Armored Core 6: Intercept The Redguns [Detailed Walkthrough]

Conquer the formidable Intercept the Redguns mission in Armored Core 6 with a scorching tank build, strategic circling, and careful planning.

The Armored Core 6 Intercept the Redguns mission presents a staggering trial, plunging players into an expansive chamber devoid of refuge, where unrelenting waves of MTs rain down incessantly, testing one’s mettle to the utmost. At a pivotal juncture in AC6, the mission beckons to those daring pilots who have weathered the depths of Underground Exploration and emerged victorious, only to find themselves confronted with an even greater trial.

Key Takeaways
  • “Intercept the Redguns” is a challenging mission in Armored Core 6, which thrusts players into a sprawling chamber with relentless waves of MT enemies.
  • Players must choose between Intercept the Redguns and Ambush the Vespers in Chapter 4 of AC6, each locking out the other for the playthrough.
  • The mission centers on annihilating Michigan, the leader of the Redguns, and their main MT forces.
  • Waves of foes, including choppers and menacing tetrapods, challenge players in a two-part mission.
  • The recommended build features dual flamethrowers, missile launchers, and a tank-like setup for a victorious edge.
  • A key strategy involves circling the central building to isolate Michigan, conserving Songbirds for critical moments.

You can also get a detailed walkthrough on how the ‘Intercept the Redguns’ mission leads to one of the worst endings in AC6 from the following video:

YouTube video

What Is Intercept The Redguns In Armored Core 6?

Armored Core 6 Intercept the Redguns
Mission Intercept: The Redguns Start

The Intercept the Redguns is one of the decision missions in Chapter 4 of Armored Core 6, where players have to face relentless waves of MTs and defeat G1 Michigan.

Right after the Underground Exploration missions, players are provided to make a decision between Intercept the Redguns mission or Ambush the Vespers. 

The decision mission means that selecting one of the missions will lock the other one out for the whole playthrough. This means that the mission itself and all its subsequent branches will be locked out, so be careful while making the decision of which mission to complete.

  • The very core of Intercept the Redguns revolves around the eradication of Michigan, the enigmatic and formidable leader of the Redguns.
  • However, the challenge does not confine itself to mere elimination; it extends to the annihilation of the Redguns’ main MT force – a collective embodiment of their power and dominance.
  • The battlefield becomes a proving ground, a stage where your arsenal’s capabilities intertwine with your tactical prowess. 

Mission Layout & Enemies

After you make the decision to Intercept the Redguns in Armored Core 6, a briefing is played. The details of the mission are shown on the screen, and as you sortie on the mission, your mecha will be transported in a hallway in Watchpoint Alpha.

The mission is divided into two parts:

  • Intercept Balam’s main MT force.
  • Defeat G1 Michigan and Balam’s main MT force.
  1. During the first part of the mission, there are three waves of enemies, including the enemy mechs that are already present.
  2. These waves are filled with generic, light, and heavy MTs.
  3. The second wave will have a chopper carrying infantry; this should be your priority target.
  4. The third wave will have a tetrapod, which you should only fight after killing the small mechas.
  5. If you decide to go for the tetrapod first, the small mechas will all surround you, making it very tough to survive.
  6. After the third wave, the first part of the mission will end, and the main boss, the G1 Michigan, will arrive along with some flying drones and other mechas.

After defeating G1 Michigan, the mission Intercept the Redguns, one of the most difficult missions in AC6, will come to an end. 

Recommended Build For Intercept The Redguns

Armored Core 6 Intercept the Redguns (1)
Deleting Enemies during the mission

Depletion of ammo is a huge issue in this mission, as players are faced with multiple elite enemies and a boss amidst the havoc caused by normal enemies.

The following build will help you overcome this issue, allowing you the complete Armored Core 6 Intercept the Redguns:

Right Arm WB-0000 Bad Cook
Left Arm WB-0000 Bad Cook
Right Back BML-G1/P03VTC-08
Left Back Songbirds
Head HD-033M Verril
Core DF-BD 08 Tian-Qiang
Arms DF -AR Tian-Lao
Legs LG-022T Bornemissza
FCS FC-007 Talbot
Generator VP-20D

The inspiration for the build was taken from this Reddit comment, and players bear witness that it works like a charm. The basic idea is to be a tank with flamethrowers and some high-damaging missiles.

  • With dual WB-0000 Bad Cook flamethrowers, the build instills a realm of scorching havoc.
  • The VP-20D generator fuels the AC, empowering it to wield a double-edged arsenal – the unrelenting double unguided bazookas and a vertical 10 missile launcher that paints annihilation across the battlefield.
  • This configuration paints a tapestry of destruction, obliterating Tetrapods with ease while preserving the platform to confront the formidable Michigan and even a subsequent wave with fortitude.

Here is the main plan you should follow to complete the Intercept the Redguns mission in Armored Core 6:

  • Circle the central building tightly upon Michigan’s arrival, aiming to position him on the opposing side while dealing with minions.
  • Swiftly dispatch shield-bearing adversaries by igniting them from behind during your circuit.
  • If Michigan circumvents the structure, repeat the circling tactic to regain separation.
  • Reserve the Songbirds for Michigan and the tetrapods; exercise caution to conserve them for these critical encounters.
  • After clearing the minions, focus on Michigan, capitalizing on the flamethrower’s potency, except during his healing phases.
  • Evade his potent assaults by sidestepping and considering a direct power boost with flamethrowers.
  • Aim to have around 70% or more health with at least one healing ability when only Michigan remains.

Further Tips For Other Builds

Here are a few additional tips to tackle the Intercept the Redguns mission in AC6:

  • Don’t waste your shots since you don’t have unlimited ammo supplies.
  • During the second wave, try to first aim for the chopper carrying the mercs.
  • Always keep moving and focus on the mechas that deal more damage.
  • Contrary to the movement, when Tetrapod and Michigan arrive, try eradicating the small minions first since they can be pretty difficult if they all come at you at the same time.
  • Also, don’t aim for the tetrapod since attacking it will trigger all the other machines.
  • Scanning is always useful; keep scanning to track your enemies, especially the tetrapod.
  • Prioritise killing the drones when Michigan arrives.
  • Try to run away from Michigan until you defeat all the small enemies.

In the Armored Core 6 Intercept the Redguns mission, players face tough enemies and obstacles, needing smart planning and the best weapons to succeed. As battles intensify and G1 Michigan poses a threat, only the determined and skilled will become top mech warriors, leaving their mark in the epic struggle.

Moreover, consult the Armored Core 6 Game Length guide to estimate the time required for your in-game playthrough. Once concluded, be sure not to overlook the AC6 Plot and story article for a deeper comprehension of its narrative intricacies.

Image Credits: (takodahunter)

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