Crisis Core: Farming Fat Chocobo Feathers [BEST Ways]

Learn the best ways to farm fat Chocobo Feathers in Crisis Core Reunion

The Fat Chocobo Feather is an item in Crisis Core Reunion that is used in materia fusion. This item increases HP by 10 percent up to a maximum of 999 percent. That is why knowing how to farm Fat Chocobo Feathers is important in preparing for endgame content.

Key Highlights  
  • The Fat Chocobo Feather is used in Materia Fusions as it increases HP by 10 percent up to a maximum of 999 percent.
  • It can be farmed in Missions 9-2-6: Signs of Materia, 2-4-4: Excavation Site Survey, and 6-6-6: The Don’s Twilight.
  • In these missions, two Behemoth enemies will be encountered.
  • The strategy will be to use Steal or Mug materia to get Fat Chocobo Feathers off them.
  • Once these feathers have been attained, kill the Behemoths.
  • Now, repeat the process after completing the mission.

How To Farm Fat Chocobo Feathers

There are two enemies that allow you to farm the Fat Chocobo Feather. However, they all require the Steal or Mug materia. 

  • The Steal materia can be found in a chest in Mission 7-5-1: First Contact.
  • The Mug materia can be obtained by completing Mission 1-1-6: 1000 Shinra Troops.

Once you have these materia, you are now ready to farm Fat Chocobo Feathers.

Fat Chocobo Feather Crisis Core Reunion
The Fat Chocobo Feather In Materia Fusion | Image By eXputer

Jabberwock In Mission 9-2-6 And 2-4-4

Jabberwock is a Behemoth enemy found in both Mission 9-2-6: Signs of Materia and Mission 2-4-4: Excavation Site Survey. This enemy is extremely powerful, so we recommend that you break your damage limit before attempting this fight. Make sure to have the Silence materia as well.

In addition, having a decently high level is also recommended. Once that is done, you will use the Steal or Mug materia repeatedly to attain Fat Chocobo Feathers. After a while, you will stop attaining feathers. Now, kill the Jabberwock and keep repeating this process until you have attained the desired number of Fat Chocobo Feathers.

Also, keep a steady supply of Phoenix Downs ready. Once you defeat Jabberwock, it will use a Special Ability as a last resort to kill you. This can be lethal if you do not successfully interrupt it, so be prepared. Alternatively, you can use a Limit Break to cancel out that attack.

Humbaba In Mission 6-6-6

Humbaba is a Behemoth enemy found in Mission 6-6-6: The Don’s Twilight. Like its brethren, it is no pushover. It has many powerful casts that make it invulnerable to physical, magical, or all attacks. That is why it is imperative to have a Silence materia with you. It can be purchased from the Sector 5 Materia Shop for 1,000 Gil.

Other than that, if you have a high level, it should not be a problem for you. The method of farming here will be using Steal or Mug to attain Fat Chocobo Feathers. After attaining 3 feathers, kill Humbaba. Killing this enemy for the first time will reward you with 2 Fat Chocobo Feathers.

Like Jabberwock, Humbaba will also cast a Special Ability once it is about to die. We recommend having a Phoenix Down to avoid dying an unnecessary death, as interrupting this ability is a bit difficult. Alternatively, you can also use a Limit Break, provided you have one saved.


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And there you have it; with our guide on how to farm Fat Chocobo Feathers in Crisis Core Reunion, you will have no problems breaking your HP’s limits.

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