This Starfield Mod Finally Lets You Skip The Game’s Boring Intro

You can now directly start from the more interesting parts of space.

Story Highlights

  • A new Starfield mod lets you skip the game’s intro and directly start from other major areas.
  • The mod is still in very early development and there is considerable room for improvement.
  • Further changes might become possible when Starfield’s Creation Kit tools arrive in 2024.

Just two weeks since Starfield’s launch, it’s not hard to see why the modding community is loving the game so much. It’s already become Bethesda’s biggest launch. But of course, as with any game from the company, there’s considerable room for improvement. One of the biggest issues players had with Starfield was the introduction to its massive world.

Alternate Start for Starfield is a mod that aims to change exactly that. It’s inspired by one of the best Skyrim mods ever, Alternate Start – Live Another Life. That allowed you to begin your epic journey across Tamriel from places other than that iconic dragon attack. Similarly, Alternate Start for Starfield lets players choose from a bunch of new starting points based on unique Starfield-inspired backgrounds.

For example, if you choose to opt for the Beast Hunter starting point, you get to begin your journey from Akila City. Similarly, a Cyberrunner gets to port directly into Neon. While some players might prefer the game’s original starting point, the mod is definitely a worthwhile consideration for repeat playthroughs. And that’s not all. The mod also plans to add new starting points for all of the game’s four major factions in the future. 

The mod allows players to change their starting locations based on their character backgrounds.
The mod allows players to change their starting locations based on their character backgrounds. (Source: SpaceDov4)

Plus, regardless of which background players choose, they’ll still have Vasco and the Frontier ship by their side. Returning the artifact in your inventory to the Constellation will also be your active quest. Players who want to dive straight into the main campaign can head to New Atlantis from the get-go. But there’s plenty of opportunity to roleplay and wander off doing side quests if that’s more your style.

While the mod is a very fun experience, it’s worth noting it’s currently in a very early state. Essentially, players are downloading a bunch of save files, which contain premade characters without any traits. Then, with the help of Starfield console commands, you get to select the traits you want and customize your appearance. Plenty of work needs to be done to make it a full-fledged experience.

But considering how fast the modding community tends to work, the creator of Alternate Start, SpaceDov4, or someone else, is likely to step up and improve things. These changes may arrive once the full Starfield Creation Kit tools drop sometime in 2024. Plus, there’s another reason why this mod might gain traction. Unlike Skyrim, where players are recommended to do a normal playthrough once, Starfield is quite different.

Many have noted its intro to be rather disappointing, being noticeably weaker than many other Bethesda RPGs in the past. Getting the chance to start directly from some of the better opening areas the game has to offer might help to make the experience much more engaging for players

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