BEST Overwatch 2 Tips & Tricks [Top 15]

In this article we enlisted 15 BEST Tips and Tricks for Overwatch 2 fans to win the game

Overwatch 2 can be overwhelming for players new to the series, as there are 30 heroes, each with unique abilities and skills. That is why we have made a list of 15 BEST Tips and Tricks that are very useful for Overwatch 2 players.

Key Takeaways
  • Overwatch 2 is a highly competitive game, with a huge playerbase it can get overwhelming to constantly improve.
  • However, keeping some great tips in mind you can excel in almost every game.
  • Some of the best tips in Overwatch 2 include: 
    • Using the practice range.
    • Don’t rush.
    • Communicate with your team.
    • Pay attention to the minimap.
    • Use healing abilities.
    • Use your character’s abilities strategically.
    • Learn from your mistakes.

There are different heroes, and you should try every one of them to see which one you like the most. Not only that, there are several things that players must know to succeed in Overwatch 2.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the best tips to keep in mind while playing Overwatch 2:

Tips and TricksDescription
Practice RangePractice in the practice range to learn character abilities and familiarize yourself with their playstyle.
Don't RushAvoid charging into the enemy lines without a plan; balance caution before aggression.
CharactersExperiment with various heroes to find the one that suits your playstyle best.
ObjectivesPrioritize objectives over eliminating other players to win matches.
Wait In The QueueWait for your preferred character type rather than quickly selecting a support character.
SettingsCustomize game settings, controls, HUD, and crosshair to suit your preferences.
TeamworkCoordinate and fight as a team, as teamwork is essential for success.
CommunicationUse in-game or 3rd-party voice chat or text chat to communicate with your team.
Mute Annoying PlayersMute disruptive players to maintain focus and enjoy the game with sensible teammates.
ChallengesPay attention to daily and weekly challenges to level up quickly and unlock rewards.
Use Natural CoversUtilize natural covers and high ground to protect yourself and damage enemies.
Don't Waste CooldownsSave cooldown abilities for when they are most needed, and avoid wasting them.
You Can't Save EveryoneAccept that you can't save every teammate and prioritize efforts that benefit the team.
Weapon AccuracyFocus on dealing damage rather than weapon accuracy, as even slight damage can be valuable.
Switch Heroes Mid MatchTake advantage of the ability to switch heroes mid-match to adapt to changing situations.

Utilize Practice Range

Even if you are waiting for the game or you want to be better at the game, always jump into the practice range. It has robots that have slow movements, and you can practice with your favorite character and learn its abilities. Moreover, it is sort of important, especially for new players and those too who are making a comeback to the game.

Practice Range
Practice Range in Overwatch 2

However, you should know that it doesn’t check much of your abilities, but still, it tells you how you can play with your character. Not only that, you will be able to see how their power functions work and which will give you an idea of how to utilize that character. Keep in mind playing with a character that you haven’t first tried in practice range might be dangerous.

Don’t Rush

Most new players always charge into the enemy lines quickly without thinking about the consequences. Remember that you should be alive to win the game and always keep track of your enemies. Though sometimes it is wise to rush and take all the enemies in one go, it usually has a lot of risks attached to it. Even if you charge to kill the enemies, always fall back when you are about to die and regroup.

However, you should plan in a way that you may kill the most enemies and be a useful player in the team. Moreover, if you always run away from the enemies and return to a safe area, then you won’t be able to take down opponents. That is why you must keep the balance and play with smart strategies.

Try All The Characters

Overwatch has excellent characters, and each character has unique skills which are useful for the team. That is why it would be fair to play with all the characters in practice range or even in real matches. Moreover, it won’t take much of your time to get used to the character’s skill set and damage techniques.

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 Game Characters

We would suggest that you should try the character first in the practice range and then test them in real matches. Moreover, as more you play with certain characters, the more you will be familiar with their skills and abilities; therefore, it will give you an advantage, too, in the real match. However, you should do with the characters of every section.   

Play According To The Objectives

Even though this might seem an obvious tip, many players still forget their main objective. Some fans would go on a killing streak and which doesn’t sometimes play any role in the winning. Remember that if your objective is to push the robot toward the base, you should do that first.

Also, killing only people and forgetting that you are fighting over a control point will also cause you a lot. That is why you must keep the mission’s objective in mind while playing and take the steps accordingly; otherwise, your hard work will go in vain.

Wait In The Queue

As most Overwatch 2 fans would be aware of the fact that now you have to wait in a queue to get your favorite category of character, whether it’s a tank character or damage, you should wait in line to get these.

