DICE, a standout EA subsidiary, was founded in 1992 and became part of Electronic Arts in 2006. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, it originated from four friends with roots in The Silents demogroup. Besides game development, DICE’s Frostbite Labs division created the Frostbite game engine, versatile across platforms. Initially, Battlefield, expanded to various genres, remaining exclusive to EA titles. DICE is famed for the Battlefield series, Mirror’s Edge, and Star Wars Battlefront. Despite recent criticism of new Battlefield installments, DICE continues to make waves. Stay updated on DICE news at eXputer.

  • Year Founded: 1992
  • Founder: Olof Gustafsson Markus Nyström Fredrik Liljegren Andreas Axelsson
  • Parent Company: EA
  • CEO: Patrick Söderlund