Prince of Persia The Lost Crown: All Hidden Chests

Learn about all the hidden chest locations and how to solve each puzzle to get unique rewards.

To get your hands on all the hidden chests in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, you need to solve all nine puzzles. Some of these puzzles are straight forward but few can blow your mind, so you need to act accordingly to get the loot from the hidden chests. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 9 hidden chests in different regions of Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.
  • All chests require a specific puzzle to be solved and you get a reward from each chest. 
  • The puzzles can be challenging and time-consuming and also require a lot of intelligence.
  • The toughest of these is the Soma Tree and Pit Of Eternal Sands hidden chests because of the work you require to solve the puzzle.

Summary Of All Hidden Chests

The following table shows the region and reward you get from each hidden chest:

Hidden Chest LocationReward
1Lower CityZurvan's Voice
2The Depths Shockwave Amulet
3Soma TreeAzure Damascus Ingot
4Hyrcanian Forest Soma Tree Petal
5Tower Of SilenceSoma Tree Petal
6Sunken HarborArd's Fortune
7Sacred Archives Soma Tree Petal
8Sacred Archives Amulet Holder
9Pit Of Eternal Sands Soma Tree Petal

1. Lower City

Lower City (Image Captured By Us)

If you travel to the left of the Haven, you will come across two statues facing each other. Observe their aim of bows and fire your arrow straight upward by standing in the middle of these statues. This will unlock the hidden chest and you will get Zurvan’s Voice amulet as a reward.

2. The Depths

The Depths (Image Captured By Us)

Travel to the room beneath the upper entrance to Sunken Harbor. There you will find two golden faces in the top corner above the hidden chest. Here, use the Simurgh ability and place your shadow on one of the faces. Then just dash to the next face so that both faces are lit and the hidden chest will be revealed. The chest contains a Shockwave amulet as a reward.

3. Soma Tree

Soma Tree (Image Captured By Us)

Head left from the fast travel point and then move upwards. As you move further left you will reach the area containing statues. Use the dimensional claw ability to move the statues. Solve the puzzle by placing each statue in a specific position. The smallest statue is expecting a guest while the medium is guarding the smaller one and the larger one watching them both.

Grab all three statues and place them accordingly to reveal the hidden chest. The largest must be the rightmost, medium one in the center facing the smaller statue. As a reward, you will get an Azure Damascus Ingot from the chest which can be used to upgrade weapons.

4. Hyrcanian Forest

Hyrcanian Forest (Image Captured By Us)

Moving towards the left of the Wak-Wak tree in Hyrcanian Forest, descend to the room’s floor and go all the way to the right. There, you can find the hidden chest along with some arrows. Shoot the grass growing on the four platforms and be quick as it can grow back. This will unlock the hidden chest and you will get a Soma Tree Petal as a reward from the chest.

5. Tower Of Silence

Tower Of Silence (Image Captured By Us)

This is one of the end-game hidden chests and to find it you need to travel to the lower right side of the Tower Of Silence region and find the stone structure. Kill the enemy around the chest and position yourself left of the chest to let the background structure complete. Once a circle in the center is created throw your Chakram at the circle to spawn the hidden chest. You will get Soma Tree Petal as a reward from the chest.

6. Sunken Harbor

Sunken Harbor (Image Captured By Us)

Travel to the far southeast corner of Sunken Harbor. There you will find the Tic Tac Toe board, and complete the game using the Chakram. You need to aim your Chakram on the top left corner and complete a row of ‘O’ on the board. Be cautious because the chest that appears is a monster. Don’t rush and kill the mimic enemy to claim the Ard’s Fortune amulet as a reward.

7. Sacred Archives

Sacred Archives (Image Captured By Us)

It is one of the easiest chests to get in Prince of Persia TLC. You need to travel to the place as shown in the image and crouch to copy the image on the background wall. This will reveal the hidden chest and you will get Soma Tree Petal as the reward from the chest.

8. Sacred Archives

Sacred Archives (Image Captured By Us)

There is another hidden chest in the region of Sacred Archives, for this travel to the uppermost of the region. Head left of the Temple of Knowledge fast travel point upper exit and you will come across the wall with nine symbols on it. To create the required grid, you must jump onto the bottom wooden platform and cast a shadow.

Then air dash along the top row and down the right column. Then air dash to the left in the middle row, drop down, and dash to the last row second column. This will complete the pattern and you will get the hidden chest with Amulet Holder as a reward.

9. Pit Of Eternal Sands

Pit Of Eternal Sands (Image Captured By Us)

This is rather a long puzzle to solve, so first of all you need to fast travel to the Pit of Eternal Sands. Defeat the enemy at the bottom and pick the stone to break the middle of the floor. Then fast travel to the Night Temple in the Upper City and capture one of the statues by using a Dimensional Claw.

Bring this captured statue to the Pit Of Eternal Sands entrance and drop the statue’s enemy in the trap so that it is crushed. This will reveal the hidden chest with Soma Tree Petal as the reward.

My Take

I think unlocking all hidden chests is the most time-consuming and difficult task in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. They require a lot of puzzle-solving and you need to travel a lot to reach the locations of each chest. 

Particularly I faced the most difficulty in the Soma Tree and Pit Of Eternal Sands hidden chest because they consumed more time and had to cover a lot of distance. So, I would suggest to complete these two at the end to save time. That is all about hidden chests in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. To get more insights, you can read Prince of Persia The Lost review by Usama Mehmood


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