Armored Core 6: Best Early Builds [What Parts To Use]

Dominate the Early game with my recommended Armored Core 6 Early Builds which includes stuff like VVC plasma rifle, Pile Bunker.

In Armored Core 6, your mech builds are constructed using a combination of various weapons and parts. As you progress through missions, more parts become available for purchase in the store, so I would suggest crafting together the following four best Armored Core 6 early builds in 2023. Lastly, I will also discuss with you what I used in my early game experience of AC6.

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Key Takeaways
  • The best early builds in Armored Core 6 are a combination of the best parts, weapons, and armor available early on in the game.
  • Bazookas are a must-have in any best Armored Core 6 early builds.
  • The Energy Weapon Powerhouse build in AC6 offers high damage and survivability.
  • It utilizes VVC plasma weapons and specific parts for mobility and energy management.
  • Melee Focused build emphasizes melee damage with MAT and Pile Bunker weapons.
  • The build balances melee and ranged weapons for effective close-quarters combat.
  • The Aerial Explosive Specialist build excels in aerial bombardment with missiles and grenades.
  • It maximizes hover times and agility while maintaining air superiority in AC6.

The Best Early Builds In Armored Core 6

Here is an overview of the best Armored Core 6 early builds and their parts you can use to dominate the early game stages: 

ComponentEnergy Weapon PowerhouseAerial Focused BuildMelee Focused Build
R-ArmVVC Plasma RifleHML launcherMAT Napalm
L-ArmVVC Plasma RifleDF grenade launcherPile Bunker
R-BackVVC Plasma Rifle launcherBML launcherVVC missile launcher
L-BackVVC Plasma Rifle launcherSongbirdsHI-32 Pulse Blade
HeadHD12 headHD12 headNosh 44e head
CoreDFBD8 coreVP40S coreCC2000 core
ArmsDFAR8 armsNosh 46E armsElta arms
LegsDF LG 8 legsVP424 legs42z legs
BoosterAlula 21e boosterAlula boosterABJ booster
GeneratorDFGN6 generatorVP20D generatorDFGN6 generator

1. Energy Weapon Powerhouse 

Energy Weapon Powerhouse armored core 6 early builds
Energy Weapon Powerhouse
Build Focus Descriptions
Strengths High damage, high survivability, easy to pilot, good mobility and energy management
Weapons VVC plasma rifle x2 (arms), VVC plasma missile launcher x2 (shoulders)
Parts HD12 head, DFBD8 core, DFAR8 arms, DF LG 8 legs, G2 P5 FCS, Alula 21e booster, DFGN6 generator
OS Tuning 2 chips in energy weapon output, optional chips in assault/terminal armor
Key Stats High health, damage mitigation, energy capacity, mobility
Role Reliable AOE energy damage, durable generalist build for early-game

Energy Weapon Powerhouse build focuses on high damage output and survivability while remaining easy to pilot. It utilizes area-of-effect energy weapons like the VVC plasma rifle and VVC plasma missile launcher to dish out reliable damage.

  • With the HD-12 head and DF-BD8 core, it has strong defensive stats and stagger resistance.
  • The DF-AR-8 arms, DF LG 8 legs, and ALULA 21E booster provide good mobility and load limit.
  • OS chip investments boost energy weapon damage.
  • A High-health pool combined with damage mitigations results in a durable brawling battle tank.

Energy Weapon Powerhouse build excels in the early game, capable of dominating through its balanced offense and defense.

2. Melee Focused Build

Melee Style build armored core 6 early builds
Melee Style build
Build Focus Descriptions
Strengths High-burst melee damage, fast mobility
Weapons MAT Napalm (right arm), PB Pile Bunker (left arm), VVC missile launcher (right shoulder), HI-32 Pulse Blade (left shoulder)
Parts Nosh 44e head, CC2000 core, Elta arms, 42z legs, ABJ booster, FC6 FCS, DFGN6 generator
OS Tuning 2 chips in melee drive control, direct hit modifier
Key Stats High melee damage, fast mobility
Role Lethal burst damage from melee combos, assassin playstyle

The melee-focused build utilizes high burst damage melee weapons like the MAT Napalm launcher and PB Pile Bunker to take down targets quickly. It uses ranged weapons like the VVC missile launcher and HI-32 Pulse Blade to supplement the melee strikes.

