Crisis Core Reunion: Gold Rolling Pin [Location]

Learn how you can get your hands on the Gold Rolling Pin and earn up to 50,000 Gil by selling them in Crisis Core Reunion.

The Gold Rolling Pin in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a valuable item that can be sold for a hefty amount of Gil (in-game currency). Even though the Gold Pin is rare, it can still be acquired from multiple game sections. They can then be sold for 50,000 Gil. Players can later use their Gil to upgrade Zack Fair in Crisis Core Reunion.

Key Highlights

  • Gold Rolling Pin is a unique and valuable item in Crisis Core Reunion.
  • In the latest remake of Final Fantasy VII Reunion, players can sell the Gold Rolling Pin at shops for 50,000 Gil.
  • Gold Rolling Pin can be found in treasure chests during the “A New Threat” and “Notice” missions.
  • Players can also earn the Gold Rolling Pin as a reward after clearing the “Secret on the Plains” mission.
  • By using the Steal or Mug move, players can potentially snatch the Gold Rolling Pin from Holy Tonberry (Enemy).

Where To Find The Gold Rolling Pin In Crisis Core Reunion?

how to get gold rolling pin from tornberry FFVII
Tonberry in Crisis Core Reunion [Screenshot by eXputer]
The high price item can be found at multiple points in the game. However, you will need to be attentive and seek them out since the game will not lead you to the Gold Rolling Pin.

We already know that farming for the Gold Rolling Pin is a solid approach if you’re aiming to earn more Gils in the game. Because a single unit will get you 50,000 Gil, you can find them from multiple Missions Treasure Chests or as Mission Rewards too. Lastly, players can also steal the Gold Rolling Pin from Holy Tonberry by using the Steal or Mug Materia.

Secret On The Plains

First up, players can acquire the Gold Rolling Pin by completing the Secret on the Plains mission. After clearing the Secret on the Plains, you will receive the Gold Rolling Pin as a reward. During the mission, the player will be tasked to defeat a few enemies, such as the Gremlin, Destroyer, and Giant Hornets.

The M6-6-4Secret on the Plains” will be accessible for the player after they complete “Secret in the Caverns.” Completing the mission will only get you one Gold Rolling Pin in the game.

Treasure Chests

Apart from the Secret on the Plains mission, players can also find Gold Rolling Pins by opening treasure chests in 2 other in-game missions. Of course, to get to these chests, you will need to search the area while playing through these missions properly. Therefore, stay focused and collect all the loot within these missions, and you will end up getting a few more Gold Rolling Pins.

A New Threat” and “Notice” are the missions through which you can earn the Gold Rolling Pin as a Treasure Chest reward. Similar to the Gold Rolling Pin in Secret on the Plains mission, these can be acquired just once and can not be farmed. Hence following the prior methods along with this one will get you 3 Gold Rolling Pins in total.

Stealing From Holy Tonberry

Tornberry location crisis core reunion
“Buried in the Caverns” in Crisis Core Reunion [Image by Us]
Lastly, you can also steal and potentially farm Gold Rolling Pins by facing the Holy Tonberry in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. However, to get the pins you will need to follow a specific method in the game. Simply defeating the Holy Tonberry in the game won’t do the trick.

To start things off, you can find the Tonberry enemies after unlocking the M6 missions in Crisis Core Reunion. Within this section of the missions, unlock and initiate the one that reads, “Buried in the Caverns“. As per the description of the mission, Zack will be tasked to visit the caves and take care of the “odd monsters”. The description also mentions that there may be some items for looting as well.

You can also find Holy Tonberrys in the mission called “The Lowest Tier” (M9-6-2).

However, it is to be noted that the Gold Rolling Pins will not be found as dropped loot in the caves. Neither will you get them by defeating the Tonberrys. The only way to get the Gold Rolling Pins during the M6-1-5 mission is by stealing them from the Tonberrys.

It is essential that you have the Steal/Mug move unlocked and equipped in Crisis Core Reunion. Without these Materia moves, you will be unable to get the Gold Rolling Pins from the Tonberrys.

Steal” is a primary Materia and can be performed while the enemy is alive. The move allows the player to snatch off random items from the enemy. When it comes to the Tonberry’s there is a slight chance that they might give away the Gold Rolling Pin. As for the “Mug” move, you will need to defeat the Tonberry. Since this move not only steals but also inflicts damage on the opponent.

Additionally, having the Jeweled Ring will also help you out a lot when trying to steal the Gold Rolling Pins. The Accessory will increase Zack’s luck by 20, and the number of items dropped or stolen will get doubled. It should be noted that the player won’t always obtain the Gold Rolling Pin by stealing things from Holy Tonberrys. Hence, it does not have a 100% drop rate.

Nevertheless, an easy way to finish Holy Tonberry after stealing the Gold Pins is by making use of the Costly Punch move. Apart from that, the Buster Sword has the capability of taking care of these odd creatures as well.

By applying these methods, you can face multiple Tonberry in Crisis Core Reunion. They are ultimately allowing you to get your hands on multiple Gold Rolling Pins. The Gold items can then be sold for 50,000 Gil each. Having an ample amount of Gil is crucial in the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. By using the money, you can buy important items and accessories and even enhance your character’s ability.


With that, we reach the end of our guide. Today we covered brief information about the Gold Rolling Pins in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion. By getting these valuable items in the game, you can sell them off at the shops and earn 50,000 Gil. Later on, the in-game currency can be used to upgrade your character’s prowess to make the game a whole lot easier.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is the remake of the famous game with the same title, which was released on the PSP. In the remake, the players will get to experience the full experience with better textures and graphics and relive the adventures of Zack Fair.

Soldier Points are a huge part of Crisis Core Reunion combat. To get SP in the game, players can learn more about Hojo’s Questions and the Mako Recovery Unit. Apart from that, items like the Magic Pot and the Dresser Key can also help enhance the combat skills and further progress the storyline. 

Thank you for reading through our Gold Rolling Pins guide. For more informative articles related to Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, make sure to stick around at eXputer.

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