Cindy Fire ranger with good buffs and damage output, reliable tackiness, performs well in PvP and synergizes effectively with other fire rangers.
Hanbyul Lee Counter-attacking queen, enables boost to ally priority with counterattacks, pairs well with Veronica for a solid team composition.
Francesca Inflicts high damage against single targets, increases damage output against opponents afflicted with bleed effects, underrated character overall.
Beth Excels when paired with bleed characters, particularly effective against guild raid bosses when teamed up with Eliza, strong potential when part of a bleed team composition.

B Tier

Average Characters of Outerplane Tier List
Average Characters

The B Tier consists of characters I consider good enough to do the job according to the criteria I have set for the Outplane Tier List. You can put these average characters to good use.

B-Tier Outerplane Characters Description
Maxwell Strong DPS in PvE but weaker in current PvP meta due to slow charging, may improve with meta changes.
Vera Budget version of Noa, good 2-star striker with decent wave-clearing abilities, struggles with landing critical strikes with S3.
Kate Solid character for story mode and online mode, high-scaling shields perform well but overshadowed by other tanks like Tio.
Laplace Despite being disliked by some, Laplace is a solid character with limitations against bosses and average shield performance.
Eliza Recent updates improved Eliza’s utility with passive buff removal and AoE bleeds, hindered slightly by high gear requirements.
Claire Secondary support with good damage for a support character, useful skills like ‘Vanguard Charm’ for strategic team building.
Pesketh Effective PvP character with buff purging ability and scaling damage, lacks effectiveness in PvE scenarios.
Faenan Above-average healer with immunity and priority boost abilities, excels in quick healing and AoE healing, falls short of A-Tier.
Adelie Efficient wave clearer with impressive AoE abilities, performs well in PvE but struggles in tower and against stronger bosses.
Marian Deals significant damage in guild raids and against bosses, provides defense break utility, excels in guild raid scenarios.

C Tier

C Tier Characters
Bad Characters

The C Tier contains the second-worst characters in this tier list. They are useless, but I wouldn’t go down and label them completely useless, as there is a separate tier for them in the Outerplan Tier List.

C-Tier Outerplane Characters Description
Veronica Despite being considered the best tank by some, Veronica faces scrutiny for her lack of PvP relevance and limited impact in PvE due to the fast-paced meta.
Rhona Recent updates have nerfed Rhona, slowing her down and preventing her from reaching her full potential, relegating her to the C-Tier for now.
Philia Offers a good stun ability and enemy priority reduction, suitable for PvE but lacks effectiveness in PvP scenarios, considered an average character overall.
Alpha Effective at breaking enemy defenses in PvE but lacks viability in PvP situations, suitable for tower and red dungeons, can be paired with Laplace for synergy.
Tanya Capable of stunning enemies with good AoE abilities and evasion, hindered slightly by average ATK reduction, straddles between B and C Tier.
Naru Kang Inflicts stun and provides immunity, but DPS is average and requires strategic team composition to perform well, considered mediocre overall.
Sofia A strategic character with spamming attack capabilities, performs adequately in both PvE and PvP scenarios, suitable for novice players.
Iris Shows promise against certain bosses with fire-based abilities but lacks consistency and falls short in other scenarios, considered average overall.
Alice Despite planned buffs, Alice falls behind other mages in both PvE and PvP performance, considered average and not exceptional in either aspect.
Yuri Decent 1-star character for early-game use, capable of dispelling debuffs and increasing allies’ defense, suitable for beginners.
Lisha Offers good AoE damage and low buff turn, useful in green dungeons but lacks consistency to be placed higher in the tier list.

D Tier

D Tier Characters
Worst Characters

The characters in this tier are the weakest ones. They are best avoided, and keeping a distance from these shunned characters is better.

D-Tier Outerplane Characters Description
Stella Unlocked after completing the hard story at 1 star, Stella requires significant grinding but offers mediocre performance compared to other characters.
Snow Considered horrible in PvP with average AoE strikes, Snow lacks effectiveness compared to other characters in the current meta.
Eva A rare light healer with nothing particularly special, Eva’s only notable feature is her attack debuff ability.
Lily Provides okayish support in offense with debuffing abilities but becomes forgettable as you progress further in the game.
Fenrir Below-average performance across all aspects, including PvP, PvE, Tower, and dungeons, Fenrir lacks standout qualities.
Sigma Despite high speed, Sigma’s overall performance is underwhelming, requiring considerable effort to unlock without offering significant rewards.
Idith Offers poor defense scaling but decent evasion, lacking standout qualities compared to other characters.
Laine The only poison character with low base attack and lackluster performance, Laine’s speed boost ability fails to compensate for her weaknesses.
K Considered the weakest tank in Outerplane with poor AoE and accuracy, K is best avoided in favor of stronger tank options.
Parti With an average burn effect and limited optimization potential for her ultimate ability, Parti fails to stand out among other characters.
Shu Despite buff removal abilities, Shu’s overall performance is lacking in PvP, PvE, and dungeons, making her a poor choice overall.
Flamberge An earth healer with mediocre performance and a weak healing ability, Flamberge fails to impress compared to other healers.
Orox While boasting a decent AoE strike, Orox’s overall performance is lackluster, making him less desirable compared to other characters.
Guizam Offers bleed infliction and average AoE strikes but lacks standout qualities, making him a subpar choice compared to other fire strikers.
Rico With mediocre healing and accuracy boost abilities, Rico’s stun effect fails to compensate for her overall lackluster performance.
Bleu Ranking lowest on the tier list, Bleu’s poor attacks and useless barrier ability make her an undesirable choice in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Outerplane Tier List Patch Notes [V.1.1.24]

This Outerplane tier list is based on the latest patch update dated July 6, 2023. The Tier List is subjective in nature and based upon my opinion, which can’t be considered the ultimate truth. Different players may have varying levels of success with different characters, thus, this tier list can be used as a starting point for exploration. It is advised to include your personal preferences and play style while making decisions with respect to this tier list.

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