Moreover, support characters are fairly easy to get, and you would get anxious and select them quickly, but you should wait in queue for Tank or Damage characters. Also, it is worth trying other interesting characters in Overwatch which is why you shouldn’t be afraid to wait in queue for a while.

Make Changes In The Settings According To Your Needs

Like most FPS games, you also have great options to set the settings according to what works best for you. Players can make changes in Controls and HUD, and not only that, and you can make changes in crosshair too. Furthermore, Blizzard has already added default settings in-game; however, it won’t be comfortable for everyone.

Game Settings

That is why you can try making changes in settings and spend some time figuring out what is best for you. Moreover, Overwatch 2 gives the option of the practice range, so utilize that to see where you can play more effectively. Players can always turn down the graphics to get more frame rate, which will help them perform better in real matches.


Most people like to play alone and rush toward their opponents alone, which causes them to defeat. That is why while playing in a team, you should work together and fight the enemies in the group, not alone. Teamwork is the key while winning the game and fighting foes together. Moreover, even if any of hero falls down, you should help him to survive.

Not only that but if the whole team dies, then regroup and plan the strategy together. Spawning and finishing the objective alone would not be a wise move. Instead, regroup and use the abilities of individual characters to your advantage in order to win the mission.

Communicate With Your Teammates

Most players don’t like to do voice chat, which is fine but know that communication plays an important role in winning the match. Even don’t want to voice chat, you can go with typing if you are more comfortable with it.

Communicate with team members in Overwatch 2

Communicating with your allies will help you plan and strategize the game to win the match. Not only that, but if you are playing with experienced players in Overwatch 2, you will learn great tips and tricks too about the game. Fortunately, in Overwatch 2, you can trigger callouts such as Location of Enemies, request for healing, and fallback prompts; these help a lot in surviving and winning the game.

Mute Annoying Players

While it is great playing with experienced and sensible players, there are annoying players too in the game that you must avoid. Talking to those irrational players will disturb your gameplay and nothing else. Not only that, most annoying players abuse the chat and trash talk the whole time. That is why you must mute those disruptive players and enjoy the gameplay by talking to the sensible players only.

Daily And Weekly Challenges

Battle Pass is such an important feature of Overwatch 2, and players would need to spend some time looking after Daily and Weekly challenges. These challenges are essential in order to progress in the game and unlock great characters such as Kiriko and Mythic Genji skin. That is why you should spend a sufficient amount of your time focusing on these challenges, and it will help you to level up quickly.

Overwatch 2
Daily and Weekly Challenges in the Game

Use Natural Covers

Players often use Tank resources and not natural covers in the game just because they feel convenient using them. However, that approach is not useful for your team as you might be wasting the Tank resources.

That is why you must utilize Natural covers where you can, and it also helps when you don’t have a shield. The best thing is to use the high ground as natural cover; you would defend yourself and damage enemies too.    

Don’t Waste Cooldowns

Remember to save cooldowns when you would need them most. New players often waste their cooldowns, even when they don’t much need it. A better approach would be to save the cooldowns for the future when you would have no choice but to use them cooldowns. This is one of the most useful tips and tricks that players often ignore in Overwatch 2. 

You Can’t Save Everyone

One of the tempting feelings is when you see someone dying, and you want to save them, but you can’t. However, you can’t save everyone, and if you try, you will lose your life too. Offering your life to save someone who can’t be saved would make your team lose. Not everyone can be saved, so see where your efforts will be fruitful for the team.

Weapon Accuracy

Don’t worry much about the accuracy of your weapons; even if you do slight damage, it would still be good. Not only that, sometimes it is okay to play with heroes who have small magazines or take a long time to reload. So just aim for the players and try to damage them; maybe you will be lucky enough to kill them.

Switch Heroes Mid Match

This is a special feature of Overwatch 2, and you won’t see it in other games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant. Overwatch gives you the ability to switch heroes in mid-match. Just like if you are playing with the reaper and want to change to the character that fits the situation more, then you should do it.

That is because Reaper is a great character while playing in close areas. However, he won’t perform well in the open are, so you should switch to the player who will perform better. Moreover, be flexible with your heroes and try out characters in the practice range before knowing about their abilities in detail.

Before leaving our page, consider checking this video out & learn about the overall changes from the first Overwatch to Overwatch 2:


Knowing tips and tricks about Overwatch 2 will give you a significant advantage over other players. You would already know what to do and what you should be most careful about. Not only that, but sometimes players are unaware of the game’s existing features. This article has mentioned all the best tips for Overwatch fans, which will help you win real matches.

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