Newly Discovered Starfield Bug Gives Players A Free Stash Of Loot After Every 24 Hours

It's the Dawnstar caravan chest glitch all over again.

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  • A massive bug has been discovered in Starfield that gives players a huge stash of loot every 24 hours. It was reported by the YouTuber The Illusive Gamer, and the forums are filled with fans talking about it.
  • The bug is found in the Western-themed capital of Akila City in the Cheyenne Star System. It can be accessed by walking to the puddle in front of the Sheperd general store and hovering the mouse on it.
  • It remains currently unclear whether Bethesda has intentionally added the glitch to reminisce about the past games or it is a genuine mishap. The devs have not fixed the recurring bug in the latest hotfix.

Starfield has hardly been out for a week, and players have already stumbled upon a massive game-changing bug. The glitch rewards users for discovering it and showers with a lot of free items that are enough to fill one’s whole inventory. The giant bug was shared by the YouTuber The Illusive Gamer on his X handle (formerly known as Twitter), and it has now garnered a lot of attention in the game’s ecosystem in Reddit forums and the sort.

The bug is found in the Western-styled capital of Akila City in the Cheyenne Star System. Walking to the puddle in front of the Sheperd general store and moving the mouse on it can give access to the full store stock for users. In other words, you can grab all the stuff in the store without paying a dime and walk away without any space cops chasing your rear. The bug can be a huge game-changer since it resets after every 24 hours.

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The game has recently received quite a substantial hotfix that addresses some of the most prevalent issues. However, the team has seemingly missed out on patching the recurring glitch discussed above. That means players can still grab the whole inventory worth of items for free after every 24 hours.

Whether the devs have added the glitch intentionally remains a mystery, but it is a welcomed bug for many users, to say the least. Bethesda has not yet commented on the immense attention the new bug is receiving from the fans. We can expect it to stay until the next hotfix, or perhaps forever if it was intentional.

Starfield is a delightful game for users who treat it as the grandest Bethesda hit. It has raved in successful reception despite its fair share of criticism after developing over the span of 25 years. In early access, Starfield had already acquired a million users with only the premium edition owners. The space-faring RPG also did not take long to accumulate over a million concurrent users after its official release.

The player base has since grown up to six million installs, as it soared to become Bethesda’s biggest title so far. However, some users have struggled to run the title on beefy PCs; Todd Howard has urged that they update their devices. Players without the cash to upgrade can rely on the massive ecosystem of mods to relish the massive Starfield universe. A certain modder has already made it possible for even the weaker PCs to run the game.

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Bethesda’s flagship exclusive has now come out across all current-gen devices on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S only. Starfield runs at a locked 30 FPS on consoles but can reach up to 60 FPS on average for PCs for players equipped with high-end specs. No announcement regarding the 60 FPS patch for the consoles has been made yet.

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