COD MW2: Best Lachmann-762 Loadout & Class

Learn about the Best Lachmann-762 class setups and class load-outs for close range and mid range depending on your playstyle

The Lachmann-762 is slowly becoming the meta gun in Modern Warfare 2 as all mainstream and top players of the game use it. Its incredible firepower and one-shot head kill are what attracted the players to unlock it and use it in-game. We are going to help you find the best Lachmann-762 loadout builds in Modern Warfare 2.

Key Takeaways
  • There are two loadouts of Lachmann-762 that players can go for, one is aggressive, and the other is for long-range.
  • The Attachments for the aggressive Lachmann-762 build are Polarfire Suppressor, 15.9” Lachmann Rapp Barrel, Cronen Mini Red Dot Sight, Meer Recoil 56 Factory Stock, and LMK64 Grip.
  • The secondary weapon will be the Lachmann SubFor perks, you will be using Overkill, Scavenger, Quick Fix, and Ghost.
  • Use Flash Grenades as Tactical Equipment and Semtex as Lethal Equipment.
  • The Attachments for the long-range Lachmann-762 build are 15.9” Lachmann Rapp Barrel, Polarfire-S, SZ Lonewolf Optic, Meer Recoil 56 Factory Stock, and Lachmann TCG-10 Grip.
  • For Secondary, use MX9 SMG with Bruen Q900 Grip, 32-Round Mag, FTAC C11 Riser, Bruen STB 556 Stock, and EXF Solarfire laser.
  • Use Battle-hardened, Overkill, Quick Fix, and Ghost as your perks.
  • Either use Claymore or a Throwing Knife as Lethal Equipment and for Tactical Equipment use Heartbeat Sensor.

Best Lachmann-762 Class Setup

 Lachmann-762 Class Setup In Modern Warfare 2
COD Modern Warfare 2: Lachmann-762 Class Setup – [Image credit: eXputer]
Like all weapons in Modern Warfare 2, the Lachmann-762 class setup has many attachments that you can choose between to make some features of the gun better. The features might include either the handling of the weapon or recoil and mobility. You might think it would be easy to just choose a certain attachment and run with it but that wouldn’t be a smart decision. 

You have to carefully pick the attachments that fit the Lachmann-762 loadout build the best. Unlocking attachments can be really time-consuming but it can give you first-hand knowledge about the gun. You might get frustrated choosing between different Lachmann-762 Loadout builds in Modern Warfare 2 and testing them. But don’t worry cause we’ll help make the best Lachman 762 loadout builds for your own playstyle. 

Lachmann-762 Aggressive Loadout  

Lachmann-762 Loadout 1 In Modern Warfare
COD Modern Warfare 2: Lachmann-762 Loadout 1 – [Image credit: eXputer]
The Lachmann-762 is an Assault Rifle in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with a very slow fire rate but incredible bullet velocity and power. It is currently the meta gun because of its one-tapping capabilities in multiplayer. It is easy to learn and one can understand the fire pattern if they have the right attachments and in-game experience with the weapon.

Our Lachmann-762 Loadout in Modern Warfare 2 is for close to mid-range combat where you can be one-tapping enemies left to right. When you connect the attachments to the weapon it can become a fast-moving one-tap machine. Most of the attachments will help increase mobility and handling so you can rush enemies and escape difficult combat situations easily.  


Lachmann-762 Loadout 1 Attachments In Modern Warfare 2
COD Modern Warfare 2: Lachmann-762 Loadout 1 Attachments – [Image credit: eXputer]
BarrelMuzzleRear GripStockOptic
15.9” Lachmann Rapp BarrelPolarfire-SLMK64 GripMeer Recoil 56 Factory StockCronen Mini Red Dot

For the weapon to reach its max potential it requires the right attachments. So you need to be careful when picking the attachments for your gun or you might feel held back when using it. The gun primarily focuses on rushing camping enemies and killing them within a second and repositioning yourself. The attachments required for making the best Lachmann 762 loadout build are:


For the muzzle, you’ll be choosing the good old Polarfire Suppressor. It provides excellent sound suppression and you won’t be seen on the map while firing it. As the sound is low enemies have to be really close to you for them to track you down via sound. It also gives maximum range and bullet velocity at the expense of some stability but you can barely feel it.


