12 BEST Outfits In Baldur’s Gate 3

Make your party look fashionable while resting at the camp by using the best outfits available in Baldur's Gate 3.

The best outfits in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be used to make your party members look extraordinary while resting at a camp. These outfits only serve to change the looks of various characters, and the change often comes without any buffs for battle, unlike armor sets. That is to be expected since outfits are not worn in battle.

Key Takeaways
  • Outfits can add fashion and are worn by your party members while resting at a camp in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • These clothes serve no purpose in battle and only add a refreshing look to the characters that you know.
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 provides a wide variety of clothes in the outfit section.
  • You can even use the outfits of the characters that you add to your party, like Shadowheart.
  • Each outfit has a distinct look, and there are many options to choose from.
Important: Outfits serve no purpose in battle, are purely for cosmetic purposes and are worn while resting at the camp in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Best Outfits

Here is an overview of all the best outfits with a small description explaining the cosmetic change that they bring to the character:

OutfitDesign Description
Shadowheart’s ClothesThese are Shadowheart's default clothes that can be used on any character once unlcoked.
Astarion’s Eccentric ClothesAstarion's standard casaul fit looks good on almost every other party member.
Karlach’s Infernal TrousersThis outfit's design makes characters look like they have been spawned from hell.
Elegant RobeWith a distinct look of greece, the Elegant Robe makes characters look seductive.
Mesmerizing Circus OutfitIt is a funny outfit which can make your party look like a circus.
Solemnity OutfitThis outfit has a distinctly designed shirt and comes in various colors additionally.
Angelic Scion OutfitWith minimal design, the Angelic Scion outfit complements characters with jewelry.
Black Flare Leather OutfitIt is a simple one of the best looking leather outfits in Baldur's Gate 3.
Chandelier Style Embroidered EnsembleGive your party members a grand appearance with the Chandelier Style outfit.
City Of Brass OutfitIt has that royal and majestic look with some of the most detailed embellishments
Comfortable Ashmeadow OutfitThis outfit is not only comfortable but also to wear and has a simple design that manages to look cool.
Destitute ClothesThe Destitute Clothes is one of the worst outfits in terms of design but its uniqueness is what makes it special.

1. Shadowheart’s Clothes

item in game
Shadowheart’s Clothes

The Shadowheart’s default camp outfit is still one of the best-looking outfits. Once you unlock it, you can make any character wear it additionally. It looks just as good on male characters as much as it does on female models. It has a simplistic design with black colored trousers and a vest-like shirt for both males and females, which is also colored black.

2. Astarion’s Eccentric Clothes

baldur's gate 3 best outfits
Astarion’s Eccentric Clothes

With a mix of a white shirt and leather trousers, Astarion’s Eccentric Clothes can make any party member look cooler than ever. According to the in-game description, there is even a poem that has been written on the shirt by Astarion himself.

3. Karlach’s Infernal Trousers

item in game
Karlach’s Infernal Trousers

These brown trousers with black patches will make characters look like they’ve been spawned straight from hell. The trousers alone are good enough to work as a complete casual outfit when resting at a camp. These look especially good on both Astarion and Shadowheart additionally.

4. Elegant Robe

baldur's gate 3 best outfits
Elegant Robe

Characters can be made to look like they’re from Greece or the old Roman Empire if you make them wear the Elegant Robe. It even says in the description that this outfit has been made for the sole purpose of seduction and not battle. And the clothes successfully serve that purpose.

5. Mesmerizing Circus Outfit

baldur's gate 3 best outfits
Mesmerizing Circus Outfit

This circus outfit is not only a funny fit, but it is also one of the most unique outfits. Its design makes the characters look like they’re not even a part of the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 and gives them a more goofy look. Basically, your party members will look like they’re part of the circus when resting at the camp.

6. Solemnity Outfit

item in game
Solemnity Outfit

It is the shirt that carries this whole outfit, and the leather trousers serve no purpose other than completing the whole fit. There are various color variants of the outfit as well, and each looks good on your party members in Baldur’s Gate 3.

7. Angelic Scion Outfit

item in game
Angelic Scion Outfit

The whole outfit has a single piece of cloth for male characters and two for female characters. It has a very minimalistic design, and the thing that sets it apart from other outfits is the jewelry that comes as a bonus with the outfit and makes your character look like royalty.

8. Black Flare Leather Outfit

baldur's gate 3 best outfits
Black Flare Leather Outfit

Just like the name suggests, the Black Flare Leather outfit has a minimalistic leather design with a single trouser fit for male characters paired with a small vest for female characters. There are bright and blue versions of the outfit as well, which can be found in Baldur’s Gate 3.

9. Chandelier Style Embroidered Ensemble

baldur's gate 3 best outfits
Chandelier Style Embroidered Ensemble

This outfit has a grand appearance and a distinct design for male and female characters, which makes it unique as well. It is also extremely colorful and gives an optimistic look to your party members. The outfit is definitely worth checking out.

10. City Of Brass Outfit

baldur's gate 3 best outfits
City Of Brass Outfit

The City of Brass outfit gives characters a magnificent look. It essentially gives a royal appearance to your party members in Baldur’s Gate 3. This outfit also has some of the most detailed embellishments, which adds an element of grandeur as well.

11. Comfortable Ashmeadow Outfit

baldur's gate 3 best outfits
Comfortable Ashmeadow Outfit

Another outfit with a minimalistic design, but it still manages to provide a stylish fit for your party members. The specialty of the Comfortable Ashmeadow outfit is that it is not in its simple design but in the fact that it manages to look cool with that approach.

12. Destitute Clothes

baldur's gate 3 best outfits
Destitute Clothes

If you’re bored with all the majestic designs of the various outfits, then why not try the Destiutue Clothes. This outfit is essentially the worst wardrobe in Baldur’s Gate 3, but the reason I decided to add it to the list is because it has a charm that no other outfit can capture.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the most successful titles released in 2023. It offers an amazing RPG experience with its various classes and subclasses. You can create a variety of builds, including the paladin build and the sorcerer build. It also features multiple puzzles, and there are many romance options with characters like Halsin and Karlach.

This concludes my guide on the best outfits in Baldur’s Gate 3. I have included some of the best outfits with the most unique designs additionally. I hope that the guide was helpful in learning about the variety of fashions that Baldur’s Gate 3 offers. Let me know what you think about Baldur’s Gate 3 currently in the comments below!

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