Diablo 4: Uldur Cave [Complete Walkthrough]

Uldur Cave in Diablo 4 is filled with sand and has no bosses, making it relatively easier to complete than other dungeon locations.

Diablo 4 is an adventurous game famous for its stellar and special locations, especially its dungeons and caves with unique twists, threats, and undiscovered treasures. Uldur Cave is one of the dungeons in Diablo 4. This sand-filled dungeon has no boss; hence it is relatively easier to complete and get the rewards known as aspects

Key Takeaways
  • Uldur Cave is one of the notable dungeons in Diablo 4, known for its intriguing atmosphere, and is located on Kehjistan’s rough coastline.
  • The dungeon is filled with sand and does not feature any bosses, making it relatively easier to complete than other dungeons.
  • To start the adventure in Uldur Cave, players must find a fast-travel point called Gea Kul on the map and then head north to locate the cave.
  • Inside Uldur Cave, players must accomplish tasks such as destroying barricades, activating two levers, battling enemies, and proceeding to an area called the Bandit Hideout.
  • Throughout the cave, players will come across enemies and rewards, including treasure chests.
  • One of these chests is cursed, and players must defend themselves while collecting the loot.
  • Players must also find and destroy four Ancient Totems within the cave before moving on to the next area.
  • The final objective is to clear out the Bandit Hideout by defeating all enemies found there.
  • Upon completion of the dungeon, players are rewarded with an item called the Aspect of The Damned.
  • The Aspect of The Damned is exclusively for the Necromancer class, and it serves as an offensive attribute, empowering them in combat.

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Uldur Cave Location In Diablo 4

Uldur Cave is a mesmerizing and mysterious dust-filled dungeon in the game located on the uneven and rough coastline of Kehjistan. This is an unfriendly place where players might face cannibals, monsters, and other sorts of threats. So be cautious when you are near this area.

Diablo 4: Uldur's Cave Location
Uldur’s Cave location in Diablo 4. [image by us]
To start your journey through the Uldur Cave, follow the given steps:

  • You will first need to find the Gea Kul on the map; it is a fast-travel point. 
  • From there, start moving towards the northern side. 
  • You are going to see a red skull icon at the entrance of the cave, meaning danger or a formidable place. 
  • You will see a variety of planks, barrels, and other stuff at the entrance.
  • Interact with them and enter the cave.

Objectives Of The Uldur Cave

Diablo 4: sand-filled Uldur Cave
Enormous sand-filled Uldur’s Cave in Diablo 4. [image by eXputer]
To complete Uldur Cave, one must follow these steps which are as follows

  1. You have to kill three Barricades.
  2. Proceed to the Bandit Hideout.
  3. Moving on, activate two Levers, which will help you attack the foes.
  4. Consequently, destroy every enemy in the Bandit Hideout.
  5. No bosses are present in Uldur Cave.


As you enter the dungeon, you will encounter many enemies and some rewards in the shape of chests. Walk through the main path and head towards the edge, then demolish the first barricade of the cave; once you end up destroying the initial barricade, a pack of foes will come at you in full rage.

  1. Beat the enemies and get past them.
  2. You will see a cursed chest
  3. . Then you have to stay for a while with the chest to take all the benefits from it; meanwhile, enemies will also assault you in the process.
Diablo 4: enemies in Uldur's Cave
Enemies encounter in Uldur Cave. [image by us]
  1. When you get the rewards from the chest, after that, you have to go down towards the top of Northeast, and you will hit on the second barricade after defeating all of the enemies you meet.
  2. After the destruction of 2nd barricade, you have to be prepared for several enemies as you will come across them.
  3. In searching for a chest, you must carry on to the next track, where you will find the last barricade. By demolishing it, you will discover the chest.
  4. While holding on to the same path there, you will find four Ancient Totems in the area.
  5. So, before activating two of the levers to betterment the next area, you have to conquer the enemies and destroy all of the Totems.

Once you move to the next area, you will have to kill all of the enemies who are located in the Bandit Hideout. At the point when you clean out the area, the dungeon is completed.

Rewards And Loot

After completing the Uldurs cave, you will be awarded the great prize known as Aspect of The Damned. This power enables the ability to inflict escalated shadow damage by 30% through both Decrepify and Iron Maiden (skills of Necromancer in Diablo 4).

Diablo 4: Uldur's Cave rewards
Aspect of The Damned as a reward upon completion of Uldur’s Cave. [image by eXputer]
  • The Aspect of The Damned is only for the Necromancer class, and hence only the Necromancer class of heroes can use this attribute to harm the enemy.
  • The Aspect of The Damned is an offensive attribute.

Uldurs Cave is a mysterious yet dangerous cave in Diablo 4. Once you enter the cave, you will encounter different enemies from different capabilities who want to restrict you further going into the cave, but you have to deal with them accordingly and slay them as the round demands.

Moreover, you have to take benefit of the chest in the cave and finish the quest. Upon completion, you will be rewarded by the power known as the Aspect of The Damned, which will increase your attacking of shadow damage by 30%, and you can slay your antagonists easily.


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