Hitman 3 Crashing Windows 11 [FIXED]

You Can Fix Hitman 3 Crashing On Windows 11 by Disabling Fullscreen Optimizations, Repairing Game Files, Updating The Game And GPU Drivers, and Disabling CPU Or GPU Overclocking

I’m tired of my Hitman 3 assassinations being sabotaged because the game won’t stop crashing. And I’m not alone in this struggle, as many players have reported that Hitman 3 is crashing on Windows 11. But fear not, as I’m here to guide you through this frustrating problem so you and I can get back to assassinating as soon as possible. In this guide, I will go through all possible troubleshooting methods. So, be sure to follow all the steps.

When you fall victim to the crash, you may face this error message: “The exception Breakpoint. A breakpoint has been reached. (0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x000000014139C413.
Hitman 3 Crashing on windows 11 error message
Hitman 3 Crashing on Windows 11 error message (image taken by eXputer)
Key Takeaways

Multiple solutions can be applied to fix Hitman 3 Crashing on Windows 11:

  1. Update the Graphic card drivers.
  2. Check the integrity of the game files.
  3. Disable Full-Screen Optimizations.
  4. Disable Overlay Applications.
  5. Update the game.
  6. Disable CPU and GPU overclocking.
  7. Check for Windows Updates.
  8. Run the game as administrator.
  9. Disable Antivirus and Firewalls for the game.

Check The Integrity Of The Game Files

Game files often get corrupted or damaged, which makes the game malfunction and crash. Checking the integrity of the game files after any malfunction or crash is a must. Steam lets you repair corrupt files and verify their integrity.

I also faced this problem and referred to the article ” How To Verify Game Files On PC [All Game Clients]” by an expert, Ayyoun Ali, to check the integrity of the game files.

Update The Graphic Card Drivers

Many players, including me, have the habit of playing games on outdated graphic drivers that can lead to many problems and crashing issues. Graphic drivers should be updated whenever they become available.

Updating the graphics card drivers resolved all the crashes for me. To know more about updating the drivers, you can check out the article “How to update the drivers” by Saqib. It contains step-by-step solutions required to update the drivers on a Windows PC.

My Experience: When facing this problem, I tried to update my graphic card drivers, which worked for me.

Disable Full-Screen Optimizations

Windows has a feature known as Full-Screen Optimizations that lets you enjoy a borderless Full-Screen view. However, this feature can conflict with Hitman 3 on Windows 11 and cause crashes. 

Take guidance from this article by Haider Khan to disable Full-Screen Optimizations.
Reference: If you face any issues during gameplay, like this user on Reddit, you should disable the Full-Screen Optimization for that game.

Disable Overlay Applications

Sometimes, Overlay applications like the Xbox Game Bar and NVIDIA GeForce Experience Overlay can cause the crashing of different games. By turning off these app overlays, you allow Hitman 3 to perform all its functions without external disruptions, which can result in much smoother gameplay.

You can refer to Haider Khan’s article, which explains the process with simple steps, making it easy to follow and understand.

Disable CPU And GPU Overclocking

Many Players Overclock the CPU and GPU to maximize the PC’s performance. Overclocking can cause conflicts with Hitman 3 and can cause it to crash.

To disable the GPU’s Overclock, follow the steps given below:

Nvidia GPUs

  1. Press the Alt + Z buttons on your desktop from your keyboard and head over to the Performance tab.
  2. Now you can set the GPU clock Speed.
  3. You can also reset the overclock to revert to the original settings.


  1. Open AMD Radeon Software and go to its Performance settings.
  2. Then, navigate to the fine-tuning section.
  3. Activate the Manual Control option.
  4. Tune the clock and bring it to default settings.

To resolve the constant crashing of Hitman 3 on my PC, I had to reset the overclocked settings. Therefore, I would recommend you to do so as well. 

My Experience: My overclocking profile on my system wasn’t going well with Hitman 3, and reverting the clock speeds back to default solved my abrupt crashes.

Run The Game As Administrator

Often, programs and applications don’t run properly due to a lack of administrative privileges. This can be a potential reason why Htiman 3 keeps crashing. To run the game as an administrator.

Follow the instructions in “How To Run Program As Admin & Disable Fullscreen Optimizations” by Haider Khan.
Reference: In this scenario, all you have to do is run the game in administrator mode, as suggested by Cheesy_crumpet, a Hitman 3 player, on Reddit.

Whitelist Game Directory And Allow Its Access In Firewalls

This fix has helped me solve almost every error related to a game. Antivirus applications can often corrupt the game files while checking for viruses or threats. These corrupt game files can then result in crashes or errors during gameplay.

Reference: This was also recommended by “Hardware” on Steam Community. You can put the Hitman 3 exes into exclusions.
To add Hitman 3’s directory to the antivirus’s whitelist, refer to Ayyoun’s guide on the Whitlist Game Directory. After that, you can learn to allow Hitman 3’s access through the firewall with Haider Khan’s guide. Both are our best troubleshooting experts.

My Thoughts On The Issue

I understand that fixing the constant crashes of a game is somewhat frustrating, but this was everything you required to prevent Hitman 3 from crashing on Windows 11 on your PC. If the crashing continues after trying every solution mentioned above, you can try reinstalling the game or contact IO Interactive Support and ask them to guide you in resolving this issue.


Why is Hitman 3 crashing?

There can be many reasons behind the crashing of Hitman 3 on Windows 11, like faulty or obsolete drivers, issues with game files, or an obsolete version. 

Can You Play Hitman 3 on Windows 11?

Yes. You Hitman 3 can be played on Windows 11, but ensure your PC meets the minimum requirements for running the game.

Is Hitman 3 optimized for PC?

Hitman 3 is generally well-optimized to run on a PC. However, due to some issues, it crashes on Windows 11. But these issues can be fixed very easily.

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