A 15.9” Lachmann Rapp Barrel is what you attach to help get those one-shot heads giving the weapon an amazing range and firepower. Mostly it gives it the recoil control required to better control the weapon. It is really necessary since without it the gun has a terrible recoil which makes it hard to hit the enemy. The bullet velocity is also heavily increased which is why it works great with the Polarfire suppressor. 


The best optic you can attach is the Cronen Mini Red Dot. It provides a much clearer vision and helps zoom in x1 which isn’t much but that is what we need. Close-range combats would be difficult because if you’re too zoomed in you might miss those crucial headshots. Tracking enemies mid-range is easier with the Red Dot because the dot does not block the enemy’s body and you can aim at their heads. 


The stock is going to be the Meer Recoil 56 Factory Stock. The Lachmann-762 build requires to have stock because the gun needs a nudge in its recoil. You will be able to laser your opponents with the attachment on because it also provides a stable aim. You would need that because whilst rushing your aim can get thrown if you are running the automatic bullet feature. 

Rear Grip

Last but definitely not least, you have the LMK64 grip. An amazing addition to the weapon that improves upon the handling of the weapon. It is a smooth and adept grip specifically designed for CQB situations. The Lachmann-762 is drawn out really late so the grip helps improve that and Aim Down Sight Speed so you can get into battle much quicker. 

Secondary Weapon 

The Lachmann-762 class setup will have the Overkill perk, It allows you to carry two weapons at the same time. That is why we are going to be pairing it up with a weapon that is in its own weapon family. It is the Lachmann Sub which is basically an SMG that handles close combat situations effectively. With the help of it, you can rush your opponents and not think twice.

Secondary Weapon Attachments:

BarrelUnderbarrelMagazineRear Grip
FTAC M-SUB 12”FSS Sharkfin 9050-Round MagazineLM Cronus Grip

The Lachmann-762 is a great gun on its own until it runs out of ammo. A gun like Lachmann Sub can get you out of that situation while giving you the kill. The following attachments can help max out the abilities of the Lachmann Sub and are easy to unlock. 

A good choice of a barrel for the SMG is the FTAC M-SUB 12″. It helps the Hipfire of the gun to be more accurate and increases the damage range of the SMG while giving your rounds incredible bullet velocity.

You will be using the FFS Sharkfin 90 as the Underbarrel and it is by far the best under barrel you can use for the SMG. Long-range fighting is aided by the Underbarrel because it stabilizes recoil and improves aim. The barrel’s improved accuracy is a benefit that comes with it.

A large magazine such as the 50-Round Drum is required to get as much ammo as possible since the gun has a quick fire rate. Lastly using a rear grip like the LM Cronus Grip gives the rifle some weight. The Grip’s purpose is to improve the weapon’s stability and accuracy. So you’ll always have the necessary precision while ADSing to hit your opponent in the head.


In Modern Warfare 2, Perks are just incredible additions to gameplay. They add much-needed help to go forward with your plan and execute them. The abilities required for the aggressive playstyle The Lachmann-762 class setups have will be discussed onwards. The perks will give you the upper hand over the enemy since you are also carrying an overpowered loadout.

Base Perks

Overkill and Scavenger will be included in the base perks. Thanks to Overkill, you are authorized to carry two primary weapons. It implies that you can now carry an SMG or a Sniper Rifle on hand instead of a pistol as a secondary weapon. But in the Lachmann-762 class setup, you will be adding the Lachmann Sub as previously discussed, and bringing hell down the battlefield. 

