God Of War Ragnarok: How To Get The Dragon Tooth

Learn about Dragon Tooth and how you can get it in God of War Ragnarok.

The Dragon tooth is used to craft heavy Armor and Weapons at the workshop of the Huldra Brothers in God Of War Ragnarok. Although the material is a bit difficult to get, it is worth the time and effort, as you can upgrade some of the best armor sets and weapon upgrades to enhance their capabilities and dominate during heavy boss fights.

Key Takeaways
  • The Dragon Tooth is a crafting material that is used to forge the Dragon Scaled Armor.
  • It can be obtained from any “Dragon” creature found throughout God of War Ragnarok.
  • Players can obtain a Dragon Tooth very early on by killing a Dreki in Svartfalheim. It is part of the main story so it cannot be missed.
  • A Dragon Tooth can also be found in Vanaheim after killing Crimson the Dread boss.
  • Once you have enough Dragon Tooth, make your way to Brok and Sindri to craft your Dragon Scaled Armor.

What Does Dragon Tooth Do In God Of War

We all are well aware of the fact that resources and upgrading materials are essential finds in GOW Ragnarok for upgrading your items and crafting potions. These resources have different rarity types.  Some are common and easy to find, while others are scarce and need some effort to get your hands on them. Dragon tooth is one of the “rare type” materials that are not just lying around in random places.

God Of War Ragnarok Dragon Tooth
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How To Find The Dragon Tooth

As the name suggests, Dragon Tooth is animal-based material and is generally dropped by the Dragons in Ragnarok once you defeat them. You can hunt plenty of dragon-like creatures throughout your gameplay to get the Dragon Tooth. These monsters are apparently large lizards-like creatures that you’ll often encounter in your quests or path.

Finding these monsters is relatively difficult, so you must spare some time to hunt them specifically. One of the early dragon-like creatures that you will find in Ragnarok is the Dreki. You will encounter the beast while exploring the Svartalfheim Mountains. It is a bulky monster having a bluish appearance with large red scales on its spine.

Dreki Fight

It’s pretty hectic to fight Dreki, so make sure that you’re geared up with the best Armor and Weapon. Once you defeat this monster, it will drop some loot along with the Dragon Tooth that you can acquire. In addition, defeating Dreki will also grant you Chaos Flame, through which you can upgrade your Blades of Chaos.

If you’re specifically farming Dragon Tooth to craft a specific armor, we recommend taking some rest from the main storyline and sparing some time in the explorations and side quests. Once you collect enough Dragon tooth, you can utilize it for upgrading materials or crafting equipment at the shop at Brok and Sindri.

Also, once you get enough of this resource material, along with some other necessary items, you can craft the Dragon Scaled Armor with it. You can also hunt the Dragon Tooth in the large optional area of Vanaheim, where you can look for Crimson the Dread and take up a fight with him to get the deserving reward.

Wrapping Up

Dragon tooth is a rare find in God of War Ragnarok. While you’re exploring the nine vast realms, you will come across many unpredictable challenges along with things that you’re not prepared for. Along your journey, you will persistently enhance your skills, level up your stats, upgrade your equipment and become more experienced. All these things are necessary if you want to survive in a mysterious land. Fortunately, you will also find many materials that will help you in upgrading your gear. 

The main source of getting the Dragon Tooth in God Of War Ragnarok is by hunting and taking down the large dragons in the game. To farm more teeth, look out for other dragon-like enemies during your venture and try taking up a fight if you’re capable of it. You can also find a good amount of Dragon Tooth during your side paths and optional quests.

Most people ignore the side quests and focus more on the main storyline, but it is worthwhile to invest some time in the side paths as they grant you special rewards and resources that help you in improving your gameplay and increase your XP.

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