Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber Of Detachment Puzzle [Solved]

Learn how to solve the Chamber of Detachment puzzle along with the location of its respective collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Detachment is one of the seven Jedi Meditation Chambers that can be found on your 3rd trip to Koboh while exploring the Mountain Ascent. Like the other Jedi Meditation Chambers, solving this one can be tough as well, but the reward you get for solving this chamber makes it totally worth it, and with this guide, I can even ease some of your sufferings.

Chamber Of Detachment Puzzle
  • There are seven Jedi Meditation chambers, and one of them is the Chamber of Detachment,
  • The Chamber of Detachment is located behind the waterfall, past the green force fields in the Mountain Ascent area of the Koboh region.
  • You’ll need dash ability and the Koboh Grinder to traverse this chamber, both of which can be unlocked via story progression.
  • Patience Perk is the reward for solving this puzzle, which refills your health once you activate Slow Time.
Important: To solve Chamber of Detachment, you’ll need BD-1’s Koboh Grinder and the ability to dash through force fields. Both of these can be acquired by solving these two missions:

  • Koboh Research Tanalorr
  • Jedha – Locate Brother Armias

What Is The Chamber of Detachment?

Chamber of Detachment is one of seven Jedi Meditation Chambers in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. It’s located in the Mountain Ascent area of the Koboh region, behind a waterfall. To solve the puzzle, players must manipulate blocks and orbs to destroy Koboh Matter and access hidden areas. The reward for solving this chamber is the Patience Perk, which refills health when Slow Time is activated.

Location Of Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Detachment

Chamber of Detachment
Star wars jedi survivor chamber of detachment puzzle Location

You’ll need to travel fast to the Mountain Ascent area in the Koboh region, near the meditation point. Once there, you’ll see two green force fields, which you have to dash through using your “Dash” ability. Past the two green force fields, you’ll find a waterfall, and where there is a waterfall, there is a mystery.

Jedi Meditation
Chamber of Detachment

Across the waterfall, there is a lift that’ll take you directly to the Chamber of Detachment. Alongside the puzzle, I will also cover the collectibles present in this chamber, which are 6 in total.

Puzzle Solution & Collectibles

  • After you have descended, grab Force Echo #1 (Collectible #1) near the chamber entrance.
    First Collectible
    Force Echo 1
  • Then enter the main chamber hall and pick up Force Echo #2 (Collectible #2), located exactly to your far right, near the rotating slot.
    Second Collectible
    Force Echo 2
  • Afterwards, interact with the third Force Echo (Collectible #3), located to the right of the giant block,
    Third Collecyi
    Force Echo 3
  • Use the Force and pull the block outwards.
    Chamber of Detachment
    First Block
  • Pick up the Orb behind the block, and throw it into the rotating slot on the other side of the room.
    Orb in rotating slot
  • This slot will amplify the energy of the Orb, allowing it to unleash a laser beam that can destroy the Koboh Matter on the walls.
  • In order to destroy the Koboh matter in the room, use the BD Grinder’s spray on the Koboh Matter near the second slot (the one opposite to the rotating one) and extend the spray all the way to its roots on the wall.
    Chamber of Detachment
    Destroying the Koboh Matter on the wall
  • Once the roots are destroyed, a Datadisc ( (Collectible #4) will drop.
    Collectible 3
    The Datadisc dropped from Koboh Matter
  • Now use the spray again on Koboh Matter near the block.
    Chamber of Detachment
    Koboh Matter near the block.
  • Pull the block forward and keep it in the fire beam’s range to charge it before sending it back again.
    Beam of Fire
    Charging up the block
  • Destroying the Koboh Matter near the block will reveal another block that can further assist you with the puzzle.
    Chamber of Detachment
    The second block
  • Pull both the blocks out to reveal the treasure hidden behind the wall. Inside the treasure, you will find the BD-1 Materials Jedi Paint scheme (Collectible #5).
    Collectible 5 – Treasure
  • Moving onto the next step in the Star wars jedi survivor chamber of detachment walkthrough, once that’s done, the tricky part of the puzzle begins. The area has two blocks, one block lift, and one pressure plate. These are key elements that will take you to the upper platform.
  • The lift is connected to the pressure plate, and the lift goes up once the pressure is off. What you need to do is to have one block on the pressure plate and one on the lift.
  • Here’s how to do this; pull both the blocks out and immediately send the first one back before the second hits the pressure plate.
    The blocks
    Placing the blocks in optimal positions
  • This gives enough time for the second block to remain on the pressure plate while the first one approaches the lift.
  • Now send the first block forward and climb the second one. The timing is key here; as soon as you are on the lifted block, go for the jump. Waiting too long will make you fall off.
    Timing the jump
  • Once you have made the climb, head inside the chamber and collect your reward (Collectible #6).


The reward for completing the Star wars jedi survivor chamber of detachment puzzle- Patience Perk

The Patience perk is the reward for completing Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chambers of Detachment. This perk refills your health once “Slow Time” is activated and costs three slots. 


At the start, I mentioned that the Chamber of Detachment is one of the handful chambers of Jedi Chambers you will explore throughout the game. So if you want to know about the location of other chambers for completion purposes or want to get your hands on solid perks, consider going through our guides on the Chamber of Reason and Alignment Control Center in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

While you are at it, consider going through our guide on the best skills to take takedown the bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor easily. If you are playing on a PC, I recommend going through the best settings guide to maximize your in-game performance since it is in a very rough state right now.

This concludes our guide on Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Detachment. Let us know your queries in the comments below.


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