COD MW2: The BEST STB 556 Loadouts

Take a look at some of the best loadouts of STB 556 in COD along with the best class setup and equipment.

STB 556 is one of the best assault rifles in COD Modern Warfare 2, with easy-to-unlock loadout builds and powerful class setup and equipment. The best part about the assault rifle is definitely its low recoil and great range. The STB 556’s strength lies in the recoil rate it has to offer that beats even the marksman rifles we see in COD Modern Warfare 2.

Key Takeaways
  • STB-556 is an Assault Rifles in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0, that excels in almost every aspect, damage, range, speed, and many more.
  • The attachments for making STB-556 for maximum damage and low recoil are:
    • Harbringer D20 muzzle, 18” Bruen Guerrilla Barrel, VX Pineapple Under Barrel, F Tac C11 Riser Comb, and S Z Holotherm Optic.
  • The perks for STB-556 are Overkill, Double Time, Fast Hands, and Birds Eye.
  • The attachments for making STB-556 for range and precision loadouts are:
    • Harbinger D20/Echoline GS-X Muzzle, 24.4” Bruen S-620 Barrel, VX Pineapple/FSS Sharkfin 90 Under Barrel, F TAC C 11 Riser Comb, and Cronen Mini Red Dot Optic.
  • The perks for the second loadout of STB-556 are Scavenger, Bomb Squad, Hardline, and Quick Fix.

Below you will see some of the best loadouts for STB 556 in COD Modern Warfare 2, along with the optimal class setup and equipment for the assault rifle. 

Max Damage & Recoil STB 556 Loadout  

The first loadout will be quite heavy in terms of attachment but will provide you with maximum damage as well. We have also kept in mind to use attachments that will further boost the recoil rate of the gun while increasing the range 

Furthermore, we will also be focusing on factors like accuracy and hipfire rate in the attachments we will be using for the STB 556. Below are the details of the loadout. 

  •  Muzzle: Harbringer D20 
  •  Barrel: 18” Bruen Guerrilla 
  •  Under Barrel: VX Pineapple 
  •  Comb: F Tac C11 Riser 
  •  Optic: S Z Holotherm 

Features Of The Loadout 

While the attachments we have used might add a bit of weight to your assault rifle, it is definitely worth it, as it will ultimately improve your stats, including damage, recoil, range, and accuracy. You will see the attachments in detail. 

Muzzle And Barrel 

The first attachment we will be discussing is the muzzle and barrel. If an assault rifle is your main, then you will definitely be aware of the impact a barrel and a muzzle could have on your weapon and its effectiveness. Keeping that in mind, we have made sure to choose the best of the best by using Harbinger D20 as our silencer. 

Best loadouts and class setup of STB 556 in COD Modern Warfare 2
Harbinger D20

Using the silencer, you will be able to kill your enemies in a stealthy way without alerting your teammates. Now you won’t have a fear of knocking a certain player out with a noise loud enough to alert their teammates in the battle.

However, the only downside to the silencer is that it will come at the cost of some extra weight and increase the bulkiness of your assault rifle. Still, we think it is a good deal as it will also improve the recoil rate of STB 556, which is important for assault rifles.

Furthermore, you will also see a significant improvement in the bullet velocity and a drastic increase in the damage range offered by STB 556. Therefore, even if it affects your mobility somewhat, the features that these attachments have to offer are definitely a plus. 


Next, we have our barrel, and for that, we are choosing the most powerful one, which is no other than the 18” Bruen guerrilla barrel. Once again, we have kept the factor of recoil as a priority when using this attachment.

While it is true that you will already get a lot of recoil control with the muzzle, you will be using, and you will still need to have every extra recoil you can get since it will affect the overall power of your assault rifle a lot. With the barrel, you will get a boost in recoil control while maintaining the stability of STB 556, making it one of the best loadouts for STB 556 in COD Modern Warfare 2.

But that is not all, as you will also spot a significant improvement while beaming your enemies even in a longer range. We can say without a doubt that we will be able to deal heavy damage to your enemy by using the barrel. 

Under Barrel And Comb 

The next attachment we will be discussing is the VX pineapple underbarrel. There are a lot of features that come with the VX pineapple grip, but the most noticeable factor is definitely the drastic improvement it offers in recoil steadiness while contributing to the overall stability of your assault rifle.

