Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List [May 2023]

Can't figure out the best race? Our deadly sins retribution race tier list will help you select the characters from the best race.

There are around seven races in Deadly Sins Retribution. If you are wondering which one is the best and which one is the worst, then you are at the right place. We have ranked all the races of Deadly Sins Retribution in this Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List. 

We will rank each race from the S-D tier. There are a huge amount of characters in the game, so you should only unlock the best ones. You can only do that if you know which race characters are best. So, let’s start the tier list without wasting any time.

On April 10, 2023, the game was updated, and a new code, hybridupdate was added. this code gives 35 spins for each race. 

Key Takeaways

  • There are around 7 races in deadly sins retribution for now.
  • Deity and Curse are the best races in the game.
  • Deity is among the best because it can heal and boost its attacks.
  • Curse is in the top 2 because it can self-heal and do some massive AoE damage.
  • Demons and Goddesses are pretty fun to play with, and they are best after Curse and Deity.
  • Human is the worst race in the game due to the lack of combat moves.

Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List

TierRaceDrop rateType

S Tier

S Tier Characters

The races that will be discussed in this tier are undoubtedly the best ones in the games. The best race characters are difficult to obtain, but they are truly worth the odds. You must use these characters if you want to stand at the top of Deadly Sins Retribution’s world. These characters might take some effort to master, but it will all be worth it.

SDeity, Curse


Deity is one of the most powerful and rare races in Deadly Sins Retribution. The characters of this class can self-heal and boost their own damage, which is undoubtedlyD a broken ability. Moreover, the characters will also have a higher AoE attack at higher clan levels.

Clan Level 1:The characters will awaken the eyes of a God, and their magical power and melee damage will get a boost.
Clan Level 65:The characters will attain self-healing. You will be able to use divine powers to heal yourself.
Clan Level 150:You will get a new skill, Holy Punishment. With this, you can rain down heaven on the enemies.
Clan Level 500:You will get Deity Wings. Deities will reveal their true nature at clan level 500. Moreover, they will get a significant boost of 350% in their magic.


  • A character of a Deity race can heal themselves.
  • Deity race characters can boost their own attacks.
  • The characters in Deity Race are fun to play with.


  • As Deity is a legendary rage, the chance of getting a character from this race is 0.1%


Curse is also a legendary class race that is capable of self-healing, just like Deity. Moreover, the characters of Curse are able to display some massive AoE damage to the opponents. 

Clan Level 1:You will get the Reverse Curse Technique. This technique will help you to rapidly heal yourself based on your magic.
Clan Level 40:You will receive Cresent Cut. This technique allows your character to fire three claws in a small AoE in front of you.
Clan Level 100:You will receive Cresent Cleaver. This skill constantly shoots around you for a short period of time. Also, when the skill is used, an AoE bubble will follow you. 


  • The characters from the Cruse race can rapidly perform self-healing.
  • The AoE damage from Curse is something to look forward to.


  • The chance of getting any character from this race is 0.1%.

A Tier

A Tier Characters

The races in the A-tier of our Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List are good, but they can’t beat the races in S-tier. If you want to use any characters from the races discussed in A-tier, then feel free to, as the difference isn’t that huge. Also, characters from the races in A-tier would be easier to obtain.

ADemon, Goddess


The characters from the Demon race excel at melee combat. the demons are capable of doing a good amount of melee damage, and they get more advantageous with the increase in clan level.   

Clan Level 20:You will get the tier-one demon mark. With this, a dark aura will appear on you for a little time. After that, a crescent-shaped tattoo will be visible on your forehead. This will give a boost to your melee damage.
Clan Level 20:You will get version 2 of the tier one demon mark. this will happen automatically once you gain 35 points. Then the same tattoo will cover more of your face which will give even more boost to melee damage.
Clan Level 85:You will get tier-one wings. It will give you 90+ magical damage and health.
Clan Level 85:You will get the tier two wings. A new tattoo will appear on your chest, and it will give a +35 melee damage boost.


  • A demon can boost its damage and defense.
  • A demon can fly at higher levels.
  • The clan-level boosts are pretty awesome.


  • Demons are pretty rare as there is only 1% to get them.


