FF16: Angel of Death [Location, Rewards & How To Beat]

To find the FF16 Angel of Death location, venture into Claireview in Sanbreque and fast-travel to Northreach, heading towards Lost Wing.

In Final Fantasy 16, players encounter the notorious Mark, the Angel of Death, or Aruna. This formidable level 27 monster presents a thrilling challenge during the first playthrough. Defeating Aruna yields enticing rewards, including XP, Gil, and a valuable Clouded Eye crafting material. To embark on this hunt, adventurers must venture to Clearview in Sanbreque, accessible by fast traveling to Northreach and approaching Lost Wing. Aruna awaits in a vast area before a small offshoot path. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Angel of Death, known as Aruna, is a notorious level 27 Monster. 
  • This hunt’s FF16 Angel of Death location is Clearview in Sanbreque.
  • To reach the location, you must fast travel to Northreach and head towards Lost Wing.
  • This hunt will only spawn after completing the main scenario Quest release.
  • The rewards for defeating Aruna are 350 XP, 40 AP, 6200 Gill, 10 Renown, and a Clouded Eye crafting material.

FF16 Angel Of Death Location

ClaireView Sanbreque
ClaireView Sanbreque [Image by eXputer]
To reach the so-called Aruna, players would have to traverse deep within the heart of Claireview, nestled amidst the mysterious landscape of Sanbreque

How To Beat The Angel of Death

Angel of Death (Aruna)
Angel of Death (Aruna) [Image Captured by Us]
Victory over the monster shall be within reach because you possess the skills to conquer this formidable foe with ease. And in addition to that, to make sure you are prepared, you should have a well-stocked supply of potent potions in case you need them.

  1. Aruna is considered one of the most notorious monsters to defeat.
  2. Pay attention to Aruna’s wind-up moves before unleashing physical attacks.
  3. A turn to the side indicates a swing with their long wing, while pulling straight up signifies a vertical kick toward the ground.
  4. Be cautious of Aruna’s magic attacks, as they are the most potent.
  5. One of their powerful magic attacks involves a burst of wind, preceded by a long green path in front of them; evade this path to avoid the attack.
  6. Aruna will follow up with a swing attack and a downward kick after the wind burst attack.
  7. Utilize Geruda’s abilities to drain Aruna’s defense and stun them.
  8. This will create an opportunity to deal significant damage.
  9. Use the stunned state to unleash powerful abilities like Phoenix and Ifrit, maximizing damage and draining Aruna’s health.
  10. Aruna’s difficulty level doesn’t significantly increase as its health decreases, so persistence is key.
  11. Focus on dodging Aruna’s attacks, stunning them, and dealing as much damage as possible to expedite the battle.
  12. Strategic use of abilities and timing can make the fight against Aruna more manageable.
  13. With careful execution and a consistent offensive approach, players can defeat Aruna efficiently and emerge victorious.

While Aruna possesses formidable attacks and potent magic, careful observation of its wind-up moves, evasion of its powerful magic bursts, and strategic use of abilities can lead to victory. With persistence, skill, and a well-stocked supply of potions, players can conquer Aruna and emerge victorious in this thrilling battle. Moreover, if you are up for news on why Final Fantasy 16 is PlayStation 5 exclusive, you can find some in this subreddit.

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