Scavenger Perk will be the second base perk. Call it grave robbing but the perk sure comes in handy when you are out of ammo. When you’re almost out of ammo and need more the simple solution is the get a kill. When you kill the enemy you will be able to look out for some ammo and equipment like knives from dead bodies. It works on each kill you get so do not worry.

Bonus Perks

It can be a huge pain to get your health decreased when you get hit by the enemy. Normally when you kill it takes a good 8 to 10 seconds to fully heal and get into a fight. Those seconds can be the mere difference between winning and losing. So we use the Quick Fix perk that helps to recover your health to full almost immediately after you get a kill. 

You can also use the Fast Hands as the bonus perk. The fast switch of the weapon and the short reload time it gives make all the difference. It compliments your strategy with the Lachmann Loadout build well as you intend to rush the opponent and eliminate foes as quickly as possible. If the opponent manages to deplete your health and your run out of ammo you can switch weapons middle of the battle to get the upper hand. 

Ultimate Perk

For the ultimate perk, you should be going for the Ghost. It is an amazing choice for the ultimate perk as you now become invisible to your enemy. Well, not literally but the enemy will not be able to detect you. Whether they are using UAVs or Heartbeat sensors it will not matter since you are completely and safely off the radar. Be careful though since it’s not effective against advanced UAVs.


As previously stated, your strategy is to simply rush individuals and get them out as soon as we can. For the plan to be successful, you’ll also need the appropriate tools. The Flash Grenade and Semtex combination would be the greatest move for the current play. Your flash grenade can disrupt the enemy’s strategy since it will render them blind and disoriented. 

They will become totally unpredictable as a result, sprouting up everywhere. You take advantage of it to ambush them from behind. Going from the back will assist them to avoid their sporadic fire and make them more readily killable. In situations where several opponents are pursuing you at once, it is also employed to make rapid escapes.

The greatest piece of gear you could utilize in the Lachmann-762 class setup is Semtex, if not the finest. In essence, it is a sticky grenade that may be launched toward the opposition. If stuck, the adversary is immediately eliminated, giving you the Victory. Additionally, because of its wide dispersion, if a squad is camped in one area, they will all sustain significant damage.

Field Upgrade

When you use field upgrades in a game they present you with either equipment or abilities that help to make better plays. One of if not the best field upgrades is the Dead Silence. Its ability to completely silence your steps helps to surprise attack the enemy. They would not have a single clue as to what will happen to them and they succumb to you. 

Lachmann-762 Low Recoil Loadout  

Lachmann 762 Loadout Build 2 In Modern Warfare
COD Modern Warfare 2: Lachmann-762 – [Image credit: eXputer]
When compared to the previous Lachmann Loadout build, this one has a significantly better recoil. The increased recoil control makes it a middle to long-range weapon. It packs an incredible punch when fired with improved firepower and fire range. The bullet velocity of the weapon makes it so that you can overpower any enemy at any range. 

The only drawback of the weapon is the reduction of handling and mobility. It is where it differs from the Lachmann Loadout Build 1. You shouldn’t worry since your strategy is changed when talking about the loadout. Your strategy now becomes to hold points and camp. Since the gun can basically overpower any weapon at the long-range you use it to your advantage to win games.


Lachnamann-762 Loadout 2 Attachments
COD Modern Warfare 2: Lachmann-762 Attachments – [Image credit: eXputer]
BarrelMuzzleRear GripStockOptic
15.9” Lachmann Rapp BarrelPolarfire-SLachmann TCG-10Meer Recoil 56 Factory StockSZZ Lonewolf Optic

As said before, you should not be focused on the mobility of the weapon while selecting the attachments. You will be going for the recoil control and damage range-improving attachments. 

Your strategy requires you to have better accuracy at long ranges so that you can hit those one-tap headshots at farther away ranges. Like before we will tell you the right attachments for the strategy. Unlocking the attachments can be tough but once you do, it will be worth your while. 


