8 BEST Illithid Powers In BG3 [Expert’s Picks]

After spending more than 80 hours embracing the tadpole powers, these are my top picks for the best Illithid Powers.

In the sprawling saga of Baldur’s Gate 3, players encounter the enigmatic Illithid powers, mysterious abilities rooted in ancient psionic energies. These powers, woven into the fabric of BG3, offer unique combat strategies and narrative depth, ensuring every choice is both a tactical decision and a lore-rich experience. That is why I have listed the 15 best Best Illithid Powers in BG3. 

Key Takeaways
  • Some of the best Illithid powers in BG3 play a pivotal role in the game’s story progression and character development.
  • These powers introduce varied combat strategies, providing players with diverse approaches to encounters.
  • The decision to use (or not use) Illithid powers can affect the world’s perception of the player’s character.
  • Illithid abilities provide more nuanced role-playing choices, further enriching the D&D experience of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Best Illithid Powers In Baldur’s Gate 3

Here is an overview of all the best Illithid Powers in BG3 showcased along with what each one does in the game.

Serial NumberIllithid PowerWhat It Does
8Psionic DominanceCounters lower level spells.
7Psionic BacklashInflicts Psychic damage on spellcasting enemies.
6Force TunnelCharges forward, pushes objects/enemies.
5Concentrated BlastUnleashes Psychic Damage, ends Concentration spell.
4Luck of the Far RealmsTurns successful attack into Critical Hit.
3Cull The WeakInstantly dispatches low HP enemy, inflicts Psychic Damage.
2Perilous StakesMakes target Vulnerable, boosts health on successful attack.
1FreecastErases resource costs for next action

8. Psionic Dominance

Psionic Dominance
Psionic Dominance [Image Credits: Me]
Illithid Power Psionic Dominance
Activation Type Reaction
Prerequisite Power Charm
Benefit Of Power Negates spells up to Proficiency Bonus

Psionic Dominance stands as another of the best Illithid Powers in BG3 that offers spellcasters an alternative to the revered 3rd-Level Abjuration spell, Counterspell. While Counterspell is a crucial tool that allows casters to negate spells of equal or lower level as a Reaction, it comes with its inherent cost.

Psionic Dominance emerges as a solution to this. When an enemy spellcaster within an 18-meter range targets the player with a spell that’s of a level lower or equal to their Proficiency Bonus, Psionic Dominance empowers the player to immediately cancel out that spell using their Reaction.

  • Reaction power (No cost).
  • Scales with levels.

  • Only useful against enemy casters.
  • Capped by user level.

7. Psionic Backlash

Psionic Backlash
Psionic Backlash [Image Credits: Me]
Illithid Power Psionic Backlash
Activation Type Reaction
Prerequisite Power Concentrated Blast
Benefit Of Power 1d4 Psychic Damage per spell level to nearby spellcasters

With Psionic Backlash, the potency of escalates with the spell’s level, adding an additional 1d4 damage for each spell level. This means more powerful spells incur heavier psychic damage, making it a strategic tool in discouraging enemies from using high-level spells. It’s a valuable means to whittle down spellcasters without expending multiple actions.

This is my personal favorite Illithid power because of how useful it is at taking down those annoying hidden casters that are too scared to face my Karlach head on.

  • Reaction to threats (No cost).
  • Scales with level.
  • Cheap Illithid tree cost.

  • Low damage at early stages.
  • Only useful against casters.

6. Force Tunnel

Force Tunnel
Force Tunnel [Image Credits: Me]
Illithid Power Force Tunnel
Activation Type Action
Prerequisite Power None
Benefit Of Power Charge 9m; push objects/enemies; prevents Opportunity Attacks

The Force Tunnel Illithid Power provides players with a tactical movement advantage on the battlefield in Baldur’s Gate 3. Activated as an Action, this power enables players to charge forward up to a distance of 9 meters. As they move, all objects and creatures encountered in their path are forcefully pushed 4 meters away. An addditional feature of this ability is that it does not trigger Opportunity Attacks from enemies.

  • Out of combat utility.
  • Useful against grouped up enemies.
  • Good for frontlines.

  • Limited usability.
  • Action slot cost.

5. Concentrated Blast

Concentrated Blast
Concentrated Blast [Image Credits: Me]
Illithid Power Concentrated Blast
Activation Type Action
Prerequisite Power None
Benefit Of Power Deals 3d6 Psychic Damage; heals if the target is concentrating. Ends the user’s Concentration

The Concentrated Blast Illithid Power offers a strategic option for spellcasters, especially those who regularly rely on Concentration for their spells in Baldur’s Gate 3. Concentration spells can be potent, but they come with the drawback of being interrupted if the caster’s Concentration is broken.

Concentrated Blast turns this potential vulnerability into an opportunity for retaliation. When a player is concentrating on a spell, they can invoke Concentrated Blast to unleash 3d6 Psychic Damage on an opponent. If this targeted enemy was also concentrating on a spell, the player is healed for the equivalent amount of damage inflicted.

