These New Details In Sons of the Forest Are Crazy

The game will even include AI sidekicks.

Story Highlights 

  • Sons of the Forest will be available for early access after being delayed twice.
  • The game will focus on finding a missing billionaire on a cannibal and mutant-infested island.
  • The game will also be introducing an AI partner named Calvin alongside multiple other NPCs.
  • Sons of the Forest will also be introducing dynamic weather.

The Forest has certainly made its mark being one of the most popular and well-known single-player survival horror games. Due to its ever-growing fan base, it made sense for the game to sell a large number of copies.

According to Game Developer, The Forest has been able to sell over 5.3 million copies due to early access to Steam. 

After the success of the first game, the pressure to deliver bigger and better was intensified. However, things seemed rather bleak for The Forest’s second installment, Sons of the Forest. The game, which was initially announced back in 2019, is yet to be properly released.

In fact, it has seen considerable pushback from the developers Endnight Games. In a tweet, they sent back on March 25, 2022, stated that the timeline they had initially followed seemed unrealistic. They elaborated, saying that delivering the game in May of 2022 seemed unlikely. However, they gave their fans hope by saying that the game would be out by October 2022.

In August of the same year, fans were completely blind-sighted by yet another delay. This time the developers did not promise any release day and said that they were going to delay the game one last time. Yet, many fans were becoming skeptical, and the idea of playing the game seemed to become unlikely.

Eurogamer reported that it seemed like Endnight Games was going to open early access to the game rather than delaying it once again. PC Gamer seemed to share this opinion saying that the early access was a smart way to dodge yet another missed launch day. The developers had this to say about the early access.

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a long journey since we first started Sons of The Forest development and it’s grown into the biggest most complex game we have ever made. There is still so much more we want to add; items, new mechanics, gameplay balance, and more. We didn’t want to delay again so have instead decided to involve the community in the continued development of this project and keep our February 23 release date but instead release in Early Access.

The Forest turned out to be a massive success, due mostly to the awesome community and the suggestions, feedback, and bug reports the players shared with us. We are really excited and hope that players want to come on this new journey with us to make this the ultimate survival horror simulator.”

—The Team at Endnight

Meticulous Details You Need To Know About Sons Of The Forest

YouTube video

Looking more into the game’s plot, it seems that the game is following the same ideology as its predecessor. Why fix something that is not broken?

From what’s been seen, the game will start exactly like the old one had, where the player will crash land into an island. However, this is not some ordinary island; it is full of bloodthirsty man-eaters as well as a variety of mutants.

While the last game focused on players trying to find out the missing child, this time, players are on the lookout for a missing billionaire. Sons of the Forest’s gameplay will be mimicking its prequel. This means that the game will be an open-world survival, and players will have the chance to explore as soon as they land.

While Sons of the Forest pays tribute to its predecessor, there is one huge change that this game will have. The game will have an AI companion. As per GamingBolt, they state that the AI companion’s name will be Calvin.

Sons of the Forest
Sons of the Forest

Calvin will be our second in command and will be aiding players in numerous ways. He can be given trivial tasks to perform, which include gathering wood. Moreover, he can also fight off enemies when asked. This way, players will not have to get their hands dirty doing small meaningless tasks and can focus on the bigger issues at hand.

However, Calvin will require food, water, and rest; otherwise, he will not be of much use. Shockingly, there is also an option of getting rid of the AI helper; however, the way to do it is very questionable. Players can actually shoot Calvin if they do not want him around.

Calvin is not the only AI companion that Sons of the Forest has to offer. There are numerous nonplayable characters spread all across the game. These characters can be recruited when the time is right.

Lawod, stated that there is also another AI named Virgina. Shockingly, she has three arms which means she can use multiple weapons at the same time. Hence she is someone that you certainly need on your side. From what is known, she has worn a white leotard; however, she has also been seen wearing camouflage attire.

Sons of the Forest really seemed to have upped the ante with the antagonist in the game. Gone are the days when players could easily avoid enemies. In the new game, the enemies are smarter than ever.

They have improved AI systems which means that they are far better required to make decisions based on the scenario presented to them.

In an article Game Rant, talked about different creepy enemies in the Sons of the Forest will include. These include numerous types of mutants. While some of them do not skip a beat and attack, others are willing to leave players alone as long as they do not instigate the attack.

Sons of the Forest
Sons of the Forest

Interestingly, most of these mutants will not attack individually. They travel in the form of a pack, where each group has its one designated leader. The leader will heavily affect the overall ideology of the group. 

Game Rant goes into further detail and states that weather in the game will play a massive role for the mutants. Dynamic weather has added a whole new level of complexity that has never been seen before.

The game will have rainy seasons as well as a day-to-night shift. This weather will affect the type of mutant that players will be facing which means that players will have to keep a tally of which kind of mutant to be aware of during different seasons of the game.

Moreover, the mutants have their very own ecosystem. In addition, the mutants have their very own network of underground tunnels that they can use to move to attack unsuspecting players.

Sons of the Forest gameplay mechanics seem outstanding. They will include a variety of elements, including: 

The advent of the 3D printer means that players can now easily craft whatever they would like. This will certainly give them a massive edge during fights but will also be a way to spark creativity and be able to stand out amongst your friends. Endnight has massively improved the immersive element of Sons of the Forest, bringing it to a whole new level.

Sons of the Forest island seems to be quite the sight to behold. The island looks like a piece of interactive artwork, especially in comparison with the previous game. The addition of dynamic evidence seems to enhance the island, giving it a more realistic feel because, during the winter, the whole island will be enveloped in a thick blanket of snow.

Endnight has undoubtedly made quite the game and the only way to know if it truly lives up to its hype is to wait for the early release date.


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