Moreover, we explain that our group is known for the fire accuracy it has to offer that can turn any weapon it is attached to into a powerhouse. 

Best loadouts and class setup of STB 556 in COD Modern Warfare 2
VX Pineapple

Another great factor to consider with the VX Pineapple Barrel is the laser accuracy it comes with. It is definitely one of the under barrels that can turn your weapon into a laser-accurate rifle, highly improving its accuracy over range. And since with Assault rifles, you will be covering ranges exceeding 30 meters, you will need all the accuracy you can get. 


Next, we will be pairing up our under-barrel with the F TAC C11 Riser comb. While the most about factor it’s definitely the recoil control and the accuracy that you’re looking for with these attachments, we need to balance out other factors as well if you want your assault rifle to be at its maximum potential.

FTAC C11 Riser
FTAC C11 Riser

That is why we will be using the F TAC C11 riser comb, which will highly improve the Aim Down Sight Speed of your assault rifle. Furthermore, you will also see a boost in your handling speed with the attachment. With the attachment, you will also experience an improved Sprint To Fire speed which is another important factor for assault rifles like STB 556.

However, just like the silencer, the comp we will be using will add a bit of weight to your weapon as well. But don’t worry, if handled the right way, it won’t affect your mobility as much, and you will still be able to run and gun and make use of your arena like you would with lighter attachments. 


Last but not least, we will use the SZ holotherm for our optic. We opted for the SZ holotherm because the line of sight offered by the STB 556 is not that viable, especially with the range it offers.

Now keep in mind with an assault rifle, you will be killing enemies over a mid to long-range, and the further you go, the more your accuracy will be compromised.

Therefore, using a 2X optic like the SZ holotherm will help you out a lot. Also, the holotherm will provide you with a sharp line of sight while operating the STB 556 in mid to long-range. We highly recommend using it instead of the cronen mini pro-in-game modes, where you feel like you will be operating at a distance.

However, the Cronen Mini Pro itself is not that bad choice, except you could use some better options like the 2X optic that will facilitate you with the increase in range. 

Best Class Setup [Perks And Equipment] For Loadout 1 

Next, we will be discussing our perks and equipment for STB 556. In order to formulate the best class setup, we will be keeping factors like Sprint Speed, Reload Time, and overall mobility in mind.

Since we have used pretty heavy attachments for the loadout, we will be making up for it in the perks. Following are the perks and equipment we will be using for the loadout. 

  •  Base Perk 1: Overkill 
  •  Base Perk 2: Double Time 
  •  Bonus Perk: Fast Hands 
  •  Ultimate Perk: Birds Eye 
  •  Lethal Equipment: Frag Grenade 
  •  Tactical Equipment: Flash Grenade  
  •  Field Upgrade: Dead Silence 

Let’s take a look at these perks in detail below. 

Base Perks 

For our base perks, we will be using Overkill and Double Time. While you will get good range coverage with your assault rifle, it is important to have a weapon specializing at a certain range as well. That is why we will use the overkill perk, which will allow us to maneuver a second primary weapon with STB 556.

For the second primary weapon, you can always go for sniper rifles or even SMGs. The decision depends entirely on you and your preferences. If you feel like you will be engaging in more close-quarter combats, then we highly recommend going for SMGs or shotguns.

On the other hand, if you feel like long-range is where you will lack, then you can go for sniper rifles. They will also help you ensure one shot, one kill, and they are very powerful weapons to have in your arsenal as well. 

The next perk is the double time park which we implemented in the class setup to improve the player’s Tactical Sprint Speed. As we mentioned before, you will need all the mobility you can get since your attachments will compromise it heavily.

Therefore, by using the double time period, he will be able to reposition quickly as well as giving you obvious leverage over your enemies. 

Bonus Perk 

Next, we have our bonus perk, and for the first loadout, we will be using the Fast Hands perk. The reason we used the Fast hand’s perk is due to its ability to speed up the reload time. Since assault rifle is ammunition-heavy, it will take a lot of time to reload them after a round.

Therefore, it is important to minimize the speed as much as possible, especially if you are playing in a tight zone. Also, in case of an ambush attack, your reloading speed can save you or kill you. So we see no other perk better than the fast hands perk for the purpose. 

Ultimate Perk 

For our ultimate perk, we will be using the bird’s eye park. The bird’s eye perk will allow the player to zoom out their mini-map. This is important since it gives you a better knowledge of your environment and keeps an eye out for the enemy team as well. 

