My Thoughts On Stellar Blade After A Week Of Playing

Shift Up's latest venture is taking no prisoners.

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  • Korean developer Shift Up has recently launched Stellar Blade exclusively on the PS5.
  • The game, although wound up in controversy and criticism, is pure thrill and entertainment.
  • I consider it a solid 8/10, with some of my pain points being the fast travel and platforming. 

As fate would have it, Stellar Blade’s launch was tainted by factors that did not pertain to the game’s quality or anything of the sort. Unfortunately, it got picked up by many across the world for the mere design of the protagonist, which is as dumb as it sounds, given that Eve’s body is based on a real-life Korean model as well. 

One could easily refer to this as double standards upheld by a portion of the playing community, but I’m glad all that drama is in the dust now, despite leaving a bad first impression on the title that deterred aspiring buyers by a fair bit. 

That’s because I genuinely want everyone, especially those with a PlayStation 5, to be able to experience Stellar Blade for what it truly is, and that’s a high-profile action-packed RPG with little in the direction of undesirable traits and features. Stellar Blade is easily in the running for one of the best games of 2024, and I’m about to tell you why.

Keep Your Expectations Tame: This Is Not A FromSoft Game 

Fighting The Corrupter In Stellar Blade | Source: eXputer
Fighting The Corrupter In Stellar Blade | Source: eXputer

We can often be thrown way off a particular game if we happen to catch it at the wrong moment, so let me get this clear first and foremost. FromSoftware didn’t make Stellar Blade; Korean developer Shift Up did. Now what does that tell you right off the bat? For those of you expecting Soulslike elements to kick in, don’t. You’re alone in setting yourself up for disappointment.

The game was never advertised to be that way, so please get that notion out of your head. If anything, it’s more on the side of the Devil May Cry games or the Bayonetta franchise; perhaps throw in some Nier: Automata as well. I’ve been seeing how comparisons with all these have been going around for Stellar Blade, but I’m glad there’s nothing to lose sleep over in this department.

That’s because Stellar Blade is genuinely magnificent in its own right. Sure, you can call it Nier with guns, but out of pure respect for that gem of an action-adventure, both these titles have their own place, and should be judged as such i.e. on an individual basis. 

byu/KyoN_tHe_DeStRoYeR inGamingcirclejerk

But for the record, Stellar Blade does have elements that may make it feel like a Soulslike, such as a bonfire-equivalent checkpoint system that rejuvenates Eve’s HP and other crucial metrics, while also making the enemies of the area respawn just as well. Just about everything else, however, should not be mistaken for a typical FromSoft title. 

For starters, the boss fights in this game won’t make you pull your hair out, which is a FromSoft classic. 

The Positives Outweigh The Cons By A Far Margin

A showcase of Visuals
Stellar Blade is a Visual Treat | Source: eXputer 

Pretty self-explanatory headline, but it’s true. No game is perfect; sure as heck Stellar Blade isn’t too, but if you start weighing both the cons and the pros, you’ll see the latter coming out on top without breaking a sweat, and then some. 

Stellar blade actually stellar?
byu/Shot_Atmosphere8562 inplaystation

Fast-Paced, Responsive Combat And Terrific Customization

Stellar Blade’s parry system makes me reminisce about the badass Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice and Lies of P as well to a certain extent, thanks to its fluidity and the effect it can have on the opposing party. The combat itself is nothing short of pure adrenaline. It’s measured, experimental, and quite varied, so you’re always trying to take the Naytiba down in versatile ways. That’s one of the things I love about this game. 

[Stellar Blade] loved this game 10/10 from me
byu/deadlyturn1p inTrophies

Oh, and don’t get me started about Eve’s customization, which is something that keeps you quite interested and gripped on the side. There are outfits like the Bunny Suit that spice things up if need be, along with the NSFW Skin Suit that got a ton of attention during its playable demo. On the flip side, Eve can be fully covered up as well and still look dashing—a matter of perspective here.

All things considered, the customization options are much appreciated. 

Novel Enemy Design

Stellar Blade takes place in an intricately crafted post-apoclayptic setting | Image Source: IGDB
Stellar Blade’s Bosses Are Not Your Average Foes | Source: PlayStation 

Another major point that has me sold on the game’s quality is the vast enemy variety it incorporates, so you never feel as if things are getting a tad too repetitive around here. That, along with the enemy design itself is something to marvel at, I’ll tell you. The Naytiba are vicious creatures, but you can’t avert appreciating the way they look, behave, and respond. It’s a solid 10/10 effort from Shift Up. 

What Stellar Blade Could Improve Going Forward

As with every game I’m sure, Shift Up can look into making some enhancements to the game down the road, with the platforming being first and foremost on the list. But since this is a single-player game, other aspects, such as the characters feeling bland at times is pretty much beyond fixing, so you’ll have to live with that. 

The Platforming Is In Dire Need Of Some Work

By platforming, I mean the intricate, small movements that require specific positioning to interact with the environment. In addition, it means being able to have complete control over the character’s movement in tight spaces, so you don’t fall off a ledge or something, ending up in the protagonist’s death. 

Unluckily, Stellar Blade suffers heavily from this at the time of writing. 

Try jumping on a rope and landing it on the first go, and I’ll be convinced you’re a real pro because it can take some real getting used to before you’re able to avoid bloopers like that. A few quality-of-life adjustments, however, and I’m confident this hassle can be taken care of right away. 

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