Hogwarts Legacy’s Art Book Leaks Online; Details The Map, Characters, And More

The game's 35-hour play length is also out in the open apparently.

Story Highlights
  • The art book of the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy has leaked online.
  • The leak comprises various in-game characters, a massive map, and other details.
  • Alongside the art book leak, more leaks have surfaced reportedly, detailing the game's 35-hour play length and other crucial information.

Hogwarts Legacy might as well be every Harry Potter fan’s dream realized as it makes its way onto major gaming platforms next month on the 23rd. Ahead of the fantasy-themed title’s release, however, substantial Hogwarts Legacy leaks have emerged online, starting with photos of the game’s art book.

Subsequently, a hefty ton of extra information has managed to surface, including the title’s play length, story missions, in-game map, locations, characters, and even the inventory screen. Thanks to Bigby on Twitter, fans can catch a glimpse of what’s to come in the upcoming fanatical thriller. 

Here’s the tweet that has apparently spilled the beans on the game. A myriad of photos has been attached to the post that hints toward some of Hogwarts Legacy‘s most glaring features. 

For starters, here’s what the inventory screen of your character will look like in the game. Some are of the opinion that this was grabbed straight out of an Assassin’s Creed title with striking resemblances to the latest God of War reboots as well. 


The art book comprises a bundle of extra information to go along with the play length leak. Two of the game’s characters have emerged in another tweet, all thanks to the contents of the art book.

One of these is Professor Dinah Hecat, a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, with the other one being Professor Mirabel Garlick. According to the art book, she’ll be teaching Hogwarts students Herbology in the game. 

It’s not just humans, though, that have come out in the open following the game’s art book leak. Animals too have had their fair share of the spotlight in the scene, and it appears that a hefty ton of various beasts will be prevalent across the in-game world of Hogwarts.  

As for the map, the art book goes into much detail about Hogwarts’ overall depiction. The map appears to be massive, and the legend icons in the art book describe what the various elements of the in-game world shape up like. 

There’s even the inclusion of a “Dragons” section in the art book detailing the various types of these fiery creatures that will evidently play a considerable role in the game.


The rest of the leaks are anonymously sourced, but given how the game has been picked up earlier than expected by some individuals, we can take the forthcoming information with a grain of salt, starting with the play length of Hogwarts Legacy. 

Reportedly, playing through the main game without delving into the side quests or anything else will take up to 35 hours. In addition, if you’re a completionist and like to strive toward finishing off 100% of a game, Hogwarts Legacy will make you spend approximately 70 hours writing off side quests and everything of the like.

As for the origination of the leak, it seems to come from a Discord server, the link to which we’re still trying to obtain. We’ll update the article with the relevant information if we find the original Discord source.

It’s probably for the best to stay off Twitter for a while, especially for those who’d like to dive into Hogwarts Legacy blindly. It’s customary for some games to leak in this manner as they near their official release. To talk about Gotham Knights, the game already started selling in some stores weeks prior to its launch.

In relatively recent times, a Hogwarts Legacy VA posted on Instagram and seemingly revealed that the game will feature some violent ways to die, including getting fried to a crisp by dragons and falling off your broom.

Furthermore, the developers unveiled the game’s graphic modes for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S, stating that the action RPG would support VRR and would be able to shift between 60 FPS and 30 FPS at will. 

Are you looking forward to Hogwarts Legacy? Do let us know in the comments section ahead.  

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