  • With parts like the ELTA arms and ABJ booster, it has boosted melee attack speed and damage.
  • OS chip investments further increase its devastating melee potential.
  • The fast and agile 42Z legs allow it to nimbly move in for the kill.

By closing the distance rapidly and timing its short-range attacks, melee-focused build can string together lethal melee combos to burst down foes. The result is a relentless close-quarters assassin that excels at hitting hard and fast.

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3. Aerial Focused Build

early builds Aerial Focus armored core 6
Aerial Focused Build
Build Focus Descriptions
Strengths Aerial bombardment, long hover times, agility
Weapons HML launcher, DF grenade launcher (arms), BML launcher, Songbirds (shoulders)
Parts HD12 head, VP40S core, Nosh 46E arms, VP424 legs, Alula booster, FCS G2, VP20D generator
OS Tuning Explosive weapons fuse control
Key Stats High energy capacity, strong explosives
Role Rain destruction from the skies excels vs. large targets

Aerial-focused build specializes in raining destruction from above. With long-range explosives like the HML launcher and Songbirds grenade cannon equipped, it bombards targets with homing missiles and grenades.

  • Parts like the VP424 legs and ALULA booster enable extended hover times.
  • The high energy capacity from generators like the VP20D sustains its flight while FCS and OS chip investments improve projectile tracking and damage.
  • Agile movement helps evade ground assaults as it hovers overhead.
  • Aerial-focused build excels at maintaining air superiority, avoiding enemy fire while unleashing its overwhelming ordnance.

The result is utter annihilation from above, ideally suited for demolishing even the largest threats while remaining untouchable in the skies.

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Build That I Used

early builds Head armored core 6

Here is the early Armored Core 6 build that I used, summarized in a table:

Component Recommendation Key Stats
R-Arm Bazooka, Assault Rifle Bazooka: Very high damage, long range. Assault rifle: Faster fire rate, medium range.
L-Arm Bazooka Very high damage, stun locking capability.
R-Back BML-G1 missile launcher Attack Power 244 x 2, Impact 150 x 2, Weight 1900.
L-Back SI-24 Pulse Shield Attack Power 122 x 4, Impact 76 x 4, Defensive Performance 1063.
Head HC-2000 Finder eye Light energy footprint
Arms AC-2000 Tool Arm 1990 AP
Legs 2C-2000 Crawler 3650 AP
Generator Ling Tai, VP220, JOSO Fast recharge allows hover firing. The Downside is reduced dash distance.

To start with the right arm, a bazooka provides very high damage per shot at long range, while an assault rifle gives a faster fire rate at medium range. The left arm should be a bazooka for its extremely high damage and ability to stun-lock enemies.

  • For the right back, the BML-G1 missile launcher has excellent attack power and impact.
  • The left-back should be the SI-24 Pulse Shield for its strong defensive capabilities.
  • The HC-2000 Finder eye is a good head option for its light energy usage.
  • AC-2000 Tool Arms provide good durability for the arm slots.
  • 2C-2000 Crawler legs give very high armor points for the legs.
  • For the generator, Ling Tai, VP220, or JOSO offer fast recharge rates to enable hover firing, although the dash distance is reduced.

Overall, it provides a powerful mix of ranged firepower and defense for dominating early-game enemies. The long-range bazookas and missiles allow destroying foes before they get close, while the Pulse Shield provides protection when they do.

This is it from my side. I hope these above four Armored Core 6 early builds will help you dominate AC6 early gameplay. Feel free to check out our take on Armored Core 6: Decision Missions and Armored Core 6: How To Use The Assault Armor.

Image credits: Kibbles Gaming and Boomstick Gaming.


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