Psychonauts 2: Emotional Baggage Locations in Compton’s Cookoff

Compton’s Cookoff is one of the more frantic minds within Psychonauts 2, which means that the Emotional Baggage collectibles can also be more difficult to find. After entering Compton Boole’s mind and defeating the Judge enemy, you’ll be thrust into a cooking game show set of the wildest variety. The set features animated and surprisingly talkative cooking stations coupled with puppet versions of Hollis Forsythe, Ford Cruller, and Otto Mentalis as judges. All in all, it does a wonderful job of highlighting Agent Boole’s insecurities and his fear of not living up to his associates’ expectations. Regardless of the themes being explored, all that interests us right now are the Emotional Baggage collectible locations in Compton’s Cookoff!

This Psychonauts 2 level houses all five types of Emotional Baggage the game has to offer. Thankfully, they do not need to be collected during the timed cooking segments. You’ll get breaks in between the cooking sequences, during which you can explore to your heart’s content. However, one of the tags requires a second playthrough to collect. This means that just like Loboto’s Labyrinth and Hollis’ Hot Streak, this mental world also requires two playthroughs to be able to reach full completion.

Stick with us, though, because we’ll go through the locations of each Emotional Baggage collectible that Compton’s Cookoff hides within in this Psychonauts 2 guide!

Emotional Baggage Locations in Compton’s Cookoff

The Purse

You can get the Purse tag right away since it sits before Raz begins the level. You’ll catch a glimpse of it in the introductory cutscene as well. While standing on the central stage, look towards the audience benches between the Patty Puree blending and Froggy Flipper frying stations. The tag will be on the upper bench here.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Compton's Cookoff
Purse tag

For the bag itself, make your way up the line of stoves that lead to the Froggy Flipper frying station. Watch out for the red ones, though. As you approach the second bend in the stove trail, you’ll spot the Purse collectible lying below in the space between the bend. Make sure to avoid the purple goo as you get to the bag since it’ll damage Raz.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Compton's Cookoff

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The Suitcase

The next Emotional Baggage collectible you can get in Compton’s Cookoff will be on the same station as the Purse. On the Froggy Flipper frying station, make your way to the movable frying pan. Use it to jump onto Froggy’s head. Don’t worry, he won’t mind. Once there, look behind the large board with the frying pan logo on it, and you’ll see the Suitcase tag. It’s a little high, so you may have to use your Pouncy Ball, one of the best powers in Psychonauts 2. 

The Suitcase tag
Suitcase tag

To get to the Suitcase bag, proceed towards the Hippo Pot boiling station. Jump over the gap with the purple goo. However, instead of going up onto the walkway leading to the trampolines, descend onto the ramp on the left. The Suitcase will be tucked away here, desperate to be sorted.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Compton's Cookoff

The Duffle Bag

On the same Hippo Pot boiling station, go up towards the trampoline that propels you up to the boiler itself. However, instead of going onto that trampoline, you should look down to the left, where you’ll see another similar trampoline. Jump onto it. You should subsequently be able to spot a thought bubble chain leading behind the station. Grapple onto it using Mental Connection. You’ll eventually be led to the tag that’s hanging between two grapple points.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Compton's Cookoff
Duffle Bag tag

The bag lies on the other side of the area. Go towards the Pork Chopper chopping station, past the spinning death blades, and up to the chopping board. Afterward, go to the right and look behind the Pork Chopper’s chopping arm. The bag will be here.

The Duffle Bag
Duffle Bag

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The Hat Box

This particular Psychonauts 2 collectible in Compton’s Cookoff requires a bit of Raz’s acrobatics. Firstly, start at the Pork Chopper chopping station, and get onto the pink sliding rail on the left side of the station. As you pass the first rail intersection and head right, reverse your sliding direction. To do this, press F on PC, Y on Xbox, or Triangle on PlayStation. This time when you pass the same intersection, you’ll take the right side. The pink rail will end soon, and you’ll have to jump to the blue rail in front. Ride this all the way, and you’ll snag the Hat Box tag found at the end.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Compton's Cookoff
Hat Box tag

The second part of this collectible is easier to attain. Start at the Pork Chopper chopping station again. This time, however, take the slide next to the pink rail with purple slippery stuff on it. Once you reach the end of the slide, look to the right and the Hat Box will be here for the taking.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Compton's Cookoff
Hat Box

The Steamer Trunk

The last Emotional Baggage collectible location we’ll go over for Compton’s Cookoff will be for the Steamer Trunk. This tag is locked inside the third purple mystery box, which only unlocks upon completing the third cooking challenge within the time limit. However, since you’ll immediately enter a boss battle after the third challenge, you won’t be able to get the tag on the first playthrough. Return to the level via the Collective Unconsciousness to secure it.

Also, note that many players are known to be facing a glitch where the third mystery box doesn’t open upon replaying the level. This mostly happens when the player does not complete the third cookoff challenge within the time limit. If this is the case, you will likely have to beat the game and then revisit the level to get the box unlocked and acquire the Steamer Trunk tag.

The Steamer Trunk tag
Steamer Trunk tag

Now that the hard part’s over, all that’s left to do is reunite the tag with the Steamer Trunk itself. For this, head over to the Patty Puree blending station. Squeeze through the gaps towards the sides of the blender to reach the space behind it. The Steamer Trunk will be sitting here, rather upset with being left for last.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations Compton's Cookoff
Steamer Trunk

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That’s all the Emotional Baggage collectibles that Compton’s Cookoff had to offer in Psychonauts 2. Let us know how you otherwise enjoyed the fast-paced cookoffs inside the mind of Agent Boole. If you enjoyed this Emotional Baggage hunt, you’ll also want to check out the Psychoseismometer locations in Psychonauts 2! And once you’ve gotten inside Ford’s bowler persona, you’ll find our Emotional Baggage guide for Strike City useful!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Emotional Baggage collectibles are there in Compton’s Cookoff in Psychonauts 2?

There are five pieces of Emotional Baggage in this level. They are the Purse, the Suitcase, the Duffle Bag, the Hat Box, and the Steamer Trunk.

Can I collect all of the Emotional Baggage collectibles in my first playthrough of Compton’s Cookoff?

No. The Steamer Trunk tag is in the third mystery box which opens only towards the end of the level. Since you immediately enter a boss fight, you won’t be able to secure it on the first go. You’ll need to do a second playthrough to get it.

Where is the Steamer Trunk tag in Compton’s Cookoff?

The tag should be on the pedestal in place of the third mystery box. However, some players are facing a glitch where the third mystery box does not open, even after beating the level. The only known fix for this is to return to the level after finishing the game.

Why is the third mystery box not opening after completing Compton’s Cookoff?

This is a widespread glitch. The only known fix for this is to return to the level after finishing the game.

How can I revisit or replay the level in Psychonauts 2?

To replay the level, visit the Collective Unconsciousness through the Brain Tumbler found in Sasha’s office. Once you’re in, go towards the green door for Compton’s cookoff.

What rewards will I get for collecting Emotional Baggage in Psychonauts 2?

Emotional Baggage are collectible items that reward you for exploration and encourage you to visit new areas. They reward you by helping level up your Intern Rank.

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