Diablo Immortal Aspirant’s Key: How To Buy, Farm & Use

A guide explaining every little detail about Aspirant's Key in Diablo Immortal including their use and the ways to farm them.

What Are Aspirant’s KeysDiablo Immortal aspirants key

In-Game Image of Aspirant’s Key in Diablo ImmortalUnfortunately, most upgrades in Diablo are locked behind a paywall. That translates to in-game purchases and micro-transactions for level-ups. It can become very irritating to pay for your wins. But there is another way to upgrade your stats and Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal through Aspirant’s Keys.

Key Highlights
  • Aspirant’s keys are the upgrades in Diablo Immortal which are used to unlock the chests which grant you permanent buffs to your character.
  • In order to unlock the keys, you can trade 50 hilts in exchange for 5 Aspirant keys in a day. The hilts can directly unlock the keys.
  • You can get these Aspirant’s keys by buying them from the App store 
  • The player can also use the Legend of Horadrim questline method to farm the Aspirant’s key. This questline which leads you to hunt down vessels. You can find the keys while hunting the vessels.
  • After getting the Aspirant’s key, you’ll unlock the Chest which will reward you with many culling stones . The player can use these stones at Iben Fahd’s Sanctum which will give permanent buffs to your characters.

Usually, upgrading your weapons and armor translate to better stats. Equipping gems and items of legendary ranking also boost your levels in addition to giving buffs. However, Aspirant’s Keys are used to unlock certain chests that grant permanent buffs to your character.

Aspirant’s Keys are used to upgrade Horadrim Vessels. Certain Chests contain gems that can level up Horadrim Vessels at Iben Fahd‘s Sanctum. Our Website features a detailed guide on Horadrim Vessels. The area which contains chests for Horadrim Vessels is known as Sanctum Depths.

Sanctum Depths is locked behind a certain questline and can only be accessed once that quest has been initiated. Once you upgrade Horadrim Vessels at Iben Fahd’s Sanctum, you’ll receive different types of permanent buffs depending upon the upgrade you do.

How To Get Aspirant’s Keys 

As we have already mentioned, Aspirant’s Keys are your upgrades in Diablo Immortal. It is very important to obtain as many keys as you can. There are a large number of chests that require Aspirant’s Keys to open. These chests bear the best upgrades for players in Diablo Immortal. 

There are two ways to get Aspirant’s Keys, and such methods are quite limiting. You’re either locked to buying them using in-game micro-transactions. Or you can farm these keys over hours of grinding, and it is not as bad as it sounds. We will talk about both of these methods in detail. Following are the ways to obtain Aspirant’s Keys;

  • Buying Aspirant’s Keys
  • Farming Aspirant’s Keys

Buying Aspirant’s Keys

Keys can not only be bought with in-app purchases but also with in-game currency. Although the latter can become very time-consuming, at least it saves you from spending money on Diablo. In conclusion, there are two ways to buy Aspirant’s Keys;

  • Buying Aspirant’s Keys using the App Store.
  • Buying Aspirant’s Keys using Hilts in-game which is Diablo Immortal’s trading currency.

If you opt for that former method, then you’ll have a much easier time. Buying these keys from the app store is a quick and easy method for obtaining upgrades. You won’t have to wait or grind for them either. Once you pay for these keys, you will get instant access to their uses.

Diablo Immortal store offers a certain number of Aspirant’s Keys available for purchase for a specific amount. You can obtain a total of 150 Aspirant’s Keys which will cost you around 8.99 US Dollars.

Now let us talk about unlocking Aspirant’s Keys using Hilts. The method is much slower than paying real money for keys. It will take months of grinding actually to unlock every possible upgrade using hilts. Every day you are allowed to trade 50 hilts in exchange for 5 Aspirant’s Keys. You need an ample supply of hilts actually to trade, and they are easy to get in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo immortal hilts trader
Location of Hilts Trader in Diablo Immortal

How To Obtain Hilts

Hilts are very easy to come by in Diablo Immortal. In fact, you’ll have enough to trade for Aspirant’s Keys before you even need them. Following are the ways to obtain Hilts in Diablo Immortal;

  • Register your first kill every day in Diablo Immortal to get Hilts.
  • Complete rifts to increase your leaderboard ranking and get Hilts as a reward.
  • Completing achievements of codex grants Hilts.
  • Leveling up your battle pass is the best method to get your hands on Hilts.
  • Participating in PVP and increasing your overall leaderboard ranking will increase your chances of getting Hilts.

Farming Aspirant’s Keys

One of the farming methods includes following the Legend of Horadrim questline in Diablo Immortal. This questline will lead you to hunt down vessels. You will place these vessels in the shrine to get gemstone upgrades for your character. Following the questline, you’ll find a lot of Aspirant’s Keys while hunting for vessels.

You can also farm for Aspirant’s Keys in PVE Raids and PVP Battlegrounds. Once you’re done hunting down every vessel in Diablo Immortal, raids and battlegrounds will become your key farming spots. The only difference between raids and battlegrounds is fighting either Diablo Immortal mobs or Online Players to get Aspirant’s Keys.

