BG3: Best Necromancer Build [Complete Setup]

After spending 80 hours experiementing with Casters, this is my top build for a Necromancer in BG3.

The Best Necromancer build in BG3 is the only road to experience the Evil playthrough as a Wizard truly. Granted, you can go to Storm Sorcerer or Elemental Wizard subclasses, but none can pull on the Weave to bend the rules of life and death and embrace the demented art of Necromancy.

Key Takeaways
  • The best class for a Necromancer build in BG3 is the Wizard.
  • A Necromancer uses the weave’s power to turn corpses into formidable allies.
  • Your Wizard subclass will be the School of Necromancy for Necrotic Class Actions.
  • You can build a High Half-Elf race for optimized spells and cantrips.
  • A Necromancer build will greatly help you against hordes where you can reanimate dead enemies.
  • As with any caster, this build is extremely weak before level 5 or 6.
  • The best companions include Lae’Zel, Shadowheart, and Astartion for a well-rounded party in BG3.
  • Some of the best equipment for a Necromancer includes the Hood of the Weave and the Amulet of Greater Health.

Best Necromancer Build In BG3

Wizard Character Creation
Necromancer Wizard Build (Image Captured by eXputer)

Follow the listed table for the best Wizard Necromancer build path:

Main ClassSubclassBackgroundAlternate BackgroundsRaceSkillsIllithid Powers
– Wizard– School of Necormancy– Sage– Noble
– Acolyte
– High Half-Elf– Religion (INT)
– Investigation (INT)
– Reflective Spell
– Freecast
– Mind Blast

Necromancy School Level Progression

The level progression is the make-it-or-break-it of the best Necromancy build in BG3. It covers the best progression path, including the best wizard spells, based on my experience.

The best level progression for a Necromancer Wizard is listed as follows:

  • Level 1: You should opt for the Fire Bolt, Bone Chill, and Blade Ward Cantrips with Mage Armor and Magic Missile as your level 1 spell.
  • Level 2: Build the Necromancy subclass and select Find Familiar and Ice Knife as your level 2 spells.
A Wizard Necromancer Build (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Level 3: Opt for the Flaming Sphere fireball companion spell for damage and Misty Step for increased mobility.
  • Level 4: Select Spell Sniper as your Feat for more accuracy and Scorching Ray as a spell; build the other spell and cantrip however you want.
  • Level 5: Build a caster’s favorite spell, Fireball, and your crucial spell as a Necromancer: Animate Dead.
  • Level 6: You will gain additional subclass features (Undead Thralls: Additional Undead and Better Summons) and spell slots you can fill with any spells you want.
Wizard Level 6 Necromancer
Necromancer Wizard Spells (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Level 7: You must build Conjure Minor Elemental and Blight for optimal synergy with the School of Necromancy.
  • Level 8: Select Ability Improvement as your Feat, add 2 to your Intelligence skill, and build Banishment and Confusion as your new spells.
  • Level 9: At this level, I recommend building the Cloukill for massive AoE poison damage and Conjure Elemental for more vital ally summons.
  • Level 10: You will get the Inured to Undead subclass feature and additional Spell and Cantrips, which you can fill out however you want.
  • Level 11: Build Create Undead spell, the most crucial in your arsenal.
  • Level 12: Finally, build Ability Improvement to maximize your intelligence with two additional spells you can make to your liking.
WIzard Necromancer Build Featured BG3
Necromancer Wizard Class Features (Image Credit: eXputer)

Best Companions For Necromancers

Necromancer Party Composition
Best Necromancer Party Composition (Image Screenshot Credit: eXputer)

Companions are a crucial part of the best necromancer build in BG3. After all, you need the proper party composition to use your Necromancy knowledge fully. I will only be talking about Origin Characters because they have a better chance of being in your party than some of the other companions in BG3.

The best companions for Necromancers are listed as follows:

Best Equipment

Necromancer Wizard Build Footwear
Night Walkers Boots (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Although the build isn’t that dependent on your equipment, having extra buffs and perks is always lovely. You won’t have proficiency with much armor nor with many weapons (unless you multiclass). Therefore, I have listed some of the best items you can use in both the Early and Late Game stages.

Early Game

The best equipment in Act 1 for this build is listed as follows:

  • Circlet of Blasting: Sold by Blurg in the Underdark (Myconoid Colony).
  • Disintegrating Night Walkers: Found on Ne’re in the Underdark.
  • Ring of Absolute Focus: Found on Seargant Thrinn in Grymforge.
  • The Sparkswall: The Arcane Tower in the Underdark.

Late Game

The best equipment for a Late-Game Necromancer Wizard is listed as follows:

  • The hood of the Weave: In the Philgrave Mansion, sold by Mystic Carrion.
  • Amulet of Greater Health: House of Hope Archives.
  • Killer’s Sweetheart: In the Gauntlet of Shar (X: -833, Y: -729)
  • The staff of Cherished Necromancy: Ramazith’s Tower.
  • Extremely high utility and damage once set up properly.
  • Good sustain with Grim Harvest.
  • Strong resistance against Necrotic damage.
  • Relies on killing enemies before any Necromancy spells can be used.
  • It comes with a very hard early game stage.

My Thoughts On The Necromancer Build

BG3 Save file
Necromancer Wizard Save File (Image Captured by eXputer)

Necromancy is one of the most fun Schools for a Wizard. However, you will get a lot of weird eyes in your playthrough because it is considered a horrible thing to practice. My only recommendation is to ensure proper position in fights because you will be useless if you can get close enough to reanimate the dead to fight by your side.

That concludes the best necromancer build in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can check out Huzaifa’s Review of Baldur’s Gate 3 to better understand how this build may be fun to play. One last thing to remember is not to play this build in Honor mode; it was not fun, in my experience.

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