How To Unlock Minnie Mouse In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Read our guide to learn how to unlock Minnie Mouse in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Minnie Mouse is one of the most iconic Disney characters in the franchise’s history. She is the love interest of Mickey Mouse. Having her at the Dreamlight Valley is great for the game’s progression. However, you need to follow a few steps in order to unlock Minnie Mouse in the game. 

Luckily for you, our guide will cover everything there is to know about Minnie Mouse, along with how you can link her up with Mickey Mouse. 

Key Highlights
  • Minnie Mouse is one of the renowned characters in the Disney franchise and having her in Disney Dreamlight Valley is great for the game’s progression.
  • Many characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley are already unlocked; however, to unlock some characters like Minnie, you need to go through a magical journey to bring her back to the village.
  • You need to be able to complete a bunch of quests and gather specific items and 5000-Star coins to build Minnie Mouse her house in your village.
  • The specific quests you need to complete in order to bring Minnie back to the village are:
  • Missing Minnie – It’s a friendship quest with Mickey Mouse; you would need to cook (2 Fish Sandwiches and 5 Crudites) in order to complete this quest.
  • Shadows And Bows – you need to hold the bow and talk to (Goofy and Scrooge McDuck) about Mikkie’s memories of her; this will take you to a well from which you and Mickey Mouse can communicate with Minnie.
  • Memory Magnification – After reaching friendship level 8 with Mickey Mouse, you can start this quest to bring Minnie Mouse back to the village once and for all.
    To avoid Minnie Mouse from disappearing from the village again and again, you need to craft a gadget called ‘Dreamlight Magnifier,’ which requires ( Minnie’s Bow, Emerald, Hardwood 2x, and Tinkering Parts 6x ).

How To Unlock Minnie Mouse

Minnie mouse
Saving Minnie Mouse

Unlocking Minnie Mouse is not an easy feat in the game. To get her back at the Valley, you will need to complete a bunch of quests and gather specific items. On top of that, you also need 5000 Star Coins at the ready, to build Minnie Mouse’s house

In order to initiate the process of unlocking Minnie, you will first need to interact with Mickey Mouse. After interacting with Mickey, complete a few friendship quests for him, and eventually, you will reach a quest called “Memory Magnification“, which is the final quest that brings back Minnie to the Dreamlight Valley. 

Luckily, Mickey Mouse is present at the Dreamlight Valley right from the beginning. Making it a lot easier to build your friendship with him and complete his tasks, which will eventually lead you to Minnie Mouse. With that said, let’s go through each quest that you need to do in order to save Minnie Mouse in the game. 

Missing Minnie

disney dreamlight valley missing minnie
Fish Sandwich Recipe in Missing Minnie Quest

First off, you will need to complete the ‘Missing Minnie‘ friendship quest with Mickey Mouse. Once you initiate the quest and talk to Mickey, he will reveal that he knows a good spot worthy of a picnic. The game will then ask the player to cook two different meals before going to the picnic spot.

The player will be tasked to cook 2 Fish Sandwiches and 5 Crudites. Luckily for you, we have included the recipes for both meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

  • To cook the Fish Sandwich you will need Wheat and Fish. Whereas, for Crudites you only need Carrots. Once you have these items in your inventory head toward any of the cooking stations and put your chef’s hat on!
  • The Crudites are even easier, you only need to toss one carrot into the cooking pot to cook a Crudite. Make sure you do this 5 times in total to get five Crudites.

Once you’re done with the cooking tasks, head back and talk to Mickey Mouse. He will then lead you to a picnic spot next to a pond, where he will confess that he misses Minnie Mouse.

You and Mickey will then notice an apparition of Minnie Mouse, which will officially kick off the hunt to bring her back to Dreamlight Valley. 

Shadows And Bows

disney dreamlight valley shadows and bows
Shadow And Bows Quest

After completing the ‘Missing Minnie’ quest, you can talk to Mickey again to begin the next step. When you talk to Mickey, he will reveal that Merlin gave him Minnie’s bow which has magic attached to it. Upon remembering memories related to Minnie, the Bow begins to charge up and gain more power. 

Hence, the quest ‘Shadows And Bows‘ will begin. For the quest, Mickey will ask you to hold the bow and talk to villagers about Minnie in order to charge it up with more memories. In ‘Shadows And Bows’ the player will have the following objectives.

  • Talk to Goofy
  • Talk to Scrooge McDuck

You then need to find Goofy and Scrooge McDuck and start conversing with them. During your conversation make sure you ask them about memories related to Minnie Mouse. When you’ve talked to both characters the game will lead you back to Mickey Mouse. 

He will then take you to the Wishing Well with the magically charged Minnie’s Bow. At the Wishing Well, both Mickey and the player will see Minnie’s apparition once again. However, this time you and Mickey will be able to talk to her and hear her story of being stuck in a void.

Reach Level 8 Friendship With Mickey Mouse

After you hear Mickey and Minnie’s conversation, where they talk about missing each other, Mickey Mouse will be motivated more than ever to bring her back. However, to begin the final quest that brings back Minnie Mouse to Disney Dreamlight Valley you need to fill in one requirement. 

In order to play the final quest that saves Minnie Mouse in Dreamlight Valley, you need to make sure your Friendship with Mickey Mouse is at Level 8. We will cover a few quick methods that you can apply to get your friendship level up to unlock the ‘Memory Magnification’ quest.

