BG3: 8 BEST Multiclass Combinations [Expert’s Picks]

With 80+ hours of experimenting in BG3, these are my top picks for the best Multiclass Combinations.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players have the freedom to combine multiple classes to create the most powerful combination. To make the BG3 Best Multiclass, there is no pre-requisite or limitation to specific stats for combination. Therefore, players are free to be as creative as they want. Since Baldur’s Gate 3 has twelve classes, some will have the optimal combination while others may not be that good. 

Key Takeaways
  • In Baldur’s Gate 3, there are a total of twelve classes.
  • Players can combine two classes to make the Best Multiclass playstyle.
  • Among the 66 possible combinations, I have listed the best 8 multiclass in BG3.
  • Some Multiclasses focus primarily on boosting casters rather than melee fighters.
  • The rankings I have listed are subjective and may not cater to every play style.

The BEST Multiclass Combos In BG3

Here’s an overview of all the 8 best multiclass combos that players can use in BG3: 

ClassesLevelKey FeaturesBest For
Bard & BarbarianBard Level 8
Barbarian Level 4
Rage, Unarmored Defense, Reckless Attack, Danger Sense, Counter Charm, Improved Bardic Inspiration, Jack of All Trades The Best Persuasive Barbarian
Paladin & SorcererPaladin Level 7
Sorcerer Level 5
Lay on Hands, Divine Sense, Aura of Protection, Metamagic, Sorcery Points, Spell SlotThe Best Caster Multiclass
Barbarian & RogueBarbarian Level 5
Rogue Level 7
Rage, Unarmored Defense, Reckless Attack, Fast Movement, Evasion, Uncanny DodgeThe Best Stealth Barbarian
Fighter & WizardWizard Level 10
Fighter Level 2
Arcane Recovery, Second Wind, Fighting Style, Action SurgeThe Best Melee Wizard
Cleric & DruidDruid Level 10
Cleric Level 2
Wild Shape, Wild Strike, Turn Undead, Channel Divinity ChargesBest Healer Multiclass
Warlock & SorcererSorcerer Level 10
Warlock Level 2
Eldritch Invocations, Metamagic, Bend Luck, Sorcery Points, Spell SlotThe Best Arcana Multiclass
Rogue & FighterRogue Level 10
Fighter Level 2
Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Cunning Action, Sneak Attack, Second Wind, Action SurgeThe Best Ranged Fighter
Ranger & PaladinRanger Level 10
Paladin Level 2
Hide in Plain Sight, Favored Enemy, Natural Explorer, Lay on Hands, Divine SenseThe Perfectly Balanced Multiclass

What Is A Multiclass Build In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players have the freedom of multiclassing. It simply means picking one primary class and later adding a secondary one. The downside for the secondary class is that you will not get as many proficiencies and bonuses as you would if it were a primary class.

  • Once you are ready to multiclass in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must open the “+” icon on the top left of the class addition table.
  • You will see an option to “add class,” where you can add another class to your character.
  • However, the secondary class will begin from level 1.
  • Later on, you can only level up one class at a time.
  • Therefore, you can level up only once if you have Rogue level one and Bard level one.

8. Ranger & Paladin

The Perfectly Balanced Multiclass

Paladin and Ranger
The Ranger and Paladin Multiclass [Image by Me]
Ever since the release of Baldur’s Gate 3, players have figured out the importance of keeping Paladin as a second class and leveling up along the way. To remain one with the holy light, it is important for players to multiclass a Ranger build with a Paladin build. The most efficient combo is a Level 10 Paladin with a Level 2 Ranger.

  • Extremely versatile build.
  • Very good close range and high range damage.
  • Balanced frontline with consistent damage.
  • Poor against hordes of enemies.
  • High experience requirements.
  • Difficult in terms of positioning. 

7. Rogue & Fighter

The Best Ranged Fighter

Fighter and Rogue
The Multiclass of Rogue and Fighter [Screenshot Grab: Me]
In the Rogue and Fighter Multiclass, you will have a greater synergy due to Rogue’s wide range of skill coverage. Apart from skills, in case Rogue cannot keep up its duty, the Fighter class can provide a wider array of options due to their proficiency in medium armor. I would recommend keeping the Rogue at level 10 for damage and the Fighter at Level 2 for higher sustain.

  • High damage per round with more turns.
  • Balanced between long and short-ranged fights.
  • Very high sustain in longer fights.
  • Difficult in terms of positioning.
  • High experience requirement.

6. Warlock & Sorcerer

The Best Arcana Multiclass

Warlock & Sorcerer
The Warlock and Sorcerer Multiclass [Screenshot Captured by Me]
It is quite obvious that two diamonds are better than one. Hence, if you look at the individual attributes of Warlock and Sorcerer, you will realize the importance of their individual modifiers. The Sorcerer can use some of the best level 1 spells in Baldur’s Gate 3, making you powerful relatively early on. The Warlock gives you the defense that Sorcerers lack early on.

