AC Mirage: How To Solve The Book Puzzle

Learn all about the AC Mirage Book Puzzle, which is necessary to complete in order to reach your last assassination target.

As AC Mirage slowly but surely starts to end, you have to deal with a tricky book puzzle. Basim has to find his last assassination target, Qahiba, who hides herself in the chamber. The chamber can only be opened by completing this mind-boggling book puzzle. The answer to solving the puzzle is not that straightforward, and many players find it difficult to decipher.

Key Takeaways
  • You will encounter the AC Mirage book puzzle toward the end of the game, where you will need access to a secret chamber.
  • Furthermore, you must solve this puzzle to assassinate Qabiha, the last target in AC Mirage.
  • The answer to the puzzle can be found in the poem that is written by Arib and can be found out through the tasks you perform in the Round City.
  • Through the poem, you can find the order in which each of the colored books must be placed, hence unlocking the secret chamber.

How To Solve AC Mirage Book Puzzle

The Poem Written By Arib In Which The Solution To The Puzzle Lies [Image Taken By: eXputer]
After you reach the library, go upstairs towards the balcony. Here, you will find 4 podiums to place some books on. The answer to place which book lies within a poem written by Arib, which is found in the lower room. The name of this poem is Ocean, Desert, Cobra, and Dove. The name of the poem itself holds all the answers. There are 4 books of different colors: black, blue, yellow, and white right in front of you.

All you have to do now is to correlate the name of the poem with these 4 different color books: 

  • Blue book for Ocean
  • Yellow book for Desert
  • Black book for Cobra
  • White book for Dove
The Places Where You Need To Place The Colored Books [Screenshot Taken By: eXputer]
Now, it is about figuring out the order in which you have to place these books. If you go to the ground floor and use your Eagle Vision, you will be able to see different glowing images showing you the exact order in which you need to place these books.

From the podium closest to the stairs, the order should be: 

  • Blue book
  • Yellow book
  • Black book
  • White book

Once you place the books in this specific order, the puzzle is completed, and a bookshelf on the lower floor will move and reveal a secret room behind it. In the following room is where you will find Qahiba. You will now be one step closer to completing AC Mirage.

My Experience Solving The Book Puzzle

After spending 15+ hours in AC Mirage, I can honestly inform you that the puzzle is a little hard to wrap your head around since the answer to the puzzle lies in the name of the poem and not the poem itself. 

Furthermore, you should check out guides on the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Isu Armor and Hidden One Outfit by Atik Younus. Also, I highly recommend that you go through Assassin’s Creed Mirage review written by Usama Mehmood.

And with that, my AC Mirage Book Puzzle guide comes to an end. Here, you were given the solution to the book puzzle that you will encounter towards the end of AC Mirage. 

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