FIXED: Valorant Error Code 39 [Updated 2024]

Resolve Valorant's VAL 39 error after updates or maintenance by running the game as administrator, optimizing the Virtual Disk Service and more.

Valorant’s VAL 39 error disrupts gameplay post-major updates, notably affecting North American servers but occasionally impacting European ones. It’s associated with server maintenance during Riot Games’ Episodes or Acts releases, causing connectivity problems and prompting players to restart their game client.

This error arises during server downtime, hindering access to the platform and gameplay. Resolving it requires server stability checks and potential user-side troubleshooting. 

Before getting into the specific methods, start with these simple fixes first:

Key Highlights

Here is how to resolve Error Code 39:

  1. Optimize Virtual Disk Service
  2. Check Server Status
  3. Enable Vanguard Game Control (VGC)
  4. Delete Unnecessary Game Files
Error Code Val 39
Error Code VAL 39 (Image by eXputer)

Optimize the Virtual Disk Service on Your PC

To resolve the Valorant error code 39, you can change the ‘Startup Type’ of a specific application in your Windows 10 PC’s ‘Services’ program. This may help you get back to playing smoothly.

This adjustment can potentially resolve the issue and allow you to play Valorant without encountering error code 39. The following steps are going to walk you through the full process. 

  1. Access the “Services” application by typing it into your Windows Start menu > Choose “Run as administrator” from the options to ensure smooth execution without encountering any issues.
Launching the Services app as an administrator
Launching the “Services” app as an administrator (Image by eXputer)

2. Open the application > navigate to the “Virtual Disk” service by scrolling down in the main interface > Right-click on it > choose “Properties” to proceed.

val error code 39 valorant
Accessing the Properties of the Virtual Disk Service (Image by eXputer)

3. In the service properties window > locate the “Startup Type” section > Click on the dropdown menu > select “Automatic” to potentially resolve the Valorant code 39 issue.

Optimizing the Startup Type to Be Automatic
Optimizing the Startup Type to Be Automatic (Image by eXputer)

4. Finalize the process by clicking on “OK.” This should do the trick for you as you’ve now successfully optimized the Virtual Disk service as it was required.

valorant error code 39
Finalizing the Process (Image by eXputer)

5. There’s one final step that you have to complete now and it’s as easy as ABC. Simply restart your PC to apply the effects that you’ve just incorporated on your device. Doing so should solve the issue for us. 

Restarting the Windows 10 PC
Restarting the Windows 10 PC (Image by eXputer)

That’s all about the first solution we have for fixing the Valorant error code 39. Try launching the game again to see if it works now. Congratulations if it does, but if the problem persists, continue reading on for more high-quality fixes. 

Check Valorant Server Status

Valorant’s Error Code 39 often appears when the game’s servers are undergoing maintenance or facing technical issues. This error message notifies players that the server they’re trying to connect to isn’t available at the moment due to scheduled maintenance or an unexpected problem.

To resolve Error Code 39, the best approach is to wait for a while and then attempt to log in to Valorant again later. The error is usually temporary and resolves itself once the server maintenance is completed or the technical issues are fixed by Valorant’s developers. While waiting, it’s a good idea to check Valorant’s official social media for any announcements regarding server status or updates about ongoing maintenance. 

Enable VGC for Valorant

VGC (Vanguard Game Control) is a critical service for Valorant that ensures smooth gameplay and connection to multiplayer servers. If this service is stopped or disabled, it can lead to the Valorant error code 39.

To check and enable VGC, follow a similar process to optimizing the Virtual Disk service:

  1. To start > access the “Services” application on your Windows PC via the Start menu. Ensure you run it as an administrator for the necessary permissions.
Launching the Services app as an administrator
Launching the “Services” app as an administrator (Image by eXputer)

2. Access the extensive list of services in the application > locate “VGC” by scrolling down to the section alphabetically sorted under the letter “V.” Right-click on the service once you’ve found it > select “Properties” to proceed.

Accessing the Properties of the VGC Service
Accessing the Properties of the VGC Service (Image by eXputer)

3. Click “Startup,” select “Automatic” from the dropdown menu > click “Start” to activate the service if it was stopped before.

valorant error code 39
Starting the VGC Service (Image by eXputer)

4. You now have to simply click on “OK” to finalize the process. Close the window afterward to complete this solution attempt. 

valorant error code 39
Finalizing the Process (Image by eXputer)

That’s about it for this fix. By making sure that VGC is running on your Windows PC, you’re genuinely increasing your chances of solving the VAL 39 error code. Restart your device before trying to launch the game again. If you’ve managed to solve the problem now.

Delete Unwanted Valorarant Game Files

Unnecessary game files in the Valorant folder may cause the VAL 39 error code. Removing these files can probably resolve the issue and improve your gaming experience.

Here are the steps to check and remove these files:

  1. Open the Run program by pressing “Windows” + “R,” type in “AppData,” > hit “Enter.”
val 39 error code valorant
Opening the Relevant Folder (Image by eXputer)

2. After typing “AppData” in the Run application, the File Explorer will open directly to the designated folder. Scroll to find > select the “Valorant” folder.

Clicking on Valorant's Game File Folder
Clicking on Valorant’s Game File Folder (Image by eXputer)

3. Doing so will take you to another area where you’ll have to click on “Saved” to continue. Do that and get to the next step. 

valorant error code 39
Clicking on the “Saved” Folder of Valorant (Image by eXputer)

4. You’ll now have to make another click as the content of the screen is changed. Select the “Config” folder next and move forward. 

Clicking on the "Config" Folder
Clicking on the “Config” Folder (Image by eXputer)

5. Now, select all the files displayed in the folder and promptly delete them. Afterward, remember to empty your Recycle Bin to thoroughly remove these unwanted files from your system.

Deleting the Unwanted Valorant Game FIles
Deleting the Unwanted Valorant Game FIles (Image by eXputer)

That’s about it for another possible fix of the VAL 39 error code. I highly hope that this solution fixes the issue for you. 

My Thoughts

Dealing with the VAL 39 error in Valorant has been a well-known issue as reported on forums like Valorant, Quora, and Reddit, especially post-major updates and during server maintenance. It particularly impacts North American servers, occasionally extending its reach to European ones as well. 

The developers, however, haven’t provided specific remedies but address server maintenance that often triggers the error.

Valorant’s official status updates consistently recognize server downtimes. In response, they offer temporary solutions, advising players to restart the game client and recommending patience while awaiting server stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Error Code 39 Mean in Valorant?

The Error Code 39 popping up on the main game screen, means that there is a server connectivity disorder that is preventing Valorant from connecting online. You mostly need to restart your game client to resolve this issue, but the scenario can get more deep-rooted than that.

How Do I Fix Valorant Error?

The Valorant error can be fixed by enabling the VGC and the Virtual Disk services on your Windows PC. Clean booting, restarting the game client, and running it as an administrator can also help resolve the issue in some cases.

Can’t connect to Valorant servers?

It can genuinely be frustrating for players that cannot connect to Valorant servers. An update is set to be scheduled or the developers have pulled the service themselves. Either way, you can either wait for the server connectivity to improve or try out a couple of fixes to see if it can fix itself.

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