Is Helios In God Of War Ragnarok Valhalla [Encounters]

Learn about Helios's appearance and who does his voice acting in Valhalla game mode.

Helios was the Olympian Titan God of The Sun and Guardian of Oaths whom Kratos killed brutally back in God of War 3. With Kratos having a change of heart after having a son and despising his past of killing countless Greek gods, Helios’ memories come back to haunt him in the Valhalla game mode of GOW Ragnarok. This guide offers quick knowledge about Helios’ appearance in Valhalla, who voiced this character, and his role in this roguelite game mode.

Key Takeaways
  • Helios, the Sun God, was brutally killed by Kratos in God of War 3.
  • In Valhalla mode of GOW Ragnarok, Kratos, now a father, faces haunting memories of Helios.
  • Helios appears as an illusion when Mimir is teleported, replacing Mimir on Kratos’ waist.
  • He is not the actual Helios but a memory haunting Kratos in Valhalla mode.
  • The second encounter with Helios takes Mimir’s place in Helheim Sanctuary.
  • Lowering Helios’ damaged shield into a bowl of water shows a vision of his death.
  • Kratos admits to needing the Sun God’s power for revenge against the Gods of Olympus.

When Is Helios Encounter In Valhalla

Helios is in Valhalla [Image by eXputer]
Helios encounter occurs first when Mimir gets teleported to the “forest,” and his place, on Kratos’ waist, is taken by Helios.

In an actual sense, this is not the actual Helios Kratos killed in GOW 3 but his illusion, a memory in Kratos’ head of Helios that comes back to mock and haunt him, as mentioned by Freya about Valhalla. Another illusion of Pandora Temple from Greek Mythology then follows the sequence. 

Kratos has to move forward and keep Helios’ head in a cage, dragging it to the end of the corridor containing an incinerator room. As you make progress in dragging the cage with Helios’ head inside it, you face waves of Undead Legionnaires that must be killed. 

Important: At the end of this section, players also get to see one of Kratos’ legendary weapons from the original trilogy: Blade of Olympus. After that, Kratos eventually nears the corridor and brings Helios’ head for sacrifice, but he hesitates. This, in turn, breaks the illusion, and Helios’ head is replaced by Mimir.

Helios comes back to Mimir’s spot when Kratos goes to a small memory of the Olympian arena. When they go back to the place where sacrifices happen, instead of putting Helios in the cage, Kratos puts him on a stand. Kratos decides to sacrifice himself instead. After that, Kratos is sent to another small area, and Mimir replaces Helios again.

Second Encounter

The second encounter with Helios happens in Helheim Sanctuary, as he takes Mimir’s place once again.

  • Kratos goes back to a small version of the Olympian arena using magical sand. Mimir returns with him.
  • In this place, there’s a big bowl of water.
  • When a damaged shield that belonged to Helios is lowered into the water, it shows a picture of how Helios died.
  • Mimir tells Kratos that his plan worked well, and Kratos says he needed the power of the Sun God to get revenge on the Gods of Olympus.
  • Helios’ voice tells Kratos that it was a choice, reminding him that taking away the sun from Greece caused constant cold and darkness.

All in all, Helios’ ranting never ends in any encounter you come across while playing the Valhalla game mode in God of War Ragnarok. This 

Who Is Voice Actor Of Helios 

Santa Monica has once more enlisted Crispin Freeman to return as Helios in the God of War Ragnarok Valhalla DLC after 13 years. Freeman’s voice acting was on point back then in the original trilogy, and it is once again excellent this time around, although a little short now. 

My Take On Helios

Seeing Helios appear in Valhalla game mode was a surprise that I, for one, was not ready at all. Helios’ death was one of the most brutal boss fights besides Poseidon in God of War 3. His appearance and continuous mocking of how Kratos’ actions devastated the people of Greece was a twist and show the other side of the picture in the original trilogy.

That is everything you need to know about all encounters in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla. Before you go, I recommend you visit the How To Start God Of War Ragnarok Valhalla DLC, Best Builds, All Muspelheim Trials, and Best Blades of Chaos upgrades guides. 


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