Lost Ark Error 10010 [SOLVED]

Is the Lost Ark error 10010 not letting you enjoy the game online? Check out the fixes entailed by this guide to back into playing.

The Lost Ark error 10010 is seemingly a game-breaking issue, barring thousands of players from experiencing this vibrant MMORPG online. We have no happy takers here as gamers have been left frustrated over not being able to even start the title on their end.

Key Highlights

  • Lost Ark Error 10010 is concerned with connectivity issues on your side or with the game’s servers. 
  • The solutions given in this guide are the potential fixes that have worked for an enormous amount of people.
  • Always start with trying the easiest fixes first, like restarting the game or running steam as an administrator, because you never know what will work for you. 
  • Check the internet on your side, and check DNS settings. Change the DNS address to in “Preferred DNS Server.”
  • You can always try re-installing the game, using VPN, or disabling antiviruses.
  • If none of the methods works, try to insert another steam account and check if it does the job.

Fret not though. We’ve rounded up the best fixes there are to this ugly scenario, so you can hop right back into playing and get rid of the presently surfacing “Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed” issue. Let’s dive right into the forthcoming fixes without any further chit-chat. 

What is the Lost Ark Error 10010?

Lost Ark Error 10010
Lost Ark Error 10010

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The Lost Ark Error 10010 manifests when you’re trying to log into the game’s servers but you’re soon struck short. The title returns you with a menacing prompt, saying “Server Authentication Failed” and leaving you in an endless loop.

From there on out, it gets practically impossible to jump into an online session and experience the game with other players. Now, this can surface due to a wide variety of reasons. The possible reasons range from problems with your internet connectivity to the game’s own servers being pulled offline.

In other cases, a major game file could be missing from its designated place thereby causing the multiplayer portion of the game to mess up. You definitely want to double-check whether that is the case or not. In most online-centric games where co-op play isn’t working, 

Whatever the origin that leads us to witness the Lost Ark Error 10010 first-hand, we’ll be jotting down the best ways there are to resolve the issue and get straight back to slaying demons in Arkesia.  

Best Ways to Fix the Lost Ark Error 10010 

The following is a cherry-picked list of all the different solutions that have worked for people experiencing the Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed [10010] error prompt. Be sure to follow the instructions ahead meticulously for the best results. 

However, it’s worth putting it out here that there is no definite fix for the issue in question. There are, on the other hand, several things to try out, and the sections below will cover all of them.  

Most of the fixes will be centered on your network configuration since Lost Ark error 10010 purely concerns network connectivity. We’ll be performing multiple adjustments in this regard in the hope of restoring your gameplay experience. In addition, some fixes will be a bit more unorthodox.

These will include user-provided instructions and are worth mentioning in the article due to their proven effectiveness for other plays across the spectrum. Without any further ado then, let’s dive right in. 

Perform a Restart 

Let’s start this error-fix guide off with one of the oldest (yet equally effective) tricks in the book. If you’ve been at Lost Ark for quite a while now and the issue isn’t going away, it’s time to shut everything down and perform a restart.

It’s needless to iterate this but sometimes your PC could use a little breathing room and giving it a fresh reboot will do just that for the device. Use the Start Menu and click on the “Power” key to finally select “Restart.” Once done, your Windows PC will begin rebooting itself and will boot back up in a moment’s time.  

Restarting the Windows 10 PC
Restarting the Windows 10 PC

If restarting your PC didn’t do the trick for the Lost Ark error 10010 issue, it’s time to get into the more involved approaches there are to this matter. Keep on reading for a wealth of more potential solutions. 

Run Steam With Administrator Privileges 

Before we get into the complicated end of this error-fixing guide, let us work our way up from the simpler ones first. After all, we never truly know what exactly will do the trick for issues such as the Server Authentication Failed. Another fairly painless thing to try is providing administrator privileges to Steam. This will help us avoid plenty of future and present problems alike, so it’s definitely worth a shot. 

You can either search for Steam using the Windows Search bar and click on “Run as administrator” or go a little extra than that. Another way of doing this, or might we say, a better way of doing this is open up the “Properties” of the executable Steam file and select the “Compatibility” section. Then, simply click on the box beside “Run this program as an administrator” and you’ll be all done. 