  • More spell slots per fight.
  • Good balance between defense and damage.
  • Don’t require rests that often.
  • Higher armor proficiency.
  • High experience requirements.
  • Poor sustain in longer fights.

5. Cleric & Druid

Best Healer Multiclass

Cleric and Druid Class
The Multiclass of Cleric and Druid [Image Credit Copyright: Me]
The Cleric and Druid build is one of the best multiclass options BG3. Unlike the previous multiclass, the Cleric and Druid’s spell-casting modifier is based on the usage of Wisdom. Therefore, their spells will mostly deal high damage the higher level they are. I like keeping the Druid at Level 10 for high defense and the Cleric at Level 2 for sustain and damage.

  • High defense with good frontline capability.
  • Decent healing paired with good damage.
  • Good at clearing hordes as well as sniping from longer ranges.
  • Very difficult to use properly.
  • Very limited in terms of playstyles.

4. Fighter & Wizard

The Best Melee Wizard

Fighter and Wizard class
The Multiclass of Fighter and Wizard [Image credit: Me]
Apart from combining the spell classes such as Cleric and Druid or Warlock and Sorcerer, players can also go for the best multiclass of melee and casters in BG3. However, for this multiclass, you must plan ahead from the beginning to have the correct stats from the start. I would recommend going for a Level 10 Wizard for more damage and a Level 2 fighter for the armor and defense stats.

  • High AoE damage.
  • High defense for a caster.
  • Consistent burst damage.
  • Can’t build high-level spells.
  • Extremely high-level requirements for optimal build.
  • Poor at close ranges.

3. Barbarian & Rogue

The Best Stealth Barbarian

Rogue and Barbarian Class
The Multiclass of Barbarian and Rogue [Image Captured by Me]
With Barbarian and Rogue, you can pair extra attacks with Berserker’s Frenzy, doubling the bonus damage and dealing heavy blows to the enemy. This multiclass is my second favorite build because you can manage to play out sneak attacks and obliterate key targets. The best example I can give you is fighting Balthazar in the Temple of Shar. Ideally, you want to keep the Barbarian at level 5 for Frenzy and Rogue at level 7 for increased stealth.

  • Very high damage at long and close ranges.
  • Very high mobility and stealth.
  • Consistent burst damage.
  • Relatively more turns every round.
  • Poor counter to Crowd Control.
  • May struggle with healing and stealth against hordes.

2. Paladin & Sorcerer

The Best Caster Multiclass

Paladin and Sorcerer Class
The Multiclass of Paladin and Sorcerer [Image Captured by Me]
With the Oath taken by the Paladins, they can use some of the spells in Baldur’s Gate 3. So, multiclassing it with Sorcerer build will become one of the toughest multiclass in BG3. Since Paladin cannot access all the spells, multiclassing it with Sorcerer will open a room full of new spells for Paladin. Not only does this cover the defense of the Sorcerer, but it also boosts the Charisma of Paladins for better skill checks.

  • Very high damage and defense.
  • Better out-of-combat skill checks.
  • Very high mobility.
  • Frequent long-rest requirements.
  • Relatively weak early on.

1. Bard & Barbarian

The Best Persuasive Barbarian

Bard and Barbarian Multiclass
The Multiclass of Bard and Barbarian [Image by Me]
The best multiclass is perhaps the multiclass of Bard and Barbarian. For that, you will need to begin as a Barbarian class. To defend the team, using Rage will be the best option. Not only that, Bard, with its spells, can also provide good defense from enemies. Not only can you skip most fights with this build, but you remain unphased by most fights if you do resort to violence.

  • Extremely high damage and defense.
  • Strongest frontline in BG3.
  • It is strong no matter how long the fight is.
  • Works well against hordes and 1v1 fights.
  • The early game stage is pretty weak.
  • High experience cost (Barbarian to Paladin switch).
  • Depends on equipment utility and proficiency.

My Experience And Thoughts Using Multiclasses

In my experience of playing BG3 for more than dozens of hours, the combo that stood out to me was the Paladin and Sorcerer build. I love Sorcerers, and I hate Paladins, but somehow, they are the perfect Yin and Yang. The best of the Sorcerer buffs the Paladin and also takes the “Noble Knight” a few notches down. The Paladin makes sure the Sorcerer doesn’t die in one hit.

My updated hours on Baldur’s Gate 3

Multiclass is one of the most fun mechanics in BG3. It only adds to the game’s versatility and makes it that much more fun to play again and again. There are builds that go from creating the perfect super soldier to making the most uncharismatic Bard of all time.

You can check out Huzaifa’s review of Baldur’s Gate 3 as well to make a better-informed decision on which build path you would like to go for.

All in all, these are the best 15 multiclass builds in BG3. The ranking is subjective, and the importance of any multiclass really depends on the players’ game style and preference. Therefore, if you want to use spells, you can go for Cleric and Druid or Warlock and Sorcerer, and a combination of melee and spell can be of Fighter and Wizard.

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