  • In Disney Dreamlight Valley every character has a list of 3 ‘Favorite Things. Note down the things Mickey likes on that particular day. Then try gifting him those specific items to gain extra Friendship EXP.
  • Apart from that, you can also gain Friendship EXP by making Mickey Mouse do chores such as; Fishing, Mining, Gardening, and Removing Night Thorns

Stay consistent with your methods and in no time Mickey Mouse’s Friendship will reach Level 8, which will ultimately unlock the final quest that rescues Minnie Mouse in Dreamlight Valley.

Memory Magnification

House of minnie mouse
Minnie’s House in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As we mentioned earlier, once you’re at Level 8 Friendship with Mickey Mouse you can then begin the final quest called ‘Memory Magnification‘. Upon interacting with Mickey Mouse, he will reveal that Minnie’s Bow has enough power to bring her back now. However, in order to stop her from disappearing again, Merlin has invented a gadget called ‘Dreamlight Magnifier‘.

Thus, your objective in the quest to save Minnie Mouse will be to craft the Dreamlight Magnifier. So before we get into the details, let’s first review the items you need in order to craft the Dreamlight Magnifier.

  • Minnie’s Bow
  • Emerald
  • Hardwood 2x
  • Tinkering Parts 6x

First up, you don’t need to worry about Minnie’s Bow, since you already have it with you. Getting an Emerald might be the trickiest part since it’s the rarest item of the bunch. There’s no specific point for finding these valuable stones, the best strategy would be to keep an eye out for glowy green gems on top of a rock. Once you spot them, equip your pickaxe and mine them.

  • Hardwood is a common material in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can get it almost everywhere. However, the best area to look for them would be the Glade of Trust. 
  • As for the Tinkering Parts, you can’t find and collect them like the previous two items. You will need to craft them using a workbench. To craft Tinkering Parts you need to have Iron Ingots in your inventory. You can get iron ingots by burning up your iron ores using coals. 
  • Since you need 6 Tinkering Parts, your total recipe will cost you Four Iron Ingots. Once you have all of the items in your inventory, interact with the crafting table once again and make the Dreamlight Magnifier. You can find it on the ‘Functional Items‘ tab on your Recipes menu.

After equipping the Dreamlight Magnifier, Mickey Mouse will ask you to find Minnie and bring her back. You can usually find Minnie’s apparition around the Wishing Well in your village. After talking to Minnie you will be tasked to rebuild her house in the village, which will officially save her and allow her to return to the Dreamlight Valley.

Once you place the foundation of Minnie’s house in the village, you can then call Scrooge McDuck who will charge you 5000 Star Coins to build Minnie Mouse’s house. After building her house, Minnie Mouse will get unlocked in Dreamlight Valley. 

Minnie Mouse Quests

Disney Dreamlight Valley the language of flowers
Minnie Mouse Quest

After completing all the previous steps, you will finally have Minnie Mouse as part of the Dreamlight Valley. Now you can interact with her, give her gifts, assign her chores, and complete quests for her. Since we have our guide dedicated to Minnie Mouse, we will also briefly cover her quests in the game. 

Minnie Mouse only has 2 quests as of right now in Dreamlight Valley. The Disney character’s missions revolve around her trying to remember and revive her love for Mickey and to get her memories back (which were affected due to ‘The Forgetting’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley).

Without further ado, here are the two quests you can undertake for Minnie Mouse.

The Language Of Flowers

After her return to the Dreamlight Valley, Minnie Mouse will ask for your help as she tries to assemble flowers for Mickey Mouse. The quest, called ‘The Language of Flowers‘ is not that tricky to understand, however, it does require a bit of flower hunting which will force the player to make multiple trips to the Forest of Valor.

First up, you will need to collect Six Blue Star Lilies. Once you collect them by making multiple visits to the Forest of Valor, Minnie Mouse will then assign you to collect a few more items to complete her flower arrangement. 

To craft Minnie’s Flower Arrangement in Disney Dreamlight Valley you will need; Minnie’s Special Flowerpot, White and Red Hydrangea, Four Red Bell Flowers, and Six Blue Star Lilies

After crafting the arrangement, you will then deliver it to Mickey Mouse to complete the ‘The Language of Flowers’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

On The Trail Of Minnie’s Memory

On The Trail of Minnie’s Memory‘ is the last Minnie Mouse quest in the game so far. Disney Dreamlight Valley could add more in future updates or when the full game releases. Nonetheless, the quest revolves around getting Minnie’s memory back, which was affected due to her disappearance from Dreamlight Valley. 

To complete the quest you will need to acquire the Dreamlight Magnifier from Mickey Mouse. Once you have that, Minnie will then command you to find a Spectral Fishing Rod, Spectral Hat, and a Spectral Package. When you find these items the Dreamlight Magnifier will make them disappear. 

Once they’re all gone, Minnie will regain her memories of her previous existence and her devoted bond with Mickey Mouse, which will lead to a wholesome dialogue between the two. After you watch Mickey and Minnie reunite in Dreamlight Valley, return the Dreamlight Magnifier to Mickey. Doing so will complete the ‘On The Trail of Minnie’s Memory’ quest. 

Wrap Up

There you have it! A complete guide that talks about Minnie Mouse in Disney Dreamlight Valley in detail. In our article, we covered the lengthy process of saving Minnie Mouse along with some of her quests in the Valley. There’s nothing better than rescuing some of your favorite Disney characters and making them a part of your Village. 

Watching Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse together will bring peace to you and your village. It is a great sight to see the loving couple roaming around Dreamlight Valley. If you have just started your journey then consider reading our Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips, which will help you out in setting up your game better. We hope you found our guide helpful, stay tuned to eXputer to learn more interesting stuff about Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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