  • Good damage very early on.
  • Allows for actions during concentrated.

  • Only usable on specific characters.

4. Luck of the Far Realms

 Luck of the Far Realms
Luck of the Far Realms [Image Credits: Me]
Illithid Power Luck of the Far Realms
Activation Type Passive
Prerequisite Power Favorable Beginnings
Benefit Of Power Turns successful attack to Critical Hit once per Long Rest.

The Luck of the Far Realms Illithid Power in Baldur’s Gate 3 offers players a decisive advantage during combat encounters. This ability grants the player the unique capacity to turn a successful attack roll into a guaranteed Critical Hit.

While potent, the power must be used judiciously, as it can only be activated once per Long Rest. Such a capability can drastically shift the dynamics of a battle, enabling players to deliver significant damage when most needed or to swiftly eliminate a pivotal adversary.

Similar to the Faviorable Beginnings power, unless you are building this Illithid tree path for the later powers, I will never ever recommend wasting a tadpole on this power.

  • Passive ability.
  • Brutal against formidable enemies.

  • Long Rest recharge requirements.
  • Single use ability.

3. Cull The Weak

Cull The Weak
Cull The Weak [Image Credits: Me]
Illithid Power Cull The Weak
Activation Type Action
Prerequisite Power Concentrated Blast
Benefit Of Power Kill low-HP enemy, deal area damage

Cull The Weak is a formidable Illithid Power in Baldur’s Gate 3 designed for strategic combat advantage. Falling under the action category, it is built upon the Concentrated Blast requirement. The power allows players to instantly dispatch an enemy if its Hit Points drop below the total of the player’s evolved Illithid powers.

Cull The Weak ensures players don’t waste valuable actions on nearly-defeated adversaries, instead redirecting their focus to more pressing threats. Additionally, the psychic blast’s chain damage provides an opportunity to weaken or eliminate surrounding enemies, amplifying the power’s overall combat efficiency.

  • Saves potential actions against low-health enemies.
  • Aoe damage on activation.

  • Requires an action.
  • Expensive Illithid tree cost for effective use.

2. Perilous Stakes

 Perilous Stakes
Perilous Stakes [Image Credits: Me]
Illithid Power Perilous Stakes
Activation Type Action
Prerequisite Power Transfuse Health
Benefit Of Power Vulnerability, HP boost on attack

Perilous Stakes is yet another of the best Illithid Powers in BG3 that offers a balance of risk and reward. Classified as an action, it stems from the Transfuse Health requirement. Upon activation, the targeted creature becomes Vulnerable to all damage types.

A strategic approach would be to apply Perilous Stakes to an enemy, making them susceptible to incoming damage. Consequently, allies like Barbarians can capitalize on this vulnerability, rapidly depleting the enemy’s health pool. Essentially, Perilous Stakes offers a calculated advantage, demanding keen judgment on when and to whom to apply it.

  • Effective against high health enemies.
  • Useful on frontline characters.

  • Expensive Illithid tree cost.
  • Long Rest recharge requirement.

1. Freecast

Freecast Best Illithid Power
Freecast [Image Credits: Me]
Illithid Power Freecast
Activation Type Passive (Requires Activation)
Prerequisite Power Shield of Thralls
Benefit Of Power The next action’s resource cost is 0

Freecast stands out as a remarkably efficient feature in the realm of Baldur’s Gate 3. While it isn’t an active power, its utility is undeniable. Once activated, Freecast eradicates all resource expenses tied to the player’s subsequent action, regardless of whether it’s an attack, a skill, or a spell.

This means players can perform potent actions without depleting their reserves. A noteworthy aspect of Freecast is its ability to refresh after a Short or Long Rest, allowing players to deploy this feature at least twice in a day without seeking refuge. Its strategic value is evident, especially for conserving crucial Spell Slots and orchestrating powerful combinations.

  • Passive power.
  • Recharges once per any rest.
  • Usable on every type of character.

  • Expensive Illithid Tree cost.

My Opinion On Illithid Powers

Illithid powers are a crucial mechanic in BG3. However, using them largely depends on what your playstyle is. You can put dashes on your main fighters or just equip Concentrated Blast on someone like Shadowheart, who naturally has a lot of concentration spells.

My updated hours on Baldur’s Gate 3 (Steam ID: Ibzie)

In my experience spanning dozens of hours in BG3, I always rush Free Cast on all my characters. A free-cost move is simply too powerful for combat and puts you at a huge advantage. My second one is a bit troll, but I build Charm on all of my casters besides Shadowheart, so enemy rogues don’t target them too much.

In conclusion, as the story unfolds its myriad adventures, the potency of the best Illithid Powers in BG3 remains undeniable. They not only reshape battles but also redefine player narratives through the acts. You can better understand this progression by looking through Huzaifah Durrani’s Review of Baldurs Gate 3.

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