Furthermore, by using the words, you will be able to come up with a strategy with your teammates and be able to take down your opponent’s team quickly. 


For our lethal equipment slot, we will be using a frag grenade simply because of its power. Not only is it capable of damaging enemies in a group, but it can also allow you to make them vulnerable to your attacks.

But that is not all frag grenades can be used as a distraction as well. You can use the frag grenades to clear a path of enemies in case you are navigating the map alone. Furthermore, frag grenades can also help you pull out enemies from a cover. 

For our tactical equipment, we will be using flash grenades to blind enemies and clear your path. Last but not least, the best field upgrade for assault rifles like STB 556 is definitely dead silence. Dead silence will allow you to go in full stealth mode while sneaking up on enemies and attacking them. 

Best Secondary Weapon For STB 556 

For the secondary weapon, we will be using SMG and shotguns. The secondary weapon depends entirely on your choice and the range you are looking to excel at.

In case you want to succeed in close quarters, then Lockwood 300 is a good option. However, if you feel like your battle is heavily focused on the long-range, then Signal 50 is the one to go for. 

STB 556 Range & Precision Loadout  

The second loadout will focus more on the range and the damage of STB 556. Furthermore, we will also be focusing on factors like precision, another return of the STB 556, one of the best weapons in COD Modern Warfare 2. Following are the details of the loadout. 

  •  Muzzle: Harbinger D20 Or Echoline GS-X 
  •  Barrel: 24.4” Bruen S- 620 
  •  Under Barrel: VX Pineapple Or FSS Sharkfin 90 
  •  Comb: F TAC C 11 Riser 
  •  Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot 

Features Of The Loadout 

For the second loadout, we will be keeping the range of STB 556 in mind. Also, we will be looking to choose attachments that will further boost its performance in that range. Let’s discuss all these attachments in detail below. 


First, we will be discussing our comb, and for that, we have chosen the FTAC C11 riser. The reason we chose the comb is definitely because of its ability to make STB 556 a more potent weapon at a longer range. However, it is not a mandatory attachment, but we still would recommend using it due to its benefits.

By using the comb, you will be able to note a significant improvement in aim-down-sight speed. Furthermore, you will also see a boost in your Sprint To Fire speed which is a crucial factor for assault rifles like STB 556. They were common by using the comb mentioned above, your positioning and overall speed will improve. 


For the barrel, we will be using the 24.4” Bruen S- 620 battle. By choosing the barrel, we kept factors like recoil damage and bullet velocity in mind. By using the barrel, you will see a massive increase in your damage range, making STB 556 even more powerful.

24.4" Bruen 6-20
24.4″ Bruen 6-20

Furthermore, you will also get an Improvement in recoil control which is important for the stability of assault rifles. Another great thing about the barrel is that you will amp up your bullet velocity by equipping it as well. Plus, your line of sight and ability to deal damage from a range will be improved by using the barrel recommended. 


Now for the muzzle, we will be using harbinger D-20 again. The reason why is definitely because of its recoil control as well as other improvements it brings to your weapon. By using the harbinger D20 muzzle, you will be able to post your bullet velocity and increase your damage range as well.

While the damage offered by the assault rifle itself is not that bad, if you are fighting strong enemies, it is important to equip the most damaging weapon in your arsenal.

And by using the attachments we have mentioned, you will find no better weapon than the STB 556. But that is not all, as you will get a great sound suppression quality with the muzzle to keep stealth up high. 

Another option for the muzzle can be the Ecoline GS-X muzzle to improve your recoil control further. It is also a great attachment if you’re looking to suppress your sound as much as possible in case you are going all stealthy on your enemy.  


Next, we have the VX pineapple grip, which will serve to improve your recoil control. You will also see improvement in the stability of your weapon, and the grip will balance out other heavy attachments as well.

Also, Walking steadiness will also improve so that readjusting your position becomes easier in tough battle situations. 

Other option for the underbarrel is FSS SharkFin 90. The best part about the attachment is there are no drawbacks to it, and it won’t add bulkiness to your weapon.

Best loadouts of STB 556 in COD Modern Warfare 2
Stip 40 Grip

By using the attachment, you will see a significant improvement in your idle aiming stability. To boost it up, even more, we recommend using stip – 40 as your rear grip to get a boost in recoil control. 


