Diablo Immortal Ruins of Corvus: Event Timings & Rewards

This guide on the Ruins of Corvus in Diablo immortal gives you all the details about the requirements, timings, and rewards for the raid.

What is Ruins Of Corvus?

Previously the Ruins of Corvus was a zone event in Diablo III that has been again introduced in Diablo Immortal. However, Ruins of Corvus has become Raid Event rather than a Zone Event this time. A good example of a zone event in the game is the Demon Gates Event in Diablo Immortal.

Key Highlights
  • Ruins of Corvus in Diablo Immortal is a Raid event which includes a scenario where a group of players fights against another group which is followed by a boss fight.
  • You are allowed to participate in Ruins of Corvus, if you have a minimum of 8 players in your teams and every player must be immortal.
  • This event is always timed. The timings of the event on Monday, Wednesday and Friday is 20:00:00 – 20:30:00 server time.
  • The event is divided into three phases. You’ll get different rewards for clearing each phase. You’ll also get 10 Aspirant Keys as a reward for completing Ruins of Corvus.

Typically raid events include scenarios where a group of players fights against another group or multiple NPCs, followed by a challenging boss fight.

However, before you start considering participating in the Ruins of Corvus, a few requirements must be fulfilled beforehand. The details are as follows.

Requirements To Participate In Ruins Of Corvus

You must complete two conditions if you want to participate in the event.

  • A minimum of 8 players can participate.
  • Players must be Immortals (the raid Event is exclusive for Immortal players).

Now the first condition is relatively straightforward. Since this is a Raid Event, it makes sense that you need to have multiple players participate. The second condition restricts that all players must either be your clan members or allied clan members (all players must belong to an Immortal level clan). Now, if you have no idea how you can become an immortal or what that even means, here is a brief overview.

How To Become Immortal?

Immortal is a title given to members of the strongest clan in the sever. Here are the steps that you need to follow to accomplish this task.

  • Become a Shadow by winning the Shadow Lottery after reaching level 43. You can find out more about the shadows.
  • Becoming a Shadow will allow you to join or create a dark clan.
  • To create a Dark Clan, you must complete Akeba’s challenge given to you by The Unspoken (an NPC). After which, it will cost three thousand Platinum to create a Dark Clan.
  • Once you join or create a Dark Clan, you can participate in a Shadow War against other Dark Clans.
  • The top ten clans of the week will have access to the Rite of Exile, where your clan can challenge the server’s current immortal clan to become the new immortal clan.

As you can already see, becoming an immortal is not an easy feat, not only due to the elaborate process of forming a strong Dark Clan. Moreover, the sheer number of resources you need to level up your character due to the hidden caps in Diablo Immortal makes it astronomically challenging to become an Immortal.

Regardless, let’s move on to the other details of the event.

When can you Participate in Ruins Of Corvus?

In addition to being a raid event with multiple requirements, the Ruins of Corvus is also timed. This means that it is only available at specific times. As of now, here are the timings for the event.

The timings for Ruins of Corvus
Time slots for participating in Ruins of Corvus.
  • Monday 20:00:00 – 20:30:00 server time.
  • Wednesday 20:00:00 – 20:30:00 server time.
  • Friday 20:00:00 – 20:30:00 server time.

Now that you know the nature, requirements, and timings of the event, let’s cover the event’s details.

Diablo Immortal Ruins Of Corvus

After building much anticipation, you would expect that a timed raid event that requires at least eight of the most strong players on the server must be pretty challenging and well designed, and it should have some of the best rewards you can get in the game. Sadly, this is where the disappointment kicks in for the Ruins of Corvus in Diablo Immortal.

In the following paragraphs, you will see that after all the hype created so far, the game does not even try to live up to the expectations of the players. The whole event is divided into three phases; we shall cover each phase.

Phase 1

Part one for Runis of Corvus Raid
Phase one of the Ruins of Corvus in Diablo Immortal.

During the first part of the raid, the players are expected to follow an NPC known as the Supply Officer to a treasure chest. During this phase, there is no combat or fights. All you get is at least eight players following an NPC to a treasure chest.

Once at the treasure chest, the players have to wait for the supply officer to open the chest, which again includes nothing but idly watching him. When the treasure chest is open, the rewards pop out, and each player gets their share.

Phase 2

Part two fight for Runis of Corvus Raid
The phase two fight of the Ruins of Corvus in Diablo Immortal.

In phase two, you again follow the Supply officer to the second destination. When you follow the NPC, a small fight ensues where a few Nephalem Warriors are spawned in your path. These warriors have a health pool of around 3.7M to 245K health points, depending on the type of warrior.

However, when faced with eight immortal players, the fight would be over in a matter of one or two minutes. Once you defeat the warriors, you get a few rewards for clearing the second phase of the raid.

Part two for Runis of Corvus Raid
The phase two trivia of the Ruins of Corvus in Diablo Immortal.

After the fight is over, the Supply officer asks you a total of three questions from the lore behind the Diablo franchise. All party members are asked the same questions at the same time.

Although the questions can be tricky, the party chat is always accessible, so you can figure out the answer even if you don’t know. If a majority of players answer more questions correctly, then each party member gets a bonus reward.

Phase 3

Part three puzzle for Runis of Corvus Raid
The phase three puzzle of the Ruins of Corvus in Diablo Immortal.

After the trivia part, the NPC walks further to the next stop, where there is a mini-game for the party members. Essentially each player ranges themselves at a certain distance while interacting with the towers at the ends of the area.

This activates the tower in the middle and triggers another fight with Nephalem Warriors, just like the previous fight. The rewards after the fight are similar to those you received previously. The “raid” ends in a very anti-climactic fashion with the fight.


The rewards for completing Ruins of Corvus in Diablo Immortal, considering what happened in the raid, you won’t be expecting much. The most noticeable rewards are around ten Aspirant Keys in Diablo Immortal which are not that impressive.

Criticism From The Players on Ruins in Corvus

After the event, many players reported bugs and glitches in the raid. During the first phase of the raid, players complained about the Supply Officer getting bugged and not leaving the spawn area. Players have also reported wait times of five to forty minutes at the end of phase one when the NPC opens the chest.

Overall the event has been underwhelming and full of bugs and issues. Hopefully, the game developers have noticed this, and they will make steady improvements to the game.

That was all you needed to know about the Ruins of Corvus in Diablo Immortal. What are your impressions of the event? Have you tried it for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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