Witcher 3: 8 BEST Silver Swords [Rarity, Weight, & Effects]

Explore the best silver swords in Witcher 3 that are essential weapons for defeating monsters as you journey through the game to find Ciri.

Silver Sword in Witcher 3, is a deadly weapon you can use to defeat haunting creatures you encounter as you explore the open world to find Geralt of Rivia’s daughter Ciri. Witcher 3 is an adventurous RPG, where you need to hunt different human and monstrous creatures and defeat them to ace the game. Though human enemies you encounter can be simply slayed using steel swords, however, to fight monsters silver swords are required. 

Key Takeaways
  • Silver Swords are deadly weapons in Witcher 3, primarily used to defeat haunting creatures.
  • While steel swords are effective against human enemies, silver swords are essential for battling monsters only in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.
  • Many silver swords can be obtained by completing specific quests, particularly in the Blood and Wine Expansion.
  • Geralt automatically uses the silver sword against appropriate enemies if it’s in the player’s inventory. 
  • If he encounters a human threat towards him, he automatically unsheathes the Steel Sword, and if there are monsters approaching him, he takes out the Silver Sword.

Best Silver Swords In Witcher 3

Though the choice should be purely based on your playing style, however, here are some of the best Silver Swords in Witcher 3 showcased along with the gear rarity, weight, and effects.

Serial NumberRarityWeightEffects
1Relic Sword2.86Blows boost sword damage by 10%. Charges fade over time or upon injury. Fully-charged sword guarantees critical hits and potential permanent damage increase.
2Relic Tier Sword2.02+20% Aard Sign intensity, +20% Igni Sign intensity, +20% Quen Sign intensity, +20% Yrden Sign intensity, +20% Axii Sign intensity
3Witcher Gear Rarity2.06+250 Armor piercing, +50% Critical hit damage bonus, +5% Critical hit chance, +10% Chance to cause bleeding, +5% Bonus experience from monsters
4Witcher Gear2.36+15% Aard Sign intensity, +10% Critical hit chance, +15% Chance to cause bleeding, +10% Chance to dismember, +20% Bonus experience from monsters
5Witcher Gear Rarity2.36+21% Adrenaline Point gain, +75% Critical hit damage bonus, +5% Critical hit chance, +14% Chance to dismember, +20% Bonus experience from monsters
6Relic3.61+7 - 18% Igni Sign intensity, +12% Chance to freeze, +1% Bonus experience from monsters
7Relic3.06+14% Chance to cause bleeding
8Witcher Gear2.81+15% Sign intensity, +25% Critical hit damage bonus, +10% Chance to dismember, +20% Bonus experience from monsters

1. Aerondight

Aerondight [Image Credits: eXputer]
Tier Relic Sword
Weight 2.86
Damage 522 – 638 (at L47)
Effect(s) Each blow generates charges which increase sword damage by 10%. Charges are lost over time or when receiving damage. A fully-charged sword always deals critical hit damage.

Killing a foe with a fully loaded sword will expend its charge to permanently increase the weapon’s damage. Damage is increased by: 0 (to a maximum of 10 – increasing along with your character level)

Undoubtedly, Aerondight in Witcher 3 is the best silver sword you can have. This sword can be obtained in Blood and Wine Expansion by completing the “There Can Only Be One”. Once you complete this quest, Lady of the Lake at Lac Celavy gifts you an Aerondight sword.

Aerondight is considered the most useful sword in Witcher 3 because of its ability to charge up after every hit to the enemy. Thus, the damage given by Aerondight keeps increasing by ten percent as it charges every time you hit an enemy using it. Apart from this if you kill an enemy with a full 100% charge, your Aerondight sword will get a permanent damage increase.

2. Gesheft

Gesheft [Image Credits: eXputer]
Tier Relic Tier Sword
Weight 2.02 weight
Effects +20% Aard Sign intensity
+20% Igni Sign intensity
+20% Quen Sign intensity
+20% Yrden Sign intensity
+20% Axii Sign intensity

Gesheft sword in Witcher 3, can also be obtained during Blood and Wine expansion. It has two variants: one can be crafted and the other can be simply found as you hunt the open world of Witcher 3.

The first version of Gesheft can be obtained as a reward for completing the “Beyond Hill and Dale” side quest. This quest will open the path to the Lands Of Thousand Fables. You will encounter a Giant Dark Souls easter egg. After killing it, follow the pixie light to get Gesheft Sword.