You will again be going for the 15.9” Lachmann Rapp Barrel. But when it is combined with the rest of the attachments it provides a much better kick and makes it a run for its money. You will be able to precise and accurate shots without wasting any bullets from the magazine. The majority of the improvement is in the recoil control and damage range provided by the attachment. 


The suppressor in the Modern Warfare 2 Lachmann-762 loadout will be the Polarfire-S which is the best sound suppressor for the weapon. It differs from the standard Polarfire suppressor with its recoil control capabilities. It gives off better bullet velocity to hit projectiles farther away. The combination of the muzzle and barrel is what gives that long-range weapon title as the damage range is increased exponentially. 


The recommended attachment for the weapon is The SZ Lonewolf Optic. The sight when you Aim Down Sight the optic is much clearer as it is a holographic optic. It gives off a much better precision with zooming in too much and distorting the image. Getting an optic with more magnification will come with the drawback of reduced ADS speed which we don’t need.


Getting a stock for the weapon is tough because there are so many good stock attachments the weapon lets you pick. You should go for the Meer Recoil 56 Factory Stock since it is the best option in the whole category. It will give a much better recoil control over the weapon making so you hit your target more accurately. The recoil of the gun is a lot so it takes time to max out recoil control. 

Rear Grip 

Finally, the rear grip attachment that will be used is the Lachmann TCG-10. It is the part that makes the weapon a “no recoil” gun. One tapping people in the head will be easier as there is no kickback anymore to hold you back. It is the final step that is required to make the Lachmann-762 build an absolute beast of a gun. 

Secondary Weapon 

We will be using the Overkill perk again but this time the primary weapon will be the MX9 SMG. It is the possible choice for the Lachmann-762 class setup because of its efficiency in close-ranged combats. It is one of the best guns you can possibly employ in close-quarters combat because of its exceptional handling abilities. 

Secondary Weapon Attachments:

StockUnderbarrelMagazineRear GripLaser
Bruen STB 556 StockFTAC C11 Riser32-Round MagazineBruen Q900 GripEXF Solarfire Laser

We are again going to provide you with the attachments to make the MX9 a suitable option for the Lachmann-762 class setup. You should choose the Bruen Q900 Grip for the rear grip since it provides you excellent sprint-to-fire speed. It may be used to attempt the most difficult gunning whilst running kills. The grip might provide you with a slight boost in stability and help you land those precise headshots.

The 32-Round Mag is all you need to swiftly rack up a lot of kills. It enables you to handle the rifle with incredible mobility, which will make you very swift and nimble to outwit the opposition. The FTAC C11 RISER is an attachment that will increase your mobility. The comb enhances the movement and handling of your weapon making it easier to rush your opponents when needed.

You’ll be utilizing the Bruen STB 556 Stock as the stock. It gives you an incredible increase in recoil control, and we’re talking about a significant increase here. As the last attachment, you’ll aim for the EXF Solarflare laser. It will greatly improve weapon handling and sprint-to-shoot speed. You’ll be able to hit the target more precisely with the aid of the laser. 


The perks used in the Lachmann-762 Long-ranged build will be a little different. You have to choose the perks according to the in-game strategy which for you will be camping. The perks you might need will be explained ahead. 

Base Perks 

For the base perks, you have to go for both Battle-hardened and Overkill perks. The overkill perk is necessary at this point because you do need the aid of your MX9. You can carry other weapons like M4 or meta ARs like M16 but the SMG is the best option for the Lachmann-762 class setup. 

Battle-Hardened is an amazing perk to counter the professional COD players that keep throwing grenades at you from various locations. It can be tough to move from a spot when someone is bombing so it helps to counter against grenades like flash. You can bamboozle them and win the game.

