Hi-Fi Rush Director Prefers A TV Show Adaptation Over A Sequel Right Now

"A TV Show sounds really cool, someone make that happen," said the director of the Xbox hit.

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  • Hi-Fi Rush director John Johanas has said he would prefer a TV show adaption over a sequel.
  • But, this is just his preference and nothing is planned right now.
  • According to him, the game has just launched and they haven’t figured out the future yet.
  • However, he thinks a series based on the show will be really cool and someone should make that happen.

Not many titles in gaming history have taken over the world after a surprise drop like Hi-Fi Rush has. The Xbox console exclusive has won over critics and players alike and become an early Game of the Year contender. As one might expect, fans are looking forward to more releases in the Hi-Fi Rush world.

Now, director John Johanas has given us some insight into this and said he would prefer a TV show adaptation over a sequel right now. He said that a Hi-Fi Rush series sounds really cool, and someone should make that happen. But, as the game just came out, nothing is planned, and things can change over time.

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Since its release almost a week ago, Hi-Fi Rush has become one of the most successful Xbox exclusives. Despite being on the Xbox Game Pass service, it was a success on Steam as it overtook major AAA releases like Forspoken.

Players on the platform have also loved the action game, as it has an overwhelmingly positive review score on Steam. Many have termed Hi-Fi Rush as an early contender for the 2023 Game of the Year, and we can’t disagree.

So, the rhythm-based action game has become the main character of the gaming world. It is only natural that everyone is now curious about what the future of Hi-Fi Rush looks like. One would expect a sequel from Tango Gameworks, considering the success of the title.

But, the director of the game actually prefers a TV show based on Hi-Fi Rush to release first. While talking to the YouTube channel MinnMax in an interview, director John Johanas answered a question regarding the future. MinnMax asked a “would you rather” question and gave Johanas two choices, a sequel or a TV show.

In response, the director choose the option of a Hi-Fi Rush series and said it sounded cool. But the director explained further and said they don’t have anything figured out right now. A big reason for that is the action game just came out, and no one has planned further.

So, even though Johanas wants a TV show to happen before a sequel, nothing is certain right now, and things can change. He also dodged a question regarding a sequel before this, saying he doesn’t know what Ben Hanson is talking about. The director did explain the stance of Bethesda and Tango on the series with a peculiar example.

M- Would you rather hypothetically see a sequel or a TV Show on Hi-Fi Rush?

J- A TV Show sounds really cool, I don’t know who would make it, someone somewhere make it happen. But, right now we don’t have anything figured out, the game just came out.”

John Johanas said people asking about what’s next is similar to when people ask couples who have just had a baby when the next baby is coming. Essentially meaning that the studio has just come out of crunch time and doesn’t plan to do anything right now.

We can only hope that Bethesda takes Johanas’ advice and makes a TV show based on Hi-Fi Rush. Previously, we have seen how shows like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Arcane have helped their source material sell more.

A TV series for Hi-Fi Rush could have a similar impact on the game and make it even more popular. Hopefully, John Johanas’ preference does get picked up, and we see a TV show adaptation soon.

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