How To Fix Roblox Error Code 524 In 2024 (Updated)

Troubleshooting Roblox Error Code 524 involves Adjusting Server Settings, Checking for Bans, Clearing Browser Cache, and Trying Different Platforms.

When you can’t join a server on Roblox and see error code 524, it might mean Roblox’s server is slow or not working properly. This issue could happen because of problems with the internet or how data is sent between your device and Roblox.

It’s like the internet’s highways are congested, making it hard for you to get into that specific server. The official site says that the error can only be displayed when the servers are down. However, in my research, that is not true and there are other reasons as well.

Key Highlights

Fixes for Error Code 524:

  1. Ensure the account age is at least 30 days old.
  2. Adjust private server invitation settings
  3. Confirm whether your account is banned 
  4. Clear browser cookies and cache for web browser users.
  5. Attempt login on different platforms 
Roblox Error Code 524
Roblox Error Code 524 – [Image captured by eXputer]

Make Sure Your Account Is at least 30 Days Old

The Majority of the Roblox Servers do not allow newbies. This is getting fairly common because new accounts are mostly created by hackers who are banned from the previous ones. Whenever you join a Roblox server, the game will automatically kick you. That is because your account wasn’t 30 Days old. In this case, scenario, your account isn’t 30 days old. You are most likely to get this error.

Changing Who Can Invite You to VIP Servers

After attempting to join a private server as a guest. You can also potentially face the error code. To fix this, there is one method that has consistently worked over the years. You should simply change the private server Invitation setting. By default, only “friends” can Invite you to their private server. However, If you select everyone. This will fix the error. Here is how you can do this.

  1. Open The Roblox Application or Website > Click on Settings Icon.
    Roblox Error Code 524
    Roblox Games Page
  2. Head over to the Privacy Tab and under “Who can Invite me to private servers.” Select Everyone. If there is a VIP server Invitation option as well. Make sure everyone is selected there as well.
    Roblox Error Code 524
    Roblox Invitation Settings

Check If Your Account Is Banned Or Not

Check if your account’s banned; if you’re locked from one server, it’s likely a ban from there, not by Roblox overall. Contact the game creator to request an unban – Roblox doesn’t handle server bans.

If you can’t access any server and see error 524 everywhere, chances are you’re banned from Roblox. Try creating a new account; if it works, your main one’s banned. If not, contact Roblox Support to inquire about the ban; community support can assist in getting you unbanned.

Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

If by any means you are playing Roblox on the browser. Then you should probably give this method a shot. The browser version isn’t the best, and It is for this reason. That it always has continuous problems and glitches.

Clearing browser cache involves removing temporary internet files stored in your browser that might be causing conflicts when accessing Roblox. These files, like cookies and cache, can sometimes become outdated or corrupted, leading to issues with game access. 

Try to Log In from Different Platform

Give Roblox on a different platform a try to troubleshoot the error code. Download Roblox on Android or another device, then log in to check if you can play. If you encounter the same issue, it might indicate a ban. However, if you can play, try accessing various games and logging in and out multiple times to potentially resolve glitches and address the error on your main platform.

For new Roblox users, the game is accessible on multiple devices. If you face the error code on Xbox, switch to PC or try playing on Android. PC users can optimize gameplay by trying Roblox on Chrome, known for its better compatibility.

My Thoughts

Roblox Error Codes can be tricky to fix, affecting server access for many users. My research highlighted diverse experiences on forums and Twitter, indicating that fixes involve adjusting server settings or account age restrictions.

Users have encountered bans from servers or Roblox itself, making the problem at hand even more challenging. The error isn’t limited to a specific platform or country and seems widespread. Reports suggest that such an issue has been around for more than a year. 

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