NBA 2K24: Best Guard Build [Point Guard & Shooting Guard]

Have the Best Guard Build to Dominate your opponents in NBA 2K24!

When starting out in NBA 2K24, it is a tough choice to make a suitable build that is optimal for different modes, including MyCareer, City, and Neighborhood. Before finalizing the best build in NBA 2K24, you need to analyze your playstyle and choose accordingly. The NBA 2K24 Best Guard Build will help you progress through the challenges efficiently.

Key Takeaways
  • The NBA 2K24 Best Guard Build are the ones that are optimized for Point Guard and Shooting Guard positions, with a focus on attributes like Ball Handle, Passing Accuracy, and Three-Point Shot.
  • The advantage of the Best Guard Build is its ability to dominate opponents using Three-Point Shots and efficient dribbling skills.
  • The potential disadvantage of the Best Guard Build is that players can’t be very tall and might have to compromise on defense to a degree in NBA 2K24.
  • The significance of any top-tier Guard Build is to allow players to progress efficiently through the game’s challenges and excel in different modes like MyCareer, City, and Neighborhood

NBA 2K24 Best Guard Builds

Here is a general overview of the Best Point Guard and Shooting Guard builds in NBA 2K24.

AttributePoint GuardShooting Guard
Height 6'6"6'6"
Weight180 lbs185 lbs
Mid-Range Shot7585
Three-Point Shot9092
Free Throw7671
Pass Accuracy7877
Ball Handle9092
Speed with Ball8588
Interior Defense3536
Perimeter Defense8888
Defensive Rebound4548
Close Shot5958
Driving Layup7876
Driving Dunk9089
Standing Dunk4352

How To Make The Best Guard Build

Best NBA 2K24 Free Throw Animations  J.R. Smith
NBA Gameplay – (Image Captured by eXputer)

The best Guard Build includes the character with perfect stats that favor the Point Guard or Shooting Guard positions.

It includes having perfect Body Settings, Attributes, and Dribbling moves. While making a Guard build, you should consider the following factors.

  • Scoring potential from anywhere on the court.
  • Excellent ball-handling skills.
  • Reliable speed with the ball and Passing Accuracy.
  • Ability to create space for shots and drive to the basket.

Although getting into each category and setting the correct perimeters might be a bit overwhelming, taking each section separately and investing some time in creating a personalized build can get favorable results.

Point Guard Build Attributes

NBA 2K24 Attributes
PG Build (Image by eXputer)

The Point Guards play the most important role in the team; therefore, they need to be most skillful with exceptional dribble moves and passing skills. With the right Point Guard build, you can dominate your opponents in defense as well as offense.

Getting the perfect build is a subjective matter and depends on your playstyle. So, it is not necessary to follow the exact stats. You can always play around and look at which build settings suits best for you. Typically, lightweight and fast players with a height under 6’8” tend to be better at guarding positions.

To make the perfect build, you need to select the right attributes that complement your player’s playstyle. With the right parameters, you can have the perfect overall build that you can rely on in all mode types.


Before getting into playmaking, defense, and offense of the players, selecting the suitable body attributes is important. For instance, if you choose too much height, the player will not be able to perform quick dribbling movements and will be vulnerable to the opponent’s fast-paced players.

The following are the Body Attributes for Point Guard Build:

  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’9″


Best NBA 2K24 Free Throw Animations
Throw Animation- (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

For Shooting, you can go for the following stats:

Mid-Range Shot75
Three-Point Shot90
Free Throw76


Playmaking stats play a crucial role in deciding the offense and dribbling skillset of the player.

Pass Accuracy78
Ball Handle90
Speed with Ball85


For defense, you can select the following parameters.

Interior Defense35
Perimeter Defense88
Defensive Rebound45


Physical Attributes for build
Physical Attributes (Image by eXputer)

Physical attributes also play an important role and should not be ignored.



For Finishing, I prefer the following stats:

Close Shot59
Driving Layup78
Driving Dunk90
Standing Dunk43

With 3PT-focused stats, you will be able to get the best Dribbling Badges. The Shooting and Playmaking attributes will help devastate your opponents with lethal offensive skills. If the defense gets challenging, the high-speed Ball and Pass Accuracy stats will help to break the defense and perform some smooth dunks.

After having this general overview of the build, you can perform some experimentation and find the perfect Point Guard Build for you.

Shooting Guard Build Attributes

Attributes and stats
Shooting Guard (Image by eXputer)

NBA 2K24 shows a lot of versatility when it comes to Shooting Guard Build, as you have a great deal of choices to go for. You can either focus on becoming the efficient playmaker, smooth slasher, or three-point specialist. While you can focus your stats on a specific trait, there is a hybrid build that is effective on both ends of the court.

It is possible to play with an SG build that is good at defense as well as shows excellence in offense if you choose the right attributes and skills. For Shooting Guard, you have to focus on each attribute just like PG to get the best results. For SG, you should go for average height and wingspan with complementing body weight that makes the player fast-paced in the arena.


nba 2k24 best guard build
Body Attributes (Image by eXputer)

For SG Build, you can go for the following body attributes:

  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’11”

With 6’6” height and decent weight, you will be able to perform the quickest dribbling moves and jumpshots that break the defense line-up and give you clean shots.


Shooting stats are a crucial aspect and must not be ignored, especially in three-point shots.

For Shooting, you can go for the following stats.

Mid-Range Shot85
Three-Point Shot92
Free Throw71


The second important attribute to focus on is Playmaking, as it decides your Ball Handling and passing accuracy.

For Playmaking, I would go for the following options.

Pass Accuracy77
Ball Handle92
Speed with Ball88


Best Free Throw Animations  J.R. Smith
NBA Match – (Image Captured by eXputer)

Although defense is not the priority in the Shooting Guard Build, It must not be ignored completely.

For Defense, you can select the following parameters.

Interior Defense36
Perimeter Defense88
Defensive Rebound48


Following stats can be used for the Physical attributes.



For Finishing, you can go for the following stats.

Close Shot58
Driving Layup76
Driving Dunk89
Standing Dunk52

Choosing these parameters for Shooting Guard will maximize your performance on the virtual court. Whether you prefer to score at will, lock down opponents defensively, or be a playmaker for your team, the build can perform well for you, of course, with some personalized touch.

Experiment with these best NBA 2K24 Point Guard and Shooting Guard builds with appropriate attributes to find the build that fits you best, or you can check out other NBA players’ builds on a subreddit post and what they are using to dominate the court. Remember that no matter which build you choose, it’s practice and consistency that will make you better on the field. So, keep working on your skills and dominate the challenges in different modes.

Now that you’ve your favorite build, you can consider looking at other related guides, such as NBA 2K24 center builds, NBA 2K24 League Pass, and NBA 2K24 Contact Dunk requirements. Other than that, you can check out NBA 2k24 Crossplay and NBA 2k24 Features guide to learn about all the updates and latest features.


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