Now in the second loadout, we have tried to use attachments that you will unlock early on for STB 556. Therefore, for the second loadout, we will be using the cronen mini red dot, which is basic but not that bad. However, if you do manage to unlock a 2X optic further on, you can use it as well.

The optic you are using depends entirely on your playstyle and the map you are playing on. Furthermore, if you are more of a mid-range guy, then no optic is better than cronen mini red dot. 

Best Class Setup [Perks And Attachments] 

Now for the perks of the second loadout, we will be focusing heavily on the stealth factor while maintaining the running and gunning ability of STB 556.

Furthermore, we will be looking to improve the ammunition of your assault rifle and increase its damage range. For equipment, on the other hand, we will be looking for some extra kills and better HP. Following are the perks, equipment, and field upgrades we will be using for our second loadout of STB 556. 

  •  Base Perk 1: Scavenger 
  •  Base Perk 2: Bomb Squad 
  •  Bonus Perk: Hardline 
  •  Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix 
  •  Lethal Equipment: Semtex 
  •  Tactical Equipment: Stun Grenade 
  •  Field Upgrade: Trophy System Or Portable Radar 

Base Perk 

First, we will be discussing the base perks, and for that, we have chosen none other than the Bomb Squad and Scavenger. 

Discussing the scavenger perk first, you will get extra ammo by using it. This will undoubtedly be very beneficial for your assault rifle since the reloading time is quite high for STB 556.

Therefore having extra bullets in each round will allow you to save yourself from reloading the weapon again and again. Furthermore, you will be able to finish off an enemy with a single round, thanks to the extra ammunition that comes with the scavenger perk.

Scavenger will also help you in repositioning while maneuvering the STB 556. So the running and gunning factor will gain the most benefit from using the scavenger perk. 

Next, we have our bomb squad, which will give you shield-like protection from throwables; by using the bombs Squad where you will be able to protect yourself from the damage of explosives. Since you will be holding the assault rifle, you can expect many grenades to come your way.

Not only will the bomb squad protect you from it, but it will also help you avoid the damage they will cause. The bomb squad is definitely an important perk to have in case you are playing against teams that like to make use of their little equipment as much as they can in a battle. 

Bonus Perk 

For Bonus Perk, we will be using hardline, which will allow you to earn kill streaks faster by lowering the number of kills required for it. Using hardline on your equipment will help you out a lot. 

Ultimate perk 

For our ultimate perk, we will be using a quick fix to help you boost your health. By using the quick fix perk will be able to increase your health and restore it simply by killing enemies.

So the more you kill enemies, the more health you will restore. The reason we chose quick fix as our ultimate perk is definitely due to its capability of increasing the survivability factor. This can be very beneficial for players, especially if they are in a middle of a fight. 

If you are playing it more like a domination or team deathmatch, then the perks like hardline and quick fix can prove to be very beneficial for you. 


For our equipment, we will be using Semtex and Stun Grenades. Semtex is capable of dealing with area-accurate damage, and stuns grenades can blind your enemies.

Both of these pieces of equipment can help you get away from enemies, especially the stun grenade, since you will be facing a lot of ambush attacks during running and gunning.

Furthermore, semtex can fish out enemies from covers and can even be used as a distraction to pull enemies away from you. Flashbangs are also a good option, but that depends entirely on your playstyle. 

Field Upgrade 

For field upgrades, we will be using Trophy System or the Portable Radar. They are good equipment to keep with assault rifles like STB 556 and can be fruitful in balancing defensive and aggressive playstyles if used in the right way. 

Best Secondary Weapon 

For the secondary weapon, we will highly recommend using the X13 auto due to its power and synergy with assault rifles. X13 auto can help you get out of close quarters since your assault rifle won’t be able to help you in tighter spaces. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on the STB 556, along with its best loadout builds, class setup, and equipment in COD Modern Warfare 2. While you are at it, we highly recommend checking out our guide on the best assault rifles in MW 2 to check out other weapons besides STB 556.

Also, check out our guide on how to get burger town skin in COD Modern Warfare 2 and the vault edition content of the game. In case you are looking to increase your prestige, make sure to check out our guide on how to prestige in COD Modern Warfare 2. We have also curated a detailed guide on how to unlock polyatomic camo that you should definitely check out. 

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