PlayStation 5 Update Adds New Animation For Unlocking A Platinum Trophy

Spicing up your trophies.

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  • PlayStation 5’s Firmware 7.0 update makes a whole bunch of QoL improvements on the system.
  • A special addition in the update is a new animation for getting a Platinum Trophy in any game. 
  • The update also gives us a bunch of great additions such as Discord integration as well as VRR support for 1440p titles.

The latest update for the PlayStation 5 has added a new special animation for unlocking a Platinum Trophy. Getting a Platinum is always one of the most satisfying feelings of completing a game, especially when it’s a particularly time-consuming one like Red Dead Redemption 2 or The Witcher 3. This feature makes getting that Platinum trophy feels just a little bit more special. 

The feature was spotted by a user on Twitter showing it in action. 

This feature was included in the latest PlayStation 5 Firmware 7.0 update alongside a host of other QoL improvements as well as major additions. The most important addition in the update was Discord integration on the PlayStation 5, which is a feature that has been well-requested for a long time. So, congrats guys and gals, playing with your fellow boys and girls on PS5 just got a whole lot easier. 

Another major addition was VRR support for 1440p resolution, letting you play games at a much better framerate at 1440p resolution. Other than that the update was filled to the brim with various Quality of Life updates such as being able to use Voice commands to capture gameplay, the ability to filter your library for VR titles, easier save data transfer between PS5 and PlayStation 4, and the ability to play a game’s digital copy using a physical copy installation. 

The PlayStation 5 is currently in the third year of its life cycle and things are starting to really pick up. While it may be somewhat lacking in its output of exclusive titles as of now, it can’t be argued that the system is indeed going strong, especially with 2023 that’s going to be stacked with quality new titles. 

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