Lost Ark error 10010
Running Steam as an Administrator

Try doing this on your end and see how it goes. A niche group of players had the issue fixed just by providing administrator privileges to Steam and nothing more. However, if you do not happen to be one of them sadly, it’s time to move on to the more advanced range of fixes that we have for the Lost Ark error 10010 issue.

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Verify the Integrity of Lost Ark’s Game Files on Steam 

Since Lost Ark is a freebie on all the platforms it’s available on, chances are that you’re playing the game through Steam if you’re on PC, given the popularity of the world-renowned game launcher. This tip-top platform isn’t famous without its fair share of features and functionality.

For instance, there is a native way of verifying whether any important configuration file is missing from a game, ultimately leading to a loss in the title’s optimal functionality. What this feature basically does is compare the locally stored files of the IP on your PC and cross-reference it with the ones that Steam has reserved on its own servers. 

If an anomaly is detected, the missing or corrupted files are replaced accordingly and thereby make the game in question work for you again. Many players have incorporated this promising solution for the Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed issue and have received favorable results.

We highly recommend trying the same to see if doing so helps you resolve the problem on your end as well. For this purpose, the following steps are going to take it here. 

  1. The first step is to open the Steam desktop client on your Windows PC. This can be done easily from the Windows Start menu or from the Taskbar if you have the app pinned there. 
Launching Steam
Launching Steam

2. Once done, go to the “Library” section within Steam’s interface to find the list of games you have installed on the device. Select Lost Ark from the sidebar by right-clicking on it and proceed to click on “Properties.”

Accessing Game Properties
Accessing Game Properties on Steam

3. Right after that, select “Local Files” from the column of options on the left to get straight to the section we need to be at. From there, you’ll visibly observe the “Verify the integrity of game files” option. Click on it to begin the authentication process. 

Verifying Integrity of Game Files
Verifying Integrity of Game Files

After a brief while, a prompt will appear on the screen, affirming that the verification process was a success. As soon as that happens, try launching the affected MMORPG to see if the Lost Ark error 10010 still exists. If it truly does, keep on reading for more possible solutions. The issue in question might be a bit more deep-rooted after all. 

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Disable IPv6 on Your Windows PC 

At its very core, IPv6 is an internet protocol that’s responsible for device communication and connectivity to the web. It’s the latest protocol version and a direct successor to the IPv4, which currently stands as the norm in this domain. Some players experiencing the Lost Ark error 10010 issue report that disabling IPv6 somehow manages to resolve the problem. 

We’re not exactly sure how this works out. It probably has something to do with the internet configuration of Lost Ark’s servers but what we do know is that the effort is definitely worth it. You can potentially resolve the Server Authentication Failed issue this way, and ultimately resume your fun adventures in the land of Arkesia. The following steps are going to illustrate how to disable IPv6 on your Windows PC.

  1. Get started by making haste to your device’s “Settings” app.
Opening Settings on Windows 10
Opening Settings on Windows 10

2. Once you’re in the main “Settings” panel, click on “Network and Internet” to get to the next step. 

Clicking on Network and Internet
Clicking on Network and Internet

3. Right after that, select “Change adapter options” to get to the next page. Here, you’ll select whatever connection type is it that you’re using at the moment. For instance, I’ve got my PC set up on Wi-Fi, so I’ll be clicking on the Wi-Fi section. Other options include LAN, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. Once you’ve figured out the connection type, right-click on it and choose “Properties.” 

Opening the Properties of the Network Connection
Opening the Properties of the Network Connection

4. After you click on “Properties,” another window will appear on the screen for you. This is where you’ll scroll down a little (be sure to stay under the “Networking” tab) and find Internet Protocol Version 6 or IPv6. Once you’ve got it in your sights, uncheck the box beside it and click on “OK” to finalize the process. 

Unchecking the IPv6 on the Windows 10 PC
Unchecking the IPv6 on the Windows 10 PC

That should do it for disabling IPv6 on your Windows PC. The time is nigh to log in to Lost Ark’s servers again and see if this potential solution managed to resolve the Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed hassle. If nothing has come to fruition still, keep on reading for more fixes, and don’t lose hope just yet.