Bonus Perks

For the bonus perk, you can go for the Quick Fix which is a healing factor ability you can use to treat whatever wounds your adversary may have left behind. Once your opponent is dead, Quick Fix will heal you. You may now heal yourself in the game, however, it only works after a certain amount of time passes without you receiving any damage. 

Ultimate Perk

The best option for the Lachmann-762 class setup is Ghost. A part of your strategy is to camp and if people scan you out they can rush you and destroy your base. You don’t want that to happen so that is why Ghost will be here to help you stay clear of all scanning features. The features include UAVs and Heartbeat sensors. 


When working with the Lachmann-762 class setup in Modern Warfare 2, it might be challenging to come up with the appropriate equipment. The Modern Warfare 2 Lachmann-762 long-range loadout needs a lot of camping and maintaining positions to be effective. Therefore, we may make use of tools like the Claymore and Throwing Knife to aid us in those challenging camping scenarios.

The Claymore is most effective when used when camping in a set location. By luring the adversaries to your position, you may somewhat alter the game’s strategy and have them get Claymore-ed when they get there! Another option is to just camp and maintain the claymore near the door, ensuring that if the adversary approaches you, he will be detonated. 

Well, the Throwing Knife isn’t technically a requirement but it is really fun to play with it in battles. What it does is when you throw it toward the enemy they are nearly eliminated. Yes, you read that right it is very damaging and works great to finish off enemies. It is hard to use but once you get it you can do amazing plays for clips in Call Of Duty

Field Upgrade 

The Trophy System is the best field improvement while in a camping position. It does so by saving your location by deflecting incoming projectiles like grenades. It is an amazing addition to the Lachmann-762 loadout in Modern Warfare 2. The majority of people undervalue and lack an understanding of the significance of a trophy system.

How To Unlock Lachmann-762

The Lachmann Weapon Tree
COD Modern Warfare 2: The Lachmann Weapon Tree – [Image credit: eXputer]
Unlocking guns in Call Of Duty can be a pain especially when you read the reviews of a gun or see it in gameplay and you love it. But when you go to unlock it there is a whole procedure and step-by-step tasks. You’re lucky that it is not the case for the Lachmann-762. 

The Lachmann-762 is the starting gun of the Lachmann weapon family tree. It branches out to weapons like the Lachmann-556 and more. You need to get up to level 28 on your account to unlock the Lachmann-762. The rest of the guns in the tree our further unlocked when you upgrade the Lachmann-762. You must be patient enough to go through the lengthy procedure.

All you have to do to acquire the gun is play around with other firearms until you accumulate enough experience points to level up. It can be entertaining doing all that. By winning increasingly more games or killing a number of opponents, you may earn XP points. Additionally, you might use XP boosters to speed up the upgrading process by increasing the amount of XP you receive. 

Pros And Cons Of Lachmann-762 

The Lachmann-762 is one of if not the best guns in the game. It is the meta gun according to public opinion but it does have its own advantages and disadvantages. But if you see it the right way, the advantages out weight the drawbacks of the weapon by a ton.

It has the potential to improve somewhat to become the ideal long-range weapon as well. The attachments make it a highly flexible choice weapon for both newcomers and seasoned players. Without the attachments, the gun can be a bit bland and slow. Players stop and judge it by its initial state. But once you upgrade the gun and add attachments it is an unstoppable force.

The drawback of the gun is its slow fire rate, heavy recoil, and being bad at point-blank ranges. But all of these are somewhat entirely solved and modified in our Lachmann-762 class setups. 

There is nothing much you can do about the fire rate but the firepower balances out the weapon. The recoil is completely fixed by the attachments previously mentioned. You can choose SMGs as secondary like the PDSW 528 and MX9 for point-blank kills. 

Final Words 

For a classy gun like the Lachmann-762, it is incredibly overpowered in the game. There are no current rumors that the gun might get nerfed so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s somewhat of a versatile gun with all the attachments you can choose and how any player can play it. Which loadout are you eager to construct now that you are familiar with every aspect of the weapon?


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