How To Use Aspirant’s Keys 

Once you’ve obtained enough Aspirant’s Keys, it’s time to reap those sweet rewards. The Sanctum Depths contain chests that can only be opened by Aspirant’s keys. These chests will reward you with culling stones, and the amount of culling stones you get is different per chest.

You will then use these culling stones at Iben Fahd’s Sanctum. It will yield you upgrades and permanent buffs for your character. This is how Aspirant’s Keys end up playing a major part in your stats, levels, and combat rating increase. 

There are four rooms in Sanctum Depths. Each room contains five chests and rewards you with culling stones. The first chest is free to open for every player, while the rest of the chests require Aspirant’s Keys to get unlocked. The number of keys required to open a chest increases for later chests. However, you will get more culling stones from chests that require more keys to open. 

We will now discuss Aspirant’s Keys for each room of Sanctum Depths in detail. Players will also get the following rewards from opening chests inside Sanctum Depths;

  • 573 Garnet
  • 579 Sapphire
  • 677 Beryl

Garnet, Sapphire, and Beryl are collectively known as Culling Stones.

Room 1

Room 1 contains a total of 80 Culling Stones, and you’ll need almost 15 Aspirant’s Keys to access them all.

Chest NumberNumber of Keys Required To Unlock ItTotal Number of Culling Stones 

Room 2

Room 2 offers the player 315 Culling Stones, and you will need 70 Aspirant’s Keys in total to unlock all chests in this room.

Chest NumberNumber of Keys Required To Unlock It Total Number of Culling Stones 

Room 3

There are a total of 540 Culling Stones in Room 3.120 Aspirant’s Keys are required to unlock these Culling Stones here.

Chest NumberNumber of Keys Required To Unlock ItTotal Number of Culling Stones 

Room 4

This is the final room in Sanctum Depths. It will reward you with a massive amount of Culling Stones but will also require a large number of Aspirant’s Keys. 756 Culling Stones are available in Room 4, and they’ll need 172 Aspirant’s Keys to unlock.

Chest NumberNumber of Keys Required To Unlock ItTotal Number of Culling Stones 

Upgrades From Culling Stones 

Culling Stones will let you upgrade the following stats at Iben Fahd’s Sanctum;

  • Life
  • Damage
  • Armor
  • Armor Penetration
  • Resistance
  • Potency

These stats complement the non-primary attributes of your character in Diablo Immortal. Basically, Culling Stones will upgrade vessels that will boost your stats. There are many different vessels in Diablo Immortal, and different culling stones are specific for some vessels.

Culling Stones include Beryl, Garnet, and Sapphire. They are very specific for those vessels which they upgrade. Following is a list of vessels upgraded by these 3 Culling Stones;

  • Beryl: Guilt of the Nameless, Jered Cain’s Vision, and Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge.
  • Garnet: Nilfur’s Precision, Tal Rasha’s Authority, and Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity.
  • Sapphire: Caldensann’s Compassion and Iben Fahds’s Tenacity. 

The following table explains the permanent stat buffs you get from these vessels.

Vessel NameBase BuffStat Upgrade per Level
Caldensann’s CompassionArmor Penetration +9
Armor +9
Cathan’s PietyPotency +9
Resistance +9
Guilt of the NamelessResistance +18+18
Iben Fahds’s TenacityDamage +9
Life +9
Jered Cain’s VisionArmor +18+18
Nilfur’s PrecisionArmor Penetration +18+18
Nor Tiraj’s KnowledgeLife +40+40
Tal Rasha’s AuthorityDamage +4+4
Zoltun Kulle’s IngenuityPotency +18+18


Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play video game that is available to download on android, ios devices, and PC. It was released on June 2, 2022. Diablo Immortal offers cross-progression and cross-platform gameplay between PC and Mobile devices.

This concludes our comprehensive guide on Aspirant’s Keys in Diablo Immortal. We tried to explain every single thing in detail about these keys. Hopefully, our guide helped you to obtain all those sweet upgrades for your character in Diablo Immortal using Aspirant’s Keys. Let us know what you think about the latest Diablo game in the comments below.

Diablo Immortal Additional Tips

Aspirant’s Keys in Diablo Immortal are equally important to upgrade your character’s stats. You’ll need these upgrades as you’ll be facing many tough bosses, including Blood Rose, Vitaath, Ancient Nightmare, Helliquary, and Tax Collector.

Our website also features guides on other Diablo Immortal Bosses that you should check out. As Diablo Immortal is a massive online experience, it depends upon Blizzard’s Servers to provide gameplay. PVP is a major part of gameplay this time around, and you’re going to have to join Shadow Factions to take part in PVP.

Leveling up does not only mean upgrading your stats but also your class. Diablo Immortal features a huge catalog of classes for players to choose from. Check out our guide on the Best Classes. If you’ve already decided on a class, then try reading our NecromancerBarbarian, and Demon Hunter builds guides.

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