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Switch Up Your DNS Settings

This potential fix is a subsection of the above “Disable IPv6 on Your Windows PC” section. If performing all of the latter didn’t work out for you, then it might be worth optimizing your DNS settings as well. According to some reports from certain players, doing so has come to fruition regarding the solution to the Lost Ark error 10010 issue. Again, this may not work at all for you, but it definitely bears attempting.  

The following steps are going to explain how to get this done. 

1. Replicate the procedure of the last section right until Step 3 where you’re clicking on the “Properties” button of your respective network connection. You’ll then be seeing another small-scale window on your screen, similar to the previous potential solution.

You now have to scroll down the list of the items on show and select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4).” Then, simply select “Properties” to continue to the next step. Check out the screenshot below for more of a visual guide. 

Opening the Properties of IPv4
Opening the Properties of IPv4

2. Another window will be prompted to pop up following that last step and clicking on “Properties.” This is where you’ll finally be putting in the DNS settings we’ve been meaning to for a little while now. Toggle the “Use the following DNS server addresses” as specified in the screenshot below and enter “” in “Preferred DNS server.”

You’ll subsequently have to enter “” in the blanks for “Alternate DNS server.” As soon as you’re done with all that, don’t forget to check the box beside “Validate settings upon exit” before finalizing the process by clicking on “OK.” 

Inputting the Right DNS Settings
Inputting the Right DNS Settings

That’s all about changing your DNS settings for fixing the Lost Ark error 1001 issue. You’ve made the necessary changes to an exceedingly important system component that makes multiplayer games and online play a possibility. Try launching the MMORPG now to see if all the effort above has borne fruit.

If you still aren’t able to sign in to the game’s servers, continue on to the solutions listed ahead if the issue still hasn’t gone away. 

Utilize the Command Prompt to Run a Series of Network Troubleshooting Steps 

Since this concurrently bothering Lost Ark error 10010 issue relates to the network primarily, we have to ascertain whether the origin of the problem is on our own end or not. For this purpose, the Command Prompt system will function as our momentary best friend, allowing us to run a series of troubleshooting steps. 

All you have to do to employ this potential solution to the issue at hand is follow the steps given below. Make sure to replicate the provided guidelines verbatim for the best results. 

  1. The first step is to open the Command Prompt on your Windows PC. This can be done effortlessly from the Windows Start menu or from the Taskbar area if you have the app pinned there. Lastly, make sure you run the app as an administrator to avoid any potential hassles.
Running the Command Prompt as an Administrator
Running the Command Prompt as an Administrator

2. As soon as the Command Prompt is up and running, use the following command and press the “Enter” key. This first piece of text will help us flush our DNS, meaning that it’ll clear away any remnant IP addresses that might possibly be affecting our entanglement with Lost Ark’s online servers.

ipconfig /flushdns
Flushing the DNS Resolver Cache
Flushing the DNS Resolver Cache

3. Right after that, we’re going to input another command. This time, we’ll be registering a new DNS instead of clearing it. Use the following and enter it into your Command Prompt. The process can take a while, so do sit tight. We’ll also be creating a perceivable report and it’ll pop up in the “Event Viewer” menu after 15 minutes or so. 

ipconfig /registerdns
Lost Ark error 10010
Registering a New DNS

4. The next step is to renew your DNS. Use the following command to go through with it painlessly. 

ipconfig /renew
Renewing the IP Address
Renewing the IP Address

5. Time to get to the next phase of our network troubleshooting steps. You now have to perform what is called a Winsock Reset. The latter is an integral connectivity-boosting trick that helps us reset the wsock32 DLL file. You basically restore the default settings of this file and ultimately revert the Winsock Catalog back to its original state.

Ultimately, what all this will do is help us improve our network connections and enhance the way our device handles traffic. Simply use the following command by inputting it into the Command Prompt and you’ll be good to go. Once the process finalizes, however, it will be required to restart the device to apply the necessary changes. 

netsh winsock reset
Lost Ark error 10010
Performing a Winsock Reset

That’s about it for this potential solution! Try launching the game now to see if the Server Authentication Failed issue still persists. You should be able to get into the game’s servers after making all these strides now. If the situation still doesn’t improve, keep on reading for more possible solutions. 

Try Using a VPN 

Using a VPN in your situation can help you get to the bottom of the Lost Ark error 10010 bother. We’ve gathered that this strategy is currently one of the most effective ones for resolving the Server Authentication Failed Lost Ark error whenever it surfaces.

