Baldur’s Gate 3: Rune Of The Wolf [Location & Use]

Learn everything there is about the Rune of the Wolf and the secret vault containing it in Baldur's Gate 3.

The Rune of the Wolf is a unique quest item in Baldur’s Gate 3 that opens the way to hidden treasures. This mystical rune stone is needed to unlock a secret vault deep within the Druid Grove. Obtaining the rune of the wolf and using it to reveal the concealed staircase takes some work, but the rewards inside the vault make it worthwhile for adventurers. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Rune of the Wolf unlocks an ancient vault with druid treasures in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Inserting the rune of the wolf into a pedestal socket and activating others opens the passage.
  • There are three main methods to obtain the rune:
    1. Completing druid quests diplomatically.
    2. Stealing and pickpocketing it.
    3. Or killing the NPC who has it.

What Is The Rune Of The Wolf In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur's Gate 3 rune of the wolf Rune of the Wolf
Rune of the Wolf

The Rune of the Wolf is an ancient carved stone tablet etched with the image of a wolf’s head. This mystical rune stone dates back to the time of the druids and is essential for unlocking their hidden vault in Baldur’s Gate 3. The rune fits into an empty pedestal socket near a large wolf statue in the Enclave Library.

Inserting the rune of the wolf into this pedestal and activating the others will make the statue lower to reveal the secret passage. This unique quest item uncovers the way forward and pays homage to the druids’ deep connection to wolves and nature.

Obtaining The Rune Of The Wolf

The rune of the wolf is held by an NPC named Rath within the Druid Grove. In my experience there are three main ways to get the rune from Rath:

Completing The Druid Grove Questline

This is the most peaceful approach to acquiring the rune and involves assisting the residents of Druid Grove.

  1. First, complete the quest to help the tiefling refugees safely evacuate the grove. This earns favor with the druids.
  2. Next, rescue Halsin, the archdruid, from the goblin camp.
  3. After freeing Halsin, return with him to Druid Grove. The druids will be grateful for the safe return of their leader.
  4. Speak to Rath and explain you rescued Halsin since you helped the Grove residents in their time of need.
  5. Rath will reward you with the Rune of the Wolf.

Pickpocketing Rath

Baldur's Gate 3 rune of the wolf Pickpocketing Rath
Pickpocketing Rath

You can attempt to steal the rune directly from Rath. This avoids any conflict but requires finesse and luck.

  1. First, sneak up on Rath stealthily without being detected. You’ll need a character with high Sleight of Hand skills.
  2. Initiate the Pickpocket action on Rath and select the Rune of the Wolf from his inventory to steal it.
  3. If your Pickpocket attempt fails, Rath will become hostile and attack. 
  4. If successful, sneak away safely with the rune in your possession without Rath noticing.

Killing Rath

Baldur's Gate 3 rune of the wolf Rath

For a direct approach, you can slay Rath in combat and loot the rune from his remains.

  1. Initiate combat with Rath through dialogue or attack. He will fight back, so be prepared.
  2. Once you defeat Rath, loot the Rune of the Wolf from his corpse.
  3. Killing Rath turns all the denizens of the Druid Grove hostile toward you, so expect heavy resistance.

Using The Rune Of The Wolf

Once you have obtained the rune of the wolf, it can be utilized to unlock access to the hidden druid vault. Follow these steps:

Locating The Wolf Statue

  1. Make your way to the Druid Grove region and enter Emerald Grove in the northern central part.
Baldur's Gate 3 rune of the wolf Emerald Grove
Emerald Grove
  1. Head into the Enclave Library, a large circular room with bookshelves and a towering stone wolf sculpture.
  2. Examine the wolf statue, and you’ll notice 4 magical pedestals surrounding it in each cardinal direction.

Placing The Rune In The Empty Socket

Baldur's Gate 3 rune of the wolf Empty Socket
Empty Socket

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can place the rune in the empty socket:

  1. Study the 4 pedestals, and you’ll see one on the eastern side has an empty socket.
  2. Open your inventory and pick the Wolf quest item.
  3. Left-click and drag the Rune of the Wolf from your inventory to the empty socket pedestal.
  4. The rune should now be placed, fitting perfectly into the available slot.

Activating The Pedestals

Baldur's Gate 3 rune of the wolf Interact With Remaining Pedestals
Interact With Remaining Pedestals

Here is how you can activate the pedals in BG3:

  1. With the Rune of the Wolf equipped in its socket, interact with each of the 3 other pedestals.
  2. Press the action button when highlighting the pedestals to activate their ancient magic.
  3. This will cause the giant stone wolf statue to lower into the ground.

Once you’ve placed the special Rune of the Wolf and activated the other 3 pedestals, the wolf statue will lower to uncover a spiral staircase leading down below the library into a secret vault.

Follow The Secret Staircase

Baldur's Gate 3 rune of the wolf Hidden Staircase
Hidden Staircase

After using the Rune of the Wolf in the pedestal socket and activating the other pedestals, the giant wolf statue in the Enclave Library will lower into the ground, revealing a hidden staircase below. This spiral staircase leads down under the library to a previously concealed area.

  • At the bottom of the staircase, you’ll come to a sealed stone door barring entry into the vault.
  • Look for a way to open the door, either a mechanism or forcing it open.

Once you get past the stone door at the bottom of the staircase, you’ll gain access to the long-forgotten vault of the druids. This buried chamber contains many treasures and powerful relics awaiting discovery inside.

Looting The Hidden Vault

Baldur's Gate 3 rune of the wolf Sorrow Glaive
Sorrow Glaive

After using the Rune of the Wolf and gaining access to the buried druid vault, you can loot many powerful treasures inside, including:

  • The Sorrow Glaive: This unique two-handed melee weapon rests on the central table. The Sorrow glaive grants the Ensnaring Strike ability, which can immobilize foes.
  • Robe of Summer: Also found on the main table, this rare druidic garment provides resistance to cold damage.
  • Chests and Containers: Search the chamber to uncover locked chests, coffers, vases, and other containers holding valuables. Use Alt to highlight interactive objects.
  • Scrolls, Potions, and Relics: The various containers in the vault contain scrolls imbued with spells, potions and elixirs, druidic relics, ingredients, gold, and other special loot.
  • Equipment and Consumables: Loot any and all equipment, weapons, armor, and consumable items found within the secret vault. Stock up on supplies.

By using the rune of the wolf to access this buried vault, you can outfit your party with rare armaments and magic items. But explore and loot swiftly before the vault’s guardians react.

My Thoughts On The Rune Of The WolfFi

The Rune of the Wolf is one of the default items I naturally gravitate towards in Act 1 every time I start a new campaign. It requires little to no combat and gives you some decent loot right off the bat. Granted, you may need to reload a couple of saves if you are down on luck, but trust me, it’s worth it in the long run.

My updated hours on Baldur’s Gate 3

The loot you’ll get from it will put Shadowheart a bit ahead of the curve if you’re using her melee build or even increase Astarion’s damage very early on. However, if you do get caught, just reload. It is not worth it to fight off all of the NPCs.

And that wraps up this guide on finding and utilizing the Rune of the Wolf in Baldur’s Gate 3! The buried treasures of the druid vault await but tread carefully in how you acquire their sacred rune key. Consider the consequences and rewards of each approach. For now, this marks the end of this guide – may your adventures in securing the rune of the wolf be met with success, no matter the method you choose.


Images Credit: Baldur’s Gate 3 Guides & Cutscenes

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