As Demons are the most skilled in melee attacks, the Goddesses are most skilled in magical attacks. Just like Demons, Goddesses can fly too. 

Clan Level 18:You will gain tier-one angel wings. These wings will let you fly, and the magic will get a significant boost of 50%. The cooldown will be of one minute.
Clan Level 50:You will get tier two angel wings. The same thing will happen, but the magic will get a boost of 100%.
Clan Level 80:You will get ARK T1. This will let you fire a ball of light the Goddess Race harnesses. The ball cannot be controlled once unleashed in a direction. On collision, it will explode.


  • The magic attacks of Goddesses are pretty strong.
  • The advantage is great as the clan level increases. 


The chance to get a Goddess is only 3%.

B Tier

B Tier Characters

The race in the B-Tier of Deadly Sings Retribution Race tier List is not good, but not bad either. The characters from this race would be fun to play with, but they will struggle against the characters from a higher tier.



Vampire is a rare race whose characters have the ability to regenerate, meaning they can pretty much self-heal. Vampires, on their own, can’t deal much damage. However, their bat can make up for it.

Clan Level 4:You will gain high-speed regen. This will allow you to heal quickly for a short period of time.
Clan Level 35:You will gain bloodlust. You will heal a fifth of the damage you have health for a few seconds.
Clan Level 60:You will attain Bat Dom. With this, Bats will assist you in combat and deal some massive damage for a short period.  


  • Vampires can regenerate their health, which allows them to stay longer on the battlefield.
  • On a higher clan level, Vampire bats can do some good damage.
  • Getting a Vampire is not that hard, as the chances are 15%.


  • The bats won’t be on the battlefield for too long, so there’s not much consistent damage.

C Tier

C Tier Characters

The race in C Tier is the second-worst race in the game. The character from the race that will be discussed in the C-Tier won’t be helpful to you, but as they are pretty common, you might have to use them at the start. As soon as you get a better character from the upper tiers, quickly switch them.



Fairy is the second most common race in Deadly Sins Retribution. Fairies can’t do much, as they can only get some magic boost. Still, they are fun to play, but they won’t help much on the battlefield. 

Clan Level 6:You will get tier-one Fairy Wings. This will boost your magical damage by 20% of your overall magic.
Clan Level 25:You will attain tier two Fairy Wings. This will boost your magical damage by 70% of the overall magic you have.


  • Faries are the second most common, so there is a 23% chance of getting them.
  • They can boost their magical powers.


  • Fairies Can’t do well against races from the upper tier.
  • They are pretty much useless in combat.

D Tier

D Tier Characters

The race in the D Tier of this Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List is pretty much useless. We won’t recommend using this race as it doesn’t have many benefits, and it won’t do anything against higher-tier characters. The ideal choice is to select the characters from the S-B tier. you can even select from the C tier.



Human is the most common race in Deadly Sins Retribution. Humans can be used against other humans in combat as their superior mana regeneration makes up for the lack of moves.   

Clan Level 6:You will get Mana Blessing. This will give a boost to magic defense and attack for a little time.


  • Humans are the most common race, so the chance of them dropping is 58%.
  • They can enhance their abilities by regeneration.


  • Lack of combat moves.
  • Not much useful in combat against higher-tier races.
  • Only one ability can be obtained from the Clan.

Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List Ranking Criteria

We have ranked each race available in Deadly Sins Retribution from S-D Tiers. The races are ranked solely on the basis of their abilities, combat power, and magic power. Their higher-tier characters are hard to obtain, so all of the players might not have them, but eventually, they will get some.

With that said, there might be a little personal preference included in the tier list as we have played the game and then ranked. Of course, we have kept the communities’ choices in mind while drafting this tier list. You can choose whichever you enjoy playing as the main goal of this is to have fun.

That is almost everything you would want to know about the races in the game. The Ideal choice is to choose characters from the S-A tier, but you can choose any. If you like Seven Deadly Sins, then you should check our Idle Awakening Tier list, as some of the characters from this anime are ranked there. Also, you will find other cool characters from different anime. Moreover, you should join the Deadly Sins Retribution’s Discord for guides and tips.

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