Diablo Immortal Shadow War: Battle Types & Rewards

Diablo Immortal Shadow Wars is the newest game mode in Cycle of Strife with exciting PvP and the chance of becoming Immortal! Find out more!

Diablo Immortal offers players a lot of things to do. From exploring hidden lair locations to doing side quests and beating bosses like Sandstone Golem, there is a lot to do in the game. Among those activities is the Shadow War game mode. Today we’ll be having a look at the Diablo Immortal Shadow War and everything that you need to know about it.

What is Diablo Immortal Shadow War?

Diablo Immortal Shadow War
Diablo Immortal – Shadow War Rules

Diablo Immortal has some great PvP and PvE modes. You can choose to go against various bosses like Vitaath, and Ancient Nightmare or even work your own custom builds like the Wizard build if you’re playing with a solo class.

On the other hand, if you want a taste of the PvP world, you can join the Shadow Factions or clans like the Shadow Lottery Clan or the Dark Clan. The possibilities are endless. And amongst those PvP activities is the Shadow War.

Diablo Immortal Shadow War is part of the Cycle of Strife, a PvP system in the game. If you open up your menu and click on Shadows, you’ll find an entire section related to Shadow of War where you can see:

Top 10 – shows the Top 10 teams from Shadow of War that are assumed to get the chance to play in Rite of Shadows.

Brackets – This shows the Group Brackets which essentially are the pairings of the different clans that are to go against each other.

It is important to show up at the specific time of your pairing as if you don’t then you will not be considered for it and there are no retakes. Furthermore, any team that wins gets moved up in the bracket until there is only one team left standing.

Next Battle – It shows stats of the next team that you’d be up against (or rules if you have not registered). You can view their members, team leader, and much more.

Within the tournament styled game-mode, teams of up to 90 members face off against each other. The team lead gets turned into an immortal with various skills and has to fight the shadows sent out to kill it from the other team. Whereas the other members try to take down the immortal of the opposing team.

There are also other mini modes within the game such as the main battle and the support battles which we will get into shortly. If all of this seems too complex and you’re just getting started, then consider reading our Diablo Immortal Wiki.

Different Battles in Shadow War

Diablo Immortal Shadow War
Diablo Immortal – Shadow War Game-modes

Within the Diablo Immortal Shadow War, there are various other battles that go on simultaneously. The success of the team in each of those battles goes towards their overall victory. Therefore, it is important to choose the right team members to go into each battle to increase your chances of success.

Main Battle

Becoming Immortal in Shadow War
Diablo Immortal – Leader Becoming Immortal

As mentioned, there are two types of battle in Shadow War of Diablo Immortal. One of them is the Main Battle. Within the Main Battle, you are either playing as the leader of the clan or the clan members.

The leader of the clan gets turned into an immortal. There is an entire dramatic scene where the leader gets a power-up with a golden cape, glowing sword, and a lot more.

Additionally, the size of the immortal is significantly larger than the regular players. This giant-sized statue-like immortal can now take on the various players of the other team.

The immortal has many abilities such as:

BladestormAllows you to transform into a whirling storm of blades and deal continuous damage.


Eternal FireLet’s you unleash three waves of energy that move forward, damaging and slowing the movement of enemies as the wave passes over the battlefield.
Howl of TerrorCan unleash a terrifying howl to cause all nearby enemies to flee.
Immortal LeapJump to a location and knock away any nearby enemies.
Kion’s EdgeSummon a falling Greatsword that deals damage at the location of the enemy and stuns them for 3 seconds. The Greatsword will remain in place to block enemy movement.
Animate GuardianAnimate one of the nearby Guardian Statues of Corvus to help aid you in the battle against the shadows.

Once you become immortal, it is your job to fend yourself from the various shadows coming to get you. You won’t be able to kill the shadows off completely as they get to respawn. However, all you need to do is survive longer than the other team’s immortal. Because as soon as it gets taken down, you get the victory.

One question that comes to the minds of many players is what if your team leader does not show up? Or what if they get disconnected during the battle.

Well, if that happens then worry not, you don’t automatically lose. Instead of the team lead, an NPC Immortal will spawn and take their place.

The NPC Immortal replacement is not enough to get you to win but it does give you a slightly better chance than a total forfeit.

There is also speculation that the immortal’s strength also depends on the level of the team leader. However, that has not been confirmed as of yet. Regardless, you should still have a high level while going into these PvP battles. If you’re looking for a fast way to reach max level, consider reading: Diablo Immortal Max Level: Tips To Level Up Faster guide.

On the other hand, the job of the other clan members part of the Main Battle is to take down the other team’s immortal. You need to manage your health properly and only attack when you see an opening.

The immortal is quite strong and can take you down instantly with one of its skills. Although you will respawn (as long as your own immortal is alive), respawning, again and again, will only waste time.

Support Battle

Diablo Immortal Shadow War Support Battles
Diablo Immortal – Shadow War Support Battles Gameplay

The second type of battle that goes on in Shadow Wars is the Support Battle of Diablo Immortal. There are actually 2 support battles, with a limit of 30 players in each.

These support battles are quite similar to the main battle. You get to send out your team members to take down a giant immortal and when it gets defeated, you win the battle. The only difference is that the immortal in this case will always be an NPC and not a player.

Winning the support battles will not lead to an overall victory. However, if you win these battles, your team leader (the immortal) will get stronger and will be able to deal more damage and last longer in battle. Therefore, if you want to win the entire battle, you need to manage each battle accordingly.

These battles are quite important and if you want a better chance of winning, then you should consider reading our tips and tricks to improve your combat skills: Tips & Tricks guide.

Additionally, you should ensure that you have a wide array of the best classes amongst your team members. It will give you a chance of dealing with all sorts of damage. If you are unsure which classes are the best, consider reading our Diablo Immortal class tier list.

Distributing Your Team Members in Diablo Immortal

Player Assignment System
Diablo Immortal – Shadow War Player Assignment Restrictions

From the description of the battles, you must’ve realized that it is important to properly distribute your players across the various battles. Those that excel at PvP should be on the frontlines and help take down the team leader of the other clan.

Whereas those that are better in PvE should stay back and help out in the support battles.

It is worth noting that the leader cannot assign each player their battle themselves, it is in the players’ hands. Therefore, you should have proper communication through discord or any other platform.

One great way to distinguish which player should go in which battle is through the combat rating of Diablo Immortal. You can actually set minimum requirements for each of the battles so that only the certain ranked players are eligible for them.

Shadow War Rewards in Diablo Immortal

Rite of Exile
Rite Of Exile

When you complete or win a Shadow War, you do get some rewards that can contain legendary items. But the main award is being moved up in the bracket to go against another team.

If you somehow manage to make your way through the entire bracket, then you’ll be eligible to be part of the Top 10 teams that can go into Rite of Shadows. This is a game mode that gives the Shadows a chance to fight against the Immortals and get a chance to become the Immortal faster.

With that, you know everything about Diablo Immortal Shadow War. It is certainly an interesting game-mode part of the Cycle of Strife and if you’re looking to take part in Rite of Shadows, it is a must.

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