Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier List [February 2024]

After 30 hours experience, here is my take on Arcane Odyssey Magic so you always pick the best in the game.

There are 20 Magics in Arcane Odyssey Magic and all of these come with variable stats such as Size, Speed, Damage, and Clashing Powers. Knowing which ones are the best will allow players to win clashes with much more ease. That is why I have curated Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier List and ranked all Magics after playing the game for more than 35+ hours now

Key Takeaways
  • There are 20 Magics in Arcane Odyssey Magic.
  • S-Tier: Unparalleled magical dominance with the best abilities and Clasing advantage.
  • A Tier: Powerful Magics that offer balanced, and strategic depth in combat.
  • B Tier: Well-rounded mastery, offering reliability, versatility, and engaging tactical gameplay.
  • C Tier: Competent Magics, balanced encounters, but weak nevertheless.
  • D Tier: Poor Magics that are no good for consistent use.

All Arcane Odyssey Magic Ranked And Compared

Here is a complete look at the overall ranking of all Magics in the game based on Magic Size, Magic Speed, Magic Damage, Destruction, Clash Advantage, Clash Disadvantage, and Clash Average stats.

NoMagic NamesTierSizeSpeedDamageDestructionClash AdvantageClash DisadvantageClash Average
1Lightning MagicS-Tier1.0x1.5x0.875x1.0x741.01 (Above Average)
2Explosion MagicS-Tier1.3x0.8x, 0.75x (Imbued)0.925x1.2x1231.14 (High)
3Light MagicS-Tier1.0x1.8x0.85x(Base), 0.9775x(Max Stack Blinded), 0.775x(Imbued)0.5x1130.86 (Low)
4Plasma MagicS-Tier1.0x1.3x0.8x(Base), + 0.24x(Scorch) = 1.04x, 0.775x(Imbued)0.9x980.99 (Average)
5Glass MagicA-Tier1.1x1.0x0.9x(Base), + 0.225x(Bleed) = 1.125x0.3x890.88 (Low)
6Shadow MagicA-Tier1.15x1.2x0.95x0.75x5100.93 (Below Average)
7Ash MagicA-Tier1.25x0.9x0.85x0.3x4130.94 (Below Average)
8Poison MagicA-Tier1.15x1.0x0.75x(Base), + 0.75x(Poison) = 1.5x, 0.85x(Imbued)0.20x2160.89 (Below Average)
9Fire MagicA-Tier1.1x1.0x0.85x(Base), + 0.2975x(Burn) = 1.1475x0.8x3100.9 (Below Average)
10Water MagicA-Tier1.2x1.0x0.925x0.2x690.86 (Low)
11Ice MagicB-Tier1.2x0.8x0.95x0.6x8101 (Average)
12Magma MagicB-Tier1.2x0.7x0.9x(Base), + 0.45x(Melt) = 1.35x, 1.0x(Imbued)0.9x1311.2 (High)
13Metal MagicB-Tier1.2x0.55x1.05x(Base), + 0.2625x(Bleed)(Hit 5% Target HP) = 1.3125x1.1x1811.31 (Highest)
14Snow MagicB-Tier1.15x1.1x0.925x0.4x4130.87 (Low)
15Sand MagicC-Tier1.15x0.95x0.975x, 0.95x(Imbued)0.5x6110.93 (Below Average)
16Crystal MagicC-Tier1.15x0.75x0.975x(Base), 1.2675x(3rd stack Crystallized)0.725x1431.1 (High)
17Acid MagicC-Tier1.0x1.0x0.875x(Base), + 0.4375x(Corrode) = 1.3125x, 0.925x(Imbued)0.25x850.98 (Average)
18Wood MagicD-Tier1.2x0.8x0.95x(Base), + 0.25x(Bleed)(Hit 5% Target HP) = 1.20x0.7x991.01 (Above Average)
19Earth MagicD-Tier1.3x0.6x1.0x, + 0.25x(Bleed)(Hit 33% Target HP) = 1.25x0.75x1531.19 (High)
20Wind MagicD-Tier1.2x1.4x0.825x, 0.775x(Imbued)0.5x5110.83 (Lowest)


Arcane Odyssey Magic S-Tier List [Image by eXputer]
Magic NamesSizeSpeedDamageDestructionClash AdvantageClash DisadvantageClash Average
Lightning Magic1.0x1.5x0.875x1.0x741.01 (Above Average)
Explosion Magic1.3x0.8x, 0.75x (Imbued)0.925x1.2x1231.14 (High)
Light Magic1.0x1.8x0.85x(Base), 0.9775x(Max Stack Blinded), 0.775x(Imbued)0.5x1130.86 (Low)
Plasma Magic1.0x1.3x0.8x(Base), + 0.24x(Scorch) = 1.04x, 0.775x(Imbued)0.9x980.99 (Average)

With 30+ hours of experience in Arcane Odyssey, the S-Tier list I have curated contains the best Magics you can find in the game. Characters with S-Tier Magics wield the most powerful and versatile abilities. These magics boast exceptional strengths and minimal weaknesses, as evidenced by the stats in the table above.