The other way to get the crafter version of Gesheft in Witcher 3 is to craft it by employing 2 Enriched Dimeritium Ingot, 1 Saphire, 1 Acid Extract, and 2 Leather Scrap. The performance of the crafted Gesheft sword is a little better than the one found by completing the quest in Lands of Thousand Fables.

The crafted Gesheft Silver Sword cause 100% hit damage and increase Ard’s intensity by 30 percent.

3. Manticore

Manticore [Image Credits: eXputer]
Tier Witcher Gear Rarity
Weight 2.06
Effects +250 Armor piercing
+50% Critical hit damage bonus
+5% Critical hit chance
+10% Chance to cause bleeding
+5% Bonus experience from monsters

Manticore Silver Sword in Witcher 3 appears in Blood and Wine Expansion. Grandmaster Smith will give you a “Scvanger Hunet” quest in the Beauclair area of Blood and Wine Expansion. When you complete this quest, you will get all the pieces of the Manticore Sword through the map.

Manticore Sword in Witcher 3 can increase 5% critical hit damage to the opponent. It also possesses the best physical stats that can make you unlock the Manticore bonus to get additional charges on items.

4. Feline

Feline [Image Credits: eXputer]
Tier Witcher Gear
Weight 2.36 weight
Effects +15% Aard Sign intensity
+10% Critical hit chance
+15% Chance to cause bleeding
+10% Chance to dismember
+20% Bonus experience from monsters

Feline Sword in Witcher 3 is a devious weapon that can be crafted at level 17 using two sets of leather straps, two silver ingots, ruby dust, and one monster eye. You can earn Feline Silver Sword by helping King Radovid during the “Redania’s Most Wanted” quest where you are looking for Philippa Eilhart. 

This diagram appears east of Novigrad near Vernon Roche’s Temerian Partisan Hideout. Feline Silver Sword has a very powerful bleed passive that is able for splintering a group of enemies. It also has the speciality of critical hitting which can make you blast during combats. What makes this sword unique is that instead of focusing on critical hits, it gives steady Aard and Bleed damage to knock enemies down.

5. Ursine

Ursine [Image Credits: eXputer]
Tier Witcher Gear Rarity
Weight 2.36
Effects +21% Adrenaline Point gain
+75% Critical hit damage bonus
+5% Critical hit chance
+14% Chance to dismember
+20% Bonus experience from monsters

The diagram of Ursine Sword appears in Fort Etnir in Skillige. Leather straps, three silver ingots, the brain of the monster, and monster tissue are needed for this Ursine Silver Sword.

You have a great chance to kill enemies with one blow whenever the fight prolongs as it starts giving greater damage. In fact, at a master-crafted state, it can give 472-576 damage. Apart from these amazing stats, it also gives a boost to dismemberment, critical hit chance, and Adrenaline gain and also increases the monster experience gain.

6. Tlareg

Tlareg [Image Credits: eXputer]
Tier Relic
Weight 3.61
Effects +7 – 18% Igni Sign intensity
+12% Chance to freeze
+1% Bonus experience from monsters

Tlareg Silver Sword in Witcher 3 is one of the swords which possesses farming potential. With a base damage of 692-846, this sword can be used to one hit many weaker enemies.

The perk of Tlareg Silver Sword is that you can add a bonus to Igni sign intensity. This can help freeze the enemy. It provides a boost so you can also climb to a higher level by gaining experience points.

7. Harpy

Harpy [Image Credits: eXputer]
Rarity Relic
Weight 3.06 weight
Effects +14% Chance to cause bleeding

To obtain Harpy Sword, head to Bloody Baron’s compound. Near this, you” ll find a Bandit camp from where you can get this sword. This Harpy Silver Sword is best known for making the monster bleed with its hit. This ability of Harpy Silver Sword in Witcher 3 exhibits a high damage output of 427. Therefore, it does well against enemies during long vicious fights.

8. Griffin

Griffin [Image Credits: eXputer]
Rarity Witcher Gear
Weight 2.81
Effects +15% Sign intensity
+25% Critical hit damage bonus
+10% Chance to dismember
+20% Bonus experience from monsters

Griffin Silver Sword is the first ever weapon to appear in Witcher 3 however you can upgrade it later in the game. The main specialty of the Griffin Silver Sword is the usage of sign and medium-weight armor.

Griffin’s Sword diagram can be found in a lighthouse located in Lornurk, Velen. It can boost sign intensity by 21% at a grandmaster state. It also exhibits abilities like critical hit chance and damage to enemies.

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