Spider-Man 2: Harry Osborn [Role & Impact On Story]

Harry Osborn's return was teased at the end of Spider-Man 2018, and he plays a major role in the plot of Spider-Man 2.

Harry Osborn plays a pivotal role in Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2, and his character keeps changing as the plot progresses. I will try to explain his character and his intentions, but you should only read this guide if you’ve ended the campaign, as I will entail spoilers.

Key Takeaways
  • Harry Osborn is one of the major characters and plays a big role throughout the main story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.
  • His character and the relationship with the Symbiote keep evolving as the plot progresses.
  • The ending sequence with Harry Osborn is extremely emotional.
  • Additionally, the post-credits scene with Harry and Norman teases some new villains for Spider-Man 2’s sequel.
Important: I will discuss spoilers while explaining the character of Harry Osborn, so proceed with caution!

Who Is Harry Osborn In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

character in game
Harry Osborn’s Treatment (Image Captured by eXputer)

Harry is the son of Norman Osborn and the best friend of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. During the events of Spider-Man 2018, it can be learned that Harry’s mother, Emily, died from a genetic disease, and the same disease was now attacking Harry.

Without telling Peter and MJ, Harry underwent treatment with the help of his father, Norman. However, the treatment included him fusing with a Symbiote in a tank, which was shown in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man 2018. This is also the reason why everyone speculates Venom to be Harry Osborn. 

Harry’s Introduction In Spider-Man 2

harry osborn spider-man 2
Harry’s Introduction In Spider-Man 2 (Image Captured by Us)

Peter and MJ meet Harry shortly after the tutorial mission of Spider-Man 2. He seems to be fully healed and apologizes to his friends for not telling them about his illness. Peter and Harry go on a ride to their old school, and a flashback section takes players through the friendship of these two characters.

All in all, Peter is really happy to get Harry back. Harry now wants to fulfill his dream to Heal The World, but he cannot achieve it without Peter. So he invites Peter to his newly constructed mega-lab, where he offers Peter a job as well. The lab has various programs going on, each working hard to help the world in any way, shape, or form.

Harry As Spider-Man

harry osborn spider-man 2
Harry Osborn As Spider-Man (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Soon after Peter accepts the job at the Emily-May Foundation, the mega lab, Harry reveals Spider-Man-like properties during the events that take place at Coney Island. Basically, Harry reveals his superhuman strength, which is essentially something he gained from the Symbiote.

After the revelation, Harry actually joins Peter to protect New York from crime and names the alliance Spider-Pals. Both of them quickly become acquainted with each other as heroes and actually make a good team until Kraven joins the hunt.

Harry Without The Symbiote

character in game
Harry Saves Peter By Giving Him The Symbiote (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

During the clash with Kraven, Peter gets gravely injured. In order to save Peter, Harry gives the symbiote to him unconsciously. This brings in Peter’s hyped Black Symbiote Suit. It does save Peter’s life, but without the Symbiote, Harry’s health starts degrading again.

Peter has to find Dr Curt Connors, who might know how to get the Symbiote off of him and get it back on Harry. Unfortunately, the Symbiote starts affecting Peter’s mentality, and he turns into a more selfish and ruthless character who now does not want to remove the Symbiote.

Harry As Venom

harry osborn spider-man 2
Harry Osborn As Venom (Image Captured by eXputer)

After a huge stretch of events, Miles finally knocks some sense back into Peter and helps him remove the Symbiote. Peter takes it back to Oscorp so that Dr Curt Connors can destroy it because the Symbiote is dangerous and harmful.

Peter apologizes to Harry and says that he will find another way to save him. In anger, Harry hits the encapsulated Symbiote and releases it. Then Harry fuses with the Symbiote to turn into Venom and charges out of Oscorp whilst causing massive destruction.

Harry In The Ending

character in game
Harry And Peter In The Ending (Image Captured by Us)

Venom is the final boss that Peter and Miles have to face and Peter wants to save his best friend Harry from the control of the Symbiote. Unfortunately, in the end, Peter has to destroy the Symbiote, which means he also has to kill Harry.

Peter does destroy the Symbiote, and Harry almost dies, but Miles uses his Venom Powers to restart his heartbeat. Harry did not die at the end, but he did go into a coma and lost all neural activity. He is now bedridden again and cannot respond to anything. This has a huge impact on Norman Osborn, who now bears hatred towards the Spider-Men.

My Thoughts On Harry Osborn

Harry’s entire character arc was fascinating throughout the events of Spider-Man, and I’m really happy that Insomniac chose him as Venom and not Eddie Brock. Making Harry fight Peter made for one of the most emotional moments. Harry’s ending actually broke me, and it actually sets up the introduction for Green Goblin in Spider-Man 3, in my opinion.

I hope that you enjoyed my character analysis of Harry Osborn in Spider-Man 2. You can also read my speculations regarding Cindy, who was teased in the post-credits scene. Spider-Man 2 really is the best superhero title as it offers a wide variety of suits, gadgets, and skills for both Peter and Miles. The narrative is also really well done!


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