Playing Arcane Odyssey with S-Tier magics was amazing! The on-hit effects in battles were like secret weapons, making me feel unstoppable. If you have these Magics, then just go for them and stop using any other in the game!


Arcane Odyssey Magic A-Tier List [Image by eXputer]
Magic NamesSizeSpeedDamageDestructionClash AdvantageClash DisadvantageClash Average
Glass Magic1.1x1.0x0.9x(Base), + 0.225x(Bleed) = 1.125x0.3x890.88 (Low)
Shadow Magic1.15x1.2x0.95x0.75x5100.93 (Below Average)
Ash Magic1.25x0.9x0.85x0.3x4130.94 (Below Average)
Poison Magic1.15x1.0x0.75x(Base), + 0.75x(Poison) = 1.5x, 0.85x(Imbued)0.20x2160.89 (Below Average)
Fire Magic1.1x1.0x0.85x(Base), + 0.2975x(Burn) = 1.1475x0.8x3100.9 (Below Average)
Water Magic1.2x1.0x0.925x0.2x690.86 (Low)

The A-Tier Arcane Odyssey Magic list represents second-to-none entries in the game. The characters or Magics I have listed in the table above have powerful base magics, showcasing impressive strengths and few vulnerabilities. With diverse spell types and shapes, A-Tier offers a balanced gameplay experience.


Arcane Odyssey Magic B-Tier List [Image by eXputer]
Magic NamesSizeSpeedDamageDestructionClash AdvantageClash DisadvantageClash Average
Ice Magic1.2x0.8x0.95x0.6x8101 (Average)
Magma Magic1.2x0.7x0.9x(Base), + 0.45x(Melt) = 1.35x, 1.0x(Imbued)0.9x1311.2 (High)
Metal Magic1.2x0.55x1.05x(Base), + 0.2625x(Bleed)(Hit 5% Target HP) = 1.3125x1.1x1811.31 (Highest)
Snow Magic1.15x1.1x0.925x0.4x4130.87 (Low)

While lacking the overwhelming might of higher tiers, the strategic depth that I found in this tier was on point and felt more balanced. The on-hit effects, damage, magic size, and magic speed all felt not too powerful nor too weak! If I have to summarize this tier, I’d tell you that B-Tier is all about finesse and adaptability!


Arcane Odyssey Magic C-Tier List [Image by eXputer]
Magic NamesSizeSpeedDamageDestructionClash AdvantageClash DisadvantageClash Average
Sand Magic1.15x0.95x0.975x, 0.95x(Imbued)0.5x6110.93 (Below Average)
Crystal Magic1.15x0.75x0.975x(Base), 1.2675x(3rd stack Crystallized)0.725x1431.1 (High)
Acid Magic1.0x1.0x0.875x(Base), + 0.4375x(Corrode) = 1.3125x, 0.925x(Imbued)0.25x850.98 (Average)

Playing with the C-Tier list Magics during my 30+ hours journey was a decent experience in Arcane Odyssey. The base Magics were okay, with familiar spell types. The entries you see in the table above do not have the highest damage, size, and speed, but these have excellent Clashing Power, especially the Crystal Magic.


Arcane Odyssey Magic D-Tier List [Image by eXputer]
Magic NamesSizeSpeedDamageDestructionClash AdvantageClash DisadvantageClash Average
Wood Magic1.2x0.8x0.95x(Base), + 0.25x(Bleed)(Hit 5% Target HP) = 1.20x0.7x991.01 (Above Average)
Earth Magic1.3x0.6x1.0x, + 0.25x(Bleed)(Hit 33% Target HP) = 1.25x0.75x1531.19 (High)
Wind Magic1.2x1.4x0.825x, 0.775x(Imbued)0.5x5110.83 (Lowest)

D-Tier represents Magics in Arcane Odyssey who are very weak and not worth the time. With access to the base magics, D-Tier entries exhibit limited strengths and notable weaknesses. If I were you, I would just stay clear of using these Magics as mains in the game and would invest my time in finding out ways to perform best with Magics from the higher tiers!

Arcane Odyssey Magic Tier List Criteria

With 30+ hours in the game, my criteria to rank all Magics is based on the following stats:

  • Magic Size
  • Magic Speed
  • Magic Damage
  • Destruction
  • Clash Advantage
  • Clash Disadvantage
  • Clash Average

I’ve meticulously ranked each operative based on my knowledge and their in-game character stats and Clashing Powers. If you found this tier list beneficial, I strongly encourage you to explore further by checking out these recommendations: Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tier ListEversoul Tier ListBrave Nine Tier ListBDO Tier List, and TFT Tier List.


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