PlayStation Will Continue To Focus On “Graphically Beautiful, Narrative-Rich Games,” Says Sony

It's no understatement when one considers certain PlayStation exclusives to be the pinnacle of gaming.

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  • Sony’s PlayStation has a legacy behind its name, spanning consoles over multiple generations, and boasting some of the best games ever made in gaming history.
  • In an interview conducted by analysts with Jim Ryan, the PlayStation CEO has expanded a bit on one of the defining reasons that has made the company so successful so far. 
  • Reassuring fans, Jim Ryan has said that publishing first-party, “graphically beautiful and narrative-rich games” is going to remain PlayStation’s focus going forward. 

For anyone even remotely associated with the gaming industry, it’s needless to say that PlayStation’s exclusive video game franchises, such as The Last of Us, God of War, and many others, have left an indelible mark across the board, setting standards in their respective genres. Reassuringly, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has expanded on the matter and reassured fans of the type of work the company aspires to do.  

Miles Morales in the Upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Miles Morales in the Upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

In an interview that was held in 2022, the details for which though have surfaced only now, Jim Ryan was asked about the 10 exclusives that PlayStation will be pushing out in the not-so-distant future, and how many of them the company needs to be successful to attain the target revenue goal. Previously, the CEO said that PlayStation would be releasing 10 first-party titles to double their “revenue stream.” 

It would be naive for us to assume that all 10 will be massive successes so that is not a necessary condition for us to double first party revenues. That is certainly not what we’re assuming. Clearly, the distinction between a hit and not a hit is not a binary one. And don’t forget that as we do this, we will continue to publish the games that have served us so well over the years. These first person, graphically beautiful narrative rich games will continue to be the bedrock of our first party publishing business.”

The use of “first person” here is likely that Jim is referring to exclusive PlayStation titles. In the follow-up question, the PlayStation boss reaffirms, “We will continue to make first person games like we always have, and we expect those to have slightly greater sales and profitability, reflecting our confidence in the long-term installed base of PS5,” thereby indicating the aspirations of the company. 

Kratos and Thor in God of War Ragnarok
Kratos and Thor in God of War Ragnarok, One of the Best PlayStation Exclusives Ever Made 

Despite the console wars and PC players flexing how they have all the freedom in the world for playing games, one cannot so easily refute the impact PlayStation has made in the realm of first-party, exclusive titles. In fact, some of the best games in the world happen to be PlayStation IPs, including The Uncharted, God of War, and The Last of Us franchises, and without these honestly, things wouldn’t be the same for a lot of us. 

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In other pieces of enticing news though, Jim Ryan, in the same interview, has dropped somewhat of a stinger for Xbox, saying that PlayStation’s $3.6 billion acquisition of Bungie — the famed Destiny and Halo developer studio — can “give [them] way more” than the $69 billion Activision buyout. In exact terms, his words were, 

In terms of deployment of Sony’s capital, when you look at 69 billion dollars for Activision compared to 3.6 billion dollars for Bungie, we believe that Bungie can give us way more than a 69 billion acquisition of Activision.” 

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