This is because the issue at hand mainly results due to the lackluster availability of servers, so we could possibly get around this connectivity problem by changing our IP address altogether. That way, our Windows PC will attempt to connect to a server in a different region, where hopefully there are better chances of playing Lost Ark online. 

If you don’t have premium-grade VPN software already, feel free to try ProtonVPN. It’s free, secure, and works just as intended. Download the program from the official website, set it up, and connect to another country to see if that would help resolve Lost Ark error 10010. We’ve worked it up that linking the VPN with Brazil– Sao Paulo seems to bring the best results. 

Some players seem to report that trying a VPN managed to solve the problem at hand, so we genuinely hope that you can say the same by the time you’re done here. However, If not even a VPN does the trick on your end, it appears that we will have to implement other strategies. Keep on reading to find out what to do next. 

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Temporarily Disable Antivirus Software, Especially Kaspersky 

After our fair share of due research in Lost Ark community forums, we’ve managed to find out that disabling our installed antivirus software on the PC has something to do with fixing the Lost Ark error 10010 issues. We’re not exactly sure how this works, but we probably don’t need to as well, given our focus on resolving the error as painlessly as possible. 

Therefore, if you’ve got the Windows Firewall Defender software up and running on your device, try turning it off temporarily to see if that would help solve the problem that we have at the present. The following steps are going to talk about just that. 

1. Get started by searching for “Windows Security” in the Windows Search bar. Click on the application when it pops up to get to the next step.

Lost Ark error 10010
Opening Windows Security

2. Right after that, select the “Virus and threat protection” section to move forward. In the final step, you should be able to disable your Windows antivirus software. 

Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed error 10010
Selecting the Virus and Threat Protection Settings

3. In the final step, simply turn off the following features in the “Virus and threat protection settings” section. All you have to do is click on the respective toggle underneath each setting to disable it. This should be fairly simple to complete. 

Great going so far! You’ve now properly disabled your operating system’s in-built antivirus in the hope of resolving the Lost Ark error 10010 issue. In addition to the basics, however, this strategy goes for any third-party antivirus software that you’ve installed as well. One user on the Lost Ark community forum seems to report that disabling the Kaspersky Antivirus and launching the title worked for him.

Therefore, if you’ve also got any of the Kaspersky products on your device, try turning them all off momentarily to determine if they have been the source of this hindrance all along. 

Lastly, other antivirus software that you may have installed on your Windows PC, such as Norton, Malwarebytes, Avira, Avast, or even Bitdefender can possibly detect Lost Ark as a threat and obstruct it from connecting to online servers. You have to try turning their core functionality off if you’re using any other antivirus program instead of Windows Defender. 

Try this and launch Lost Ark to see if you can finally connect to the game’s servers. There’s a likelihood that you now can, but if the problem still doesn’t go away, keep on reading for other types of potential solutions.  

Unlink Your Steam Account on Twitch and Amazon Games 

There’s one more promising fix to the Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed 10010 error circulating around on the internet. As eerie as this sounds, it seems that unlinking your Steam account on Twitch and Amazon games both seems to work out the solution and somehow make the title playable again. Let’s now go over how you can do this on your end exactly. 

First off, head over to the official Amazon Games website and sign in with your Steam account. Since Lost Ark is an Amazon Games product, you will already have logged into the game using the relevant account thereby making the two accounts get linked to each other. Therefore, when you arrive at the website, simply click on the “Unlink account” button in the top-right corner of the area. 

Lost Ark error 10010
Clicking on “Unlink account”

Right after you click on “Unlink account,” a prompt will appear asking you to confirm your decision. All you have to do is click on “Confirm” and the Steam and Amazon Games accounts both will be delinked to each other. In addition, the “NOTE” written in the prompt reads, “This action will also unlink the Twitch account you used to claim Twitch Drops for New World, Lost Ark, and other titles published by Amazon Gameson Steam.”  

Lost Ark error 10010
Confirming the Selection

Therefore, we no longer have to go to Twitch separately to unlink our account from there. Although you’re free to do this as well from the official Twitch Drops section of the Lost Ark website.  

After unlinking your accounts, proceed to launch the game and see if you can finally start playing online. Many players have been able to resolve the issue by employing this strategy, so here’s hoping that you can finally negate the Lost Ark error 10010 as well. 

