With “E3 Season” Now Over, Here Are Some Of The Best Games To Look Forward To

All the way from State of Play, Summer Game Fest, Xbox Showcase, and Nintendo Direct.

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  • The “E3 Season” has finally come to a close, leaving an array of enthralling new games in its wake.
  • PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and other third-party devs have a dozen different projects in the works. 
  • There’s good reason to be excited about some of the games that were revealed during the last weeks. 

We’ve had the Summer Game Fest, the Xbox Games Showcase, PlayStation’s State of Play, and now even Nintendo Direct, with one being better than the other, I’d say the average gamer has a lot to be excited about at the end of the day in the coming months or so, considering the level of quality on display across all these events. 

That said, with over 45 different announcements, it can get fairly difficult to keep track of all the great reveals that took place left and right. I’m covering here in this article what I think, in my opinion, should be on your radar as we look ahead to another fantastic year of gaming, though one without more layoffs hopefully and ideally.  

Major Video Games That You Should Be Waiting For

If you feel that I missed a game or three, make sure to post a comment down below and contribute to the list, since the forthcoming suggestions are all subjective. 

1. Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero 

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During the Summer Game Fest at the start of June, Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero, the extremely anticipated new iteration in the Dragon Ball: Budokai Tenkaichi franchise, saw a confirmed release date, sending shockwaves across the industry yet once more. The game comes out in October this year, and with the recently revealed “What If” mode, this one really can’t come sooner.

It is sad, however, that legendary Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama won’t be able to witness the grand release of the action fighter title, given how he passed away earlier this year at 68.

2. Metroid Prime 4: Beyond 

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It’s been 7 whole years since this game was first officially announced, so you must be familiar with how the die-hard Samus Aran fans must be feeling when the Nintendo Direct showed off Metroid Prime 4: Beyond at the end of the event as the showcase’s last announcement, giving us a proper new look at the first-person shooter.

The visuals look a little too good for it to be a Switch game, so there’s certainly doubt in the air here as to whether Nintendo plans on releasing the title on the now-confirmed Nintendo Switch 2, the successor to the legendary Nintendo Switch. 

3. Astro Bot 

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Team Asobi has realized the full potential of the PS5’s tech demo Astro’s Playroom, and I’m super glad that the developer studio acted accordingly in making Astro Bot—a full-fledged action-adventure platformer for the PlayStation 5 that’s coming to the console later this year.

It’s going to be another ground-breaker exclusive, let me tell you that here and now, and I’m sure that’s a no-brainer for anyone who’s gone through the first game diligently. Astro Bot is even going to get free post-launch DLC, Team Asobi confirmed about a week ago, not to mention a deluge of cameos from PlayStation characters across the board, including Kratos, Alloy, Sam Porter, and more. 

4. Doom: The Dark Ages 

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One of the main reasons the Xbox Games Showcase blasted away the competition is this reveal alone. Oh, aren’t we super back already? A new Doom game is finally coming, and apparently, it’s a prequel title that sees the Doomslayer being more badass than ever. This time though, he has a terrifying shield, and Doomguy being Doomguy, that shield’s got revolving blades in it. Yeah, that’s no joke. 


Oh, and adding more to that, it’s been said that this particular Doom rendition will be closer to the original Doom experience. Not sure how that’s going to play out as of yet, but my hopes are held quite high. 

We’re making strafing-to-aim a thing again. You’ll be weaving between projectiles, just like you did in the original Doom, to deliver that Super Shotgun blast to the chest… It almost creates this three-dimensional ‘shoot ’em up’ puzzle that you’re weaving your way through,” said Hugo Martin, Doom: The Dark Ages’ Creative Director.

5. Judas

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While Judas’ initial reveal comes from 2022’s The Game Awards, meaning that it’s not as latest in getting shown to the world, I’m still overly excited for it. After all, it’s Ken Levine‘s project we’re talking about, the iconic creator of the BioShock and System Shock franchises. Judas is reminiscent of these series’ in ways more than one, so for those of us in love with the style of these games’ gameplay, the wait is painful. 

It’s got an expected release window of March 2025.  

6. Marvel Vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics

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Coming across as one of Nintendo’s most beloved announcements, Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection is finally a reality after years and years of waiting tirelessly for this compilation. The bundle brings together a host of classic titles, namely X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men Vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, and more. 

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