With that being said, if you still cannot play the MMORPG online and the issue continues to persist, we’ve got a bunch of more potential solutions left to try. 

Change the Title’s Multiplayer Region 

There’s another potential solution that can help us get around the Lost Ark error 10010 issue. This one is more of a manual configuration rather than a trick to help us get into the game’s online servers. It turns out that the region of the title is incorrectly set for some players in the main configuration file of the game called “UserOption“. When this happens, you won’t be able to play the multiplayer mode of the game and will be stuck on the title menu.

To alleviate this, we’ll be tweaking the configuration file of the game ourselves. It seems that the issue results from a title update that isn’t applied to the game properly. Some parts of Lost Ark’s configuration are left out, especially the ones that relate to the MMORPG’s region, so you have to get to them manually. The following steps are going to explain how to do this. 

1. The first step is to open the “File Explorer” system utility on your Windows PC. This can be done easily from the Taskbar or from the Windows Search area if you want to dig out the application particularly. 

2. As soon as you’re done, search for the “UserOption” file using the search bar of File Explorer’s interface. If you cannot find the file that way, you will have to look for it yourself.

3. To do this, open the “steamapps” folder through the Local Disk (C:) hard drive. You might have to enter a couple of folders after entering (C:), such as Program Files (x86) and Steam.

4. When you’re inside the “steamapps” folder, select the “common” folder and follow it up by choosing “Lost Ark” to get to the next step.

5. Continue by clicking on the “EFGame” folder and then entering the “Config” directory.

6. The final step is to launch the “UserOption” configuration XML file that you should be seeing on the screen now. To move forward, scroll down the list of contents present inside the file and locate the following entry


Change the “CE” portion of the entry to “WE,” “WA,” “CE,” or “SA,” depending on where you live, and save the file using the toolbar at the top. 

Lost Ark error 10010
Configuring the Region of Lost Ark

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See If Another Steam Account Does the Trick

This might be undesirable for users who want to build their Steam profile with the games that they play, but it could be the only thing for now that could fix Lost Ark error 10010 on your end. Try using another account on Steam to play the title while logging out with your primary one. If you don’t have more Steam accounts, create one and log into the multiplayer servers of Lost Ark.

This fix has helped out plenty of players experience the multiplayer portion of the well-grounded MMORPG until the developers take notice of all the online-centric bugs plaguing the game. We’re not exactly sure what a different Steam account does to resolve the Server Authentication Failed 10010 error, but it’s definitely worth a shot nonetheless.

If you’ve tried this but the problem still continues to be an unmitigated hassle, then, unfortunately, you only have one more potential fix left to try. 

Reinstall Lost Ark

Reinstalling any game or application is something that bears fruit in most scenarios, no matter if it’s the Lost Ark 10010 error or the Modern Warfare Dev Error 6036. However, make sure that you’ve exhausted all other options before attempting an uninstallation of the game. No one wants to bear with download times all over again, especially after going through them once. With that said, if nothing has worked for you, then you might as well try this particular potential fix too, just in case.  

Try uninstalling the title on your PC by heading to the Steam’s “Library” section. Once done, put Lost Ark to download again, and once it finishes installing, launch the game to see if the error still persists. Hopefully, you’ve now managed to fix the Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed 10010 issue and can now finally experience Arksesia in full flight, which is what the developers refer to for addressing the in-game world. 


Lost Ark has managed to grab quite the attention to its name after finally released on Steam in recent times. The MMORPG is centered on action, adventure, and everything in-between, offering a 100% free gameplay experience that’s free from paywalls and everything of the like. The quality of the visuals and the bustling content of the game are quite astounding, to say the least, and there’s no denying that. 

However, with all of the praise aside for the title, Lost Ark has launched with its fair share of launch errors. The most persistent of them all at the moment is Lost Ark error 10010, hindering curious gamers from loading the title up and hopping into the multiplayer servers of the title. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, this guide will hopefully get you right back into playing. 

All of the fixes detailed above have reportedly worked for similarly troubled players in one way or the other. We recommend trying all of them before you call it a day for the most favorable results. If nothing works, not even a reinstallation, you will have to wait it out until the developers personally tend to the Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed issue. 

In the meantime, do let us know down in the comments section whether you